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Budget OK’d

Gov. Kasich expected to sign $62 billion spending plan

June 28, 2013

A state budget that cuts personal income taxes, revamps Ohio’s school-funding system and imposes new abortion restrictions cleared the state Legislature on Thursday over the objections of both......

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Jun-29-13 4:04 PM

Really stinks for you when the entire blog see's you for the pink panty wearing idiot you are eh Afret1? Think you can bully women too from your greasy keyboard? You are much too desperate for companionship here. How's it feel to keep getting rejected and known as the board idiot? LOL!

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Jun-29-13 2:41 PM

Janice - consider asking for help when you attempt to comment here; inability to form simple sentences and basic spelling errors makes you appear to be the simpleton you are.

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Jun-29-13 12:36 PM

OMG Afret1 you are as delusional as the day is long. I cringe at the thought of how miserable your life is. You need a job an some self esteem an a woman might pay enough attention to keep you from spazing out making an idiot of yourself on tribtoday!

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Jun-28-13 5:25 PM

The line item veto clause is going to drive the liberals through the roof, Kasich will never sign a bill fully endorsed by democrats. Kasich will get exactly what he wants and the opposition will be powerless to stop it! I must agree with you DrPhil Afret1 has been a long time idiot on this site. What's most perplexing is his insisting to label certain bloggers as racist while being the very worst himself. How hypocritical is that as if we're too stupid to judge for ourselves?

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Jun-28-13 3:50 PM

Ohio needs to follow Vermont and install a single payer health care system that exempts us from the federal government's health care act. Set it up like a typical insurance plan, copays, deductibles. I'd like a state pension fund that exempts us all from social security too. It would replace all public pension funds and save taxpayers money. Basically, everything we have now, but on the state level. Something we have more control over and can't be easily stolen.

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Jun-28-13 2:24 PM

The Democrats are mad because the bill does not expand Medicaid. That says it all. More Medicaid, more welfare = more Democrats for life. Just what this country needs, more bums, more people sitting on their rear ends at home, getting paid to reproduce, and being force fed the litany of "you are a victim, nothing is your fault, nothing is your responsibility."

A friend of mine showed me a quote by Thomas Edison, which reads, "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." And that, my friends, is the exact opposite of the Democrat way of thinking.

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Jun-28-13 12:27 PM

Couldn't agree more warrenproud. With the gerrymandering we're stuck with those clowns til 2020 too.

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Jun-28-13 11:33 AM

"elections have consequences" and "I won." Barack Obama

Ohio Democrats need to accept the political ground rules that their leader laid down when he refused to compromise with the Republicans on his stimulus plan and Obamacare. Autocratic majority rule is a two edged sword and now the shoe is on the other foot. Those of us who are having Obamacare shoved down our throats don't have any simpathy for the whining from outvoted Ohio Democrats. LOL

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Jun-28-13 7:45 AM

WP, the "NeoCons" as you call them are worried about trying to pay for all the bloated local government employee pension plans. Fortunately, not every community is as top heavy with public employees as Trumbull is.

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Jun-28-13 6:08 AM

It's about time we cut some freebees out.

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Jun-28-13 5:56 AM

WP - your jealousy overrides your wrong-headed arguements. A quarter percent sales tax increase on a $50,000 boat is $ 125. The same tax increase on a $100 pair of Nike sneakers is 25 cents. So who is paying more of the sales tax burden?

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Jun-28-13 1:41 AM

This sounds like good business and a fair balance to far as it goes.

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