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Bond set in rape case

July 10, 2013

WARREN — A 23-year-old man arrested in Cincinnati and returned here after his DNA turned up as a possible suspect in a Warren crime pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a six-count indictment linking him t......

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Jul-10-13 9:22 PM

Love DNA evidence.......proof that sociopathic liars have to account for their horrible behavior

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Jul-10-13 3:16 PM

@billdog,i've never stated people of color only commit crimes to survive,all people including whites commit crimes,some of you take the time to even compile stats to prove a point,when we all know people of all races commit crimes.

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Jul-10-13 1:35 PM

NMC it makes you a good human being. At time I submitted the list it was because yourself and Earl was claiming that suburbanites were the rapist and mass murders and people of color were committing only crimes for survival.

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Jul-10-13 12:18 PM

Must be meth Earl, I was fooled into believing Bill was an even handed thinker.

Now I read he has collected a list of rapes committed by blacks as if we're too stupid to believe every racial group commits such heinous crime.

Nobody sane & sober believes any crime is an all black or white crime. Yet some crimes are more likely to be committed by some over others.

That's just a simple reality, not something we need to go out and find lists to prove some racial inferiority point.

I've never raped, molested or committed a robbery, would that make me a superior human being if I were white Bill? However since I'm not white, what does that make me?

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Jul-10-13 12:04 PM

@libh8ter,rape is rape no matter the color of who does it,but as you gz supporters like to claim "rape is not a crime" @nmc,they're not on crack,but crystal meth...the drug of choice for minimum wage conservatives. LOL

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Jul-10-13 10:25 AM

What kind of idiot even has such a list? You people are on crack!

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Jul-10-13 9:43 AM

Citizen, I would agree but this turd obviously has no means to get $10,000 for his portion of the bond. Also, under the law he has to be given a reasonable bond. With his ability to FLEE, his bond should have been higher.

libh8ter, not long ago I gave NMC and Earl a list of sexual and violent mass murders of color. Crime is crime. It has nothing to do with color, race, religion, nationality, etc... It is a mental/character defect that allows anybody to think that murder, violence, or controlling another is okay.

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Jul-10-13 7:18 AM

"Rape is Rape". It's a crime of violence not defined by race.

Yes, you are an IDIOT -> libh8ter.

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Jul-10-13 6:23 AM

When are these idiots going to learn that sooner or later DNA will catch them. Doing some of the stupid stuff such as rape and a host of other crimes, is not the same today. Years ago police mostly relied on finger prints to catch criminals. But today finger prints are secondary in solving most crimes. More times than not DNA, is used in solving most cases. Police have a host of ways to gather DNA from crime scenes and from victims. This is not the Wild Wild west any more, like it was 15 to 20 years ago. Rape can cause allot of problems for the victim, many years after it happens. In most cases a victim has a hard time dealing with any sexual relationship. Just hope this guy gets to know first hand how rape feels, once he is in prison.

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Jul-10-13 6:07 AM

Bond? For a "sexually violent predator?" Judge Logan, that is not in the community's best interest! What were you thinking?

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