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There ought to be law against sagging

June 30, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: I am writing this in regards to Michael Adkins’ letter about sagging. I too find it disrespectful and ignorant to walk around with pants sagging over their butt....

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Jul-06-13 9:28 AM

One wonders how the poster knows exactly where sagging pants originated and what sagging pants is supposed to signal? Does the poster have personal experiance with these behaviors or are they just passing along an unfounded opinion?

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Jul-06-13 8:56 AM

Don't interview for a job with sagging pants.

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Jul-05-13 1:06 AM

If you look in the some past laws of states, they were created to address issues of the time. Some stayed on the books even after those old issues went away. Laws are a guide and without them, anything goes. Police or Judges need those laws to enforce them as that society wishes. If Warren wishes to do away with sagging pants, at sometime it will be raised in council....

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Jul-01-13 7:16 PM

I owe you an apology usblues/itisnt, I said earlier that your daughter liked sagging. She called me today and made it very clear to me that I misunderstood her. She said the word she used was shag not sag. I am so sorry for the mix up.

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Jul-01-13 7:17 AM

I agree the saggy pants are disgusting and disrespectful. We don't need a dress-code law we need adults to be partents not their children's best friend. That being said, I ignore the baggies unless that person is working in a retail setting. Then I find management and complain, respectfully but loudly. I let them know it is disrespectfull and why and usually other shoppers will stop by and support the argument.

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Jun-30-13 11:03 PM

She be sayin she like the red and green boxers best.

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Jun-30-13 11:01 PM

Besides Yo daughter be thinkin it be Kool. She be liken the sag, Ya know, bluenote!

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Jun-30-13 10:58 PM

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA how would YOU know what a Drill Instructor would teach them you slacker. Just when were YOU in Basic Training, itisnteasybeingliemongerletaloneusblues?

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Jun-30-13 8:08 PM

@wp,"Pants on the ground is a black cultural thing. I find it offensive and wrong." I too agree with many of you but i also see white youth doing the same. @MD1533USMC,well said !!!

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Jun-30-13 12:28 PM

there should be laws that stop those who are forever proposing laws about things they do not like.

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Jun-30-13 11:40 AM

Excuse me, I stand corrected. Now, seeing someone butt crack is offensive to me. But I still dont think we need a law.

So,,,,is african america a race??? Or a democratic made up term?

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Jun-30-13 10:15 AM


There is no such race as Hispanic. They are no different(or even any darker) than those of Greek, Sicilian, Portugese, or Spanish Europeans). They are European Spanish with some Indian blood and they are mostly breaking federal law by being in the country illegally.

Hispanic was a term invented by the Democrat party to provide these law breakers with affirmative action and preferential hiring status that as European immigrants they do not deserve.

Do not use "hispanic." Use the proper terminology, spanish speaking white people. Using a politically motivated, invented racial term is an insult to other Europeans and to black people.

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Jun-30-13 9:53 AM

Warrenrpoud, I disagree. I see just as many white and hispanic punks with saggy pants as I do african americans. I do not believe it is any sort of cultural thing related to any specific race. It goes back to the lack of adult leadership within all communities. White, black, green, yellow, whatever the race. The young kids have no adult supervision, from home, schools, churches,etc etc. If you are correct, then why has the black leaders not come out and said, STOP dropping your pants to the kids?

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Jun-30-13 9:45 AM

nose rings I meant to say,,, not no no rings.

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Jun-30-13 9:45 AM

Ok, I agree with most on here. Sagging pants is totally stupid. But cmon, pass a law? What would be next, a law that says no no rings? I think those are disgusting also. How about a law that will not allow certain tatoos also, maybe a law that would stop fat people from having thier disgusting guts and butts at walmart in pajamas? Listen, I agree, some of these things are disgusting, sick, perverted and whatever, but this is AMERICA. We should not have laws dictating how we dress or look. Maybe the young kids find us older people disgusting also, do we want laws that makes people with gray hair dye it, or beards must be kept at a certain length? Again, I am not defending the saggy pants, but really? A law?????

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Jun-30-13 8:54 AM

I too think the look is totally disgusting and if it were my kid, I would yank those britches up so far and so fast that the kid would have a wedgie for life.

But, alas, the last thing we need is a government dress code. So I just look the other way and refuse to even speak to, or refuse to acknowledge those who behave in that manner and try to forget that the parents who allow this behavior are likely supported by my tax dollars.

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Jun-30-13 8:20 AM

I bet I know whats sagging on WarrenP.

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Jun-30-13 8:05 AM

xwarren has the comment of the day.

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Jun-30-13 7:41 AM


Sagging is NOT a black culture thing. Sagging started in prison. The person doing the sagging is indicating to the rest of the general population that he is already someone else's homosexual wife.

Sagging, body piercing, tattoos, ear rings on men, and hair dyed in colors not found in nature are great time savers. They tell you most of what you need to know about a person without needing to waste the time to talk to them.

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Jun-30-13 6:43 AM

Pants on the ground is a black cultural thing. I find it offensive and wrong.

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Jun-30-13 4:22 AM

These kids that wear their pants like that think their cool? Well they look like idiots and that's exactly where their life will end up! They need to join the military and the DI's in boot camp will teach them how to dress! But, they probably would not even be accepted for active duty! What a shame!

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Jun-30-13 1:49 AM

You live in Northeast Ohio, Patty. Most of the young men here are mindless followers who think it's cool to bust a sag. Not much you can do about it. Passing laws to restrict it will just encourage more of it and will achieve nothing. My suggestion? Stop worrying about it and ignore it.

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