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Local jobless rate inches up

Statewide rate unchanged

June 26, 2013

WARREN — The area’s jobless faced a more difficult employment climate in May compared to a month earlier and a year ago, according to Youngstown-Warren numbers released Tuesday by the state......

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Jul-18-13 12:27 PM

No, I'm real happy with my choice Jonathon, couldn't be happier

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Jun-29-13 9:18 AM

And as unemployment continues around 8% actually 15%, Obama takes his family and goes on a HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR TRIP TO AFRICA, what a wonderful man you progressives have elected, bet a lot of you are have second thoughts about your actions, aren't you???

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Jun-29-13 3:30 AM

THEY can't pull jobs out of there but's now can they. Remember NAFTA.

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Jun-29-13 3:29 AM

You butt heads still playing the democrat-republican games. lol Get rid of Barry O.;no get rid of all the career politicians and start over. This government is such a joke. They are all criminals. YES ALL OF THEM. Sick pigs and we the idiots let it happen. Don't you people get it? It is an agenda!HELLO THEY don't want us to have anything. THEY want us to barely survive as worker bees (for those of us who work)and give the money THEY steal to the lazy azzes of the country.

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Jun-28-13 4:20 AM

It was the Republican Senate that is the cause of the sequester and we all know it. And there are plenty of jobs out there, people just don't want to get work hard and get dirty so...

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Jun-27-13 9:53 PM

you can apply for all the job you want on indeed but 99% of the time you never hear anything back from any of the companies. Other then a thank you for appling. You can have all the experience in the world for the job but that doesn't mean they will call.

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Jun-27-13 9:46 PM

I agree Kasick ***** and so does Obama care it is going to be the down fall of the country. I lost a good job to the governments GO GREEN dictating what can be made now in the usa. My current job pays better then a lot of places but their insurance cost to much so in reality I'm now making minimum wage after insurance an taxes. What a joke our Great United States has become. With Ohio at the top of the list. Wiping out the middle class. What's Ohio going to do when everyone leaves the state? I know my kids will be leaving if the state Doubles the interest rate on the student loans. And really my bottom line of $8.00 an hour after taxes and insurance I have nothing to loose by leaving.

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Jun-27-13 9:35 PM

If people are still unemployed or underemployed in this economy then it is there own fault. Plenty of good paying jobs. Just search indeed as proof.

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Jun-27-13 7:34 AM

How do they get these numbers? Unemployment on the west side is at least 20% and that's being generous.

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Jun-27-13 7:15 AM

WarrenP, I guess I'm confused here, wasn't it Obama that first suggested the sequester, guess you don't care about the facts when it comes to "your" liar in chief, do you???

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Jun-26-13 2:18 PM

Obonehead's economic depression continues. It's a good thing he left for his $100 million family African tour today after their European trip last week. When he returns he can kill the coal industry and unemploy those people too.

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Jun-26-13 10:01 AM

Kasick needs to go. He's done nothing for this state. His small busineses aren't hiring anyone. Obama the only one doing anything.

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Jun-26-13 7:17 AM

I guess it must be Bush's fault???

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