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Wed. 10:13am: VA clears 2,800 backlogged Ohio disability claims

July 3, 2013

CLEVELAND (AP) — The U.S....

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Jul-07-13 12:23 PM

It's a crying shame and inexcusable for the way the VA, has treated our vets for serving this country. In stead of handing out military surpluses worth billions to other country's freely, we should be selling them for fair market value. But our elected leaders in Washington are more worried about other country's, than the people they was elected to represent. Every piece of legislation that some how gets passed in Washington, contains millions of dollars in pork barrel spending. Most of which has no connection to the original legislation, it was attached too. All pork barrel legislation attachments should be outlawed, permanently. Use all those millions to help out our vets, that are suffering from serving this country.

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Jul-05-13 10:33 AM

Yet here in this country you have millions of people collecting disability that NEVER worked an honest day in their lives. Their "disability" is drug or alcohol addiction and they have everything paid for by us the taxpayers!!!

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Jul-04-13 5:34 PM

I bet 2,700 of those claims were denied. Deny, deny and they hope you die.

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Jul-04-13 4:39 PM

indy & john right on point! And john, don't forget the F-16s & tanks we are GIVING Lybia. Be well, indy.

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Jul-03-13 7:04 PM


Where are all the moonbats?

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Jul-03-13 12:16 PM

Totally agree with you Indy. These delays and rediculous backlogs should outrage every American. It's nothing short of what should be a national shame.

Our troops both male and female have done their duty and have served this country with courage,honor and integrity. They certainly deserve far better.

If the VA is truly backed up and that short staffed then hire as many people as it takes to give our vets the care and benefits they've EARNED !

And don't tell me there's no money,not enough money to do that. Not when this govt.runs around the world with billions in foreign aid handing out huge sums of cash and allother manner of freebies to the Muslim Brotherhood,Pakistan,Crazy Karzai,Libya and coming soon Syria.

These are countries populated by people who despise us while their leaders plot against us. There's absolutely no excuse or reason for our vets and their families to wait and go without while our wealth and resources are being stolen and wasted !

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Jul-03-13 10:47 AM

I call bull crap, they are clearing the claims by denying them and the vet has to appeal, then the claims process has to start over. the books show that the claim was settled but it was just juggled around. by doing this, it eliminates the 2 or more years of back pay. this is what they have done in the past and is what got them in a mess to start with. same old gov't b.s. the va. had my medical records in front of them and it took 3 years for my case to go to the ratings board. i was rated at 100 percent( actually 140 percent but they max out at 100 percent) there are no excuses for this. a vet gets wounded serving his country, compensate him or her for their service like you said you would. just my thoughts.

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