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Thunderstorms flood streets, topple trees, knock out power

July 11, 2013

Basements flooded and sections of roadways disappeared beneath as much as 2 or more feet of gushing water across Trumbull County as a large thunderstorm lashed the area Wednesday afternoon....

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Jul-12-13 2:49 AM

Lets pay the carbon tax & keep Al Gore a Billionaire, He needs the money 4 his AGENDA!!! He is the one who should know!!! SHEEP!! LOL!

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Jul-12-13 2:44 AM

Flood of 1913, the year my late Aunt was born, lets blame that on global warming! What the HEY! Mr Differant will & a lot of others probably will, Cause Al Gore Blames everything on global warming so it must be so!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!

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Jul-11-13 11:50 PM

LIVING OVER A NATURAL SPRING??? I'd worry about sink holes developing.

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Jul-11-13 11:22 PM

We get more annual precipitation here than they do in Seattle. Basements have flooded since the invention of basements. How is this news?

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Jul-11-13 4:29 PM

Wow, wasn't there a huge flood in Warren in 1913?

Better start calling this the 100 year flood.

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Jul-11-13 3:04 PM

Alwaysanazed I hope so to it flooded the last time the river flooded bad real bad. Hopefully with the dry weather they are calling for everyone will be able to dry out. Our pump in the basement has not stopped running.

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Jul-11-13 2:33 PM

Always amazed my brother and sister in-law had 10inches of water in their basement they live on the north west side of warren

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Jul-11-13 1:14 PM

Look up HAARP Keep an open mind.

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Jul-11-13 11:14 AM

repubslie, It was scientists that said that about volcanic eruptions and greenhouse gases. Not me. Also, I am not that far left that just because they tell me what they want me to believe is not going to fly. Its the same on the right, They listen to Rush and Fox News and they actually believe most of what they say instead of thinking for themselves.

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Jul-11-13 10:54 AM

Daniel, it is hard to believe that you also know more than the scientiests concerning the change in the weather. We expect this from Republicans though.

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Jul-11-13 10:29 AM

Gotta love flooded basements. 10 inches of water here for me, but thankfully after 13 years of flooding (house development built on wetlands and over natural springs) I now know to pick up items off the basement floor and all of our furniture down there have steel frames. Even have two sump pumps which can never keep up once the spring has filled....

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Jul-11-13 9:38 AM

Solar storms on the sun are responsible for temperature variations. Are some years warmer than others, yes, some are also cooler. We had one of the coolest Springs on record. With the exception of a few days in the 90's it really hasn't been that hot this summer. Things change, the weather is not constant, it always changes so trying to measure climate change is an exercise in futility, it is not constant, it is always changing and there is ZERO we can do about it, but that won't stop the self important weenies from trying.

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Jul-11-13 9:29 AM

haha ok Hawk, first it was just warming now any ANYYYYYYYY change in weather from one year to the next is Global warming. Rains warming, no rain at warming...moderate warming. Seems you guys wised up and just hijacked any weather pattern change and call it GW. Tell me hwk, do you think paying Carbon taxes to a wallstreet based climate exchange will save the planet? George Carlin said it best."The planet isn't going anywhere, WE ARE". You guys kill me, thanks for the laugh.

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Jul-11-13 9:14 AM

A lady called in to a radio talk show last night. She had proof of global warming. "She said it was Tornadoes in Oklahoma!" LOL!

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Jul-11-13 9:12 AM

One volcanic eruption produces more green house gases than in all of mankind's existence.

What do we do now? Build giant corks? Anyone see the new Star Trek Movie? A cold fusion Bomb in a volcano would work too.

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Jul-11-13 9:09 AM

If the weather became what it was in the early 30s, people would be screaming that it is the end of It rained hard. Not the first time and not the last. And every time it rains like this you always hear that it never flooded here before. Most people have very short and inaccurate memories. Read the weather records or stick your head in the mud.

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Jul-11-13 7:47 AM

Daniel, please tell me you aren't that ignorant. You just explained the effects of global warming...floods one year, drought the next. Global warming causes severe extremes, one year winter will be 5 degrees above normal,with very little snow, the next winter will be 10 degrees below normal and raging blizzards. That is global warming, major extremes in weather from year to year.

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Jul-11-13 7:00 AM

Yea, it was probably all of those electric plants and automobiles that caused the ice ages too. There has been climate changes all thru the Earth's history, even before man existed. Think about it.

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Jul-11-13 6:06 AM

Warrenproud, you must mean the rich people like you. Not all of us can afford the high prices and afford a vacation to Disneyland like you.

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Jul-11-13 6:05 AM

Global warming is not a left-right issue. Its called being brainwashed to believe that. I do not know what the average age of you global warming nuts are but is this the first time you have ever seen this amount of rain? And if so, what cave have you been hiding in?

Was Last years drought then caused by Global cooling? Good grief, I don't care if your Right or left. Think for yourselves.

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Jul-11-13 4:58 AM

Keep believing those NeoCon Republicans that Global Warming is a made up crisis by liberals. How much more proof do you people need?

Meanwhile, they keep cutting the infrastructure repair budgets that are needed to address the storm sewer problems in our area so the rich can have their BIG income tax cuts.

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Jul-11-13 4:00 AM

It's called climate change and global warming. Wake up! Even Ohio is no immune.

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