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Fri., 10:45am: UPDATE Buggy driver dies following crash

June 28, 2013

PARKMAN TOWNSHIP - One man is dead following an accident here Friday afternoon....

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Jun-29-13 1:30 PM

Antdeb this had nothing to do with any Amish children it had to do with some one not paying attention and going over the hill to fast and hitting the back of a buggy if this would have been a car she hit they still would have been hurt bad even if they were wearing their seat belt in a car

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Jun-29-13 9:38 AM

The Amish should have seatbelt laws as well. How many times do you read of little Amish children being hurt from riding in buggies without proper restraints.

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Jun-29-13 7:03 AM

Antdeb a seat belt would not have helped from the pics of the car and the damage done to the car she had to have been going fast over the hill.

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Jun-29-13 6:51 AM

msmith82, I do not travel that particular road but I do drive through the heart of Amish Country everyday and I do agree that there are idiot drivers. Always slow people in front of me and fast people behind me. Don't get me wrong. I am not just picking on the buggies. Any slow moving vehicles on a hilly road are taking their chances.

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Jun-29-13 1:08 AM

The car was older than the home-made buggy. How safe is home-made? Sorry for all involved.

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Jun-28-13 11:50 PM

Why is it illegal for those that ride in cars NOT to wear seatbelts but the Amish can ride around without them?

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Jun-28-13 6:19 PM

Daniel do you travel that road? I have seen cars on that road pass other cars on that hill where that accident happened. I have seen buggies that will move over and the car still does not pass them they will ride their butt for as long as they can then flipped them off as they sped past them. It It is not just Amish that do bad driving moves. Just today an idiot in a car pulled out in front of us she was texting and driving and not paying attention

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Jun-28-13 5:49 PM

msmith82, I never said it was his fault. Had he not been there he would be alive. It is just getting way too dangerous for them and drivers. Can't tell you how many times I have been stuck 20 cars behind a buggy that will not even pull over to the side to let people by. They pull out in front of people instead of waiting 2 seconds for a vehicle before pulling out.

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Jun-28-13 4:35 PM

Daniel how is it the buggies fault when she is the one who did not see it over the hill if that would have been a car stopped on that hill she would have hit it

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Jun-28-13 3:23 PM

Time to make buggies illegal to be on the roads. They also endanger the lives of the people in the vehicles.

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Jun-28-13 2:43 PM

Blahblah people speed up and down the road all the time. There is no speed limit sign on this road. This is a bad road with all the hills on it and it only takes a split second to look down and not pay attention to not see a buggy in time. Most of the houses on Farmington rd are Amish houses. I hope someone who reads this sad story learns a lesson of what can happen on this road

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Jun-28-13 1:44 PM

I feel horrible for this man, his family, and the girl who was driving. You cannot automatically assume speed was involved at this time though.

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Jun-28-13 12:11 PM

I just hate to see these accident reports. I am heart broken for the family. Why oh why are people in such a hurry all the time? It is stupid and selfish to speed that way, not to mention arrogant to think that they are above the laws of the land. I hope they will charge this young woman.

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Jun-28-13 10:37 AM

I heard last night from the Amish that they were waiting on his grandpa to come up to the hospital then they were going to take him off of life support.This is a sad sad story my heart goes out to those involved

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Jun-28-13 10:26 AM

The Ohio State Highway Patrol confirmed to Fox 8 News that an 18-year-old critically injured in an Amish buggy accident had died. He was identified as Robert Miller of West Farmington.. Prayers to all the familys involved..

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Jun-28-13 10:12 AM

Norman I have seen cars pass other cars on those hills me and my husband have been passed on those hills. People feel the need to fly down that rd. That road is hardly ever patrolled they don't even have a speed limit sign on it

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Jun-28-13 10:05 AM

Another problem is tha tsome motorists believe that, like bicycles, buggies don't belong on the road. So, they are not willing to give them the right of way when they are legally suposed to.

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Jun-28-13 9:48 AM

The driver of the buggy was life flighted to metro hospital in Cleveland there is no word on the other person who was riding in the cart. Moonie the problem with Farmington rd is it connects rt 608 and route 422 people think they can just fly down that rd. You can't see a buggy going slow until it is to late. They have one buggy sign on that road and it is at the beginning of the rd.

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Jun-28-13 9:31 AM

I hope everyone is OK, sorry about the horse. This really is a dangerous road for buggies and car as msmith82 said. I lived in that area years ago.

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Jun-28-13 8:52 AM

Trib you got it wrong the horse was killed in the accident me and my husband were at the accident after it happened

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Jun-28-13 8:48 AM

This is a dangerous rd for both buggy and car. This is a road where a lot of Amish live my best advice is to slow down and pay attention when you drive this road.

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