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Warren’s demolition blunder

June 28, 2013

Whether it’s the City of Warren’s Community Development Department, or the Trumbull County Treasurer’s Office, heads should roll if the demolition grant train wreck plays out....

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Sep-22-13 2:03 PM

i agree with janice .. people need to keep their uneducated opinions to themselves till they get educated on a topic ... they just talk .. and talk and freaking talk !

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Jun-29-13 1:04 PM

Move out of that godforsaken city.

2013 Blunders: 1) This 2) Avalon Golf Course

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Jun-29-13 12:32 PM

I don't think you can narrow the board idiot down to just one, lol.


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Jun-29-13 12:10 PM

You on drugs or something Afret1? Or dislike African Americans so much that you make it your life's work antagonizing them? You cosign any anti democrat/African American post but can't think for yourself. Yes you are the "board idiot" how many of us need to tell you that? You forgot one NMC he also the board bigot! Im not AFrican American either!

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Jun-29-13 9:57 AM

The city would rather just send the $500,000 back to the state, and keep their own $500,000 for overtime and Benefits Conversion. Actually, they're going to need it towards the end of this year.


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Jun-29-13 6:47 AM

chinchin whereyou been at girl !

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Jun-28-13 7:57 PM

Tony will be gone soon enough. The Sunshine fiasco should be enough for him to spend a few years behind bars.

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Jun-28-13 7:53 PM

"board idiot"? You just made your insignificant babble at 6:36 qualify for "board idiot" of the month. LOL. "board idiot" could bid under them all. No, not because you "won't share", but because, well, tell us the "real reason"...tell us the real reason - what's in your "you owe me" heart!

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Jun-28-13 6:36 PM

First it was about asbestos, yet no testing has been done. It's pretty simple, they aren't trying to find a contractor who will play their game with the money. With so many Govt millions up for grabs City officials want to be sure it to keep it in the family.

I Could under bid them all and never get the job since I won't share.

There goes the board idiot commenting on comments again. This time he swings on the jock strap of ccrider. If only the uniformed voters showed up to vote, what does that say about you informed voters?

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Jun-28-13 2:49 PM

cuz ain;t noBody palm gettng greased that;s why

lookin to get they cut of 500k...

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Jun-28-13 2:26 PM

Enough is enough. The City has been demolishing homes for years. Did Mr. Keys suddenly forget how it is done? Something about this does not pass the smell test.

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Jun-28-13 1:48 PM

CCRider got it right.

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Jun-28-13 12:06 PM

Well, if the county was at fault, somehow, how come that has not stopped other cities and townships in Trumbull County from using the money and getting stuff torn down?

Fiscal agent? This is how, I believe, this process works. Warren tears down a house. Warren then gets reimbursed.... How does the county being the fiscal agent get in the way of that? Would the fiscal agent not be involved until a demo is done and the city files for reimbursement?

Why protect Keys? Seems his office was still filing paperwork with the NSP3 demos and is incapable of processing the AG demo paperwork as well.

Hey, Mayor. Mike Keys has no problem throwing his subordinates under the bus, as he did with that small Kinsman House bruhaha. Why the loyalty to this pig-******?

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Jun-28-13 7:12 AM

Sorry forgot Ianucci!

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Jun-28-13 7:04 AM

What we need is Warren is a strong leader! It certainly was not Mike O Brien and Franklin and Enzo are not the answer. We must clean house get rid of Mike Keys,Greg Hicks,and previously mentioned officials and DEMAND results. Take our city back.

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Jun-28-13 6:13 AM

Franklin is mayor for the same reason BHO is president. As long as well-informed voters stay home, and low information voters flood the polls, these problems will continue.

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Jun-28-13 5:50 AM

Yes, I agree, Mayor Franklin is incompetent and his staff choices worthless. Jim Graham would have made a much better mayor. Warren will never get better if Mayor Franklin stays as mayor.

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