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Flame atop Utica well

Natural gas ‘flaring’ common in drilling

June 19, 2013

LORDSTOWN — Residents living near a Utica Shale natural gas well were surprised to wake after midnight Tuesday to a massive flame bursting from the newly drilled and hydraulically fractured well here....

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Jun-29-13 12:36 AM

I agree with Mullet, what's gonna fill the void left in the space in the earth where there gas was?

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Jun-21-13 6:42 AM

I suppose you walk everywhere you go Warrenproud, driving a car is air pollution also.

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Jun-20-13 12:00 PM

It is absolutely amazing that so many people can dream up so much negative about this industry that has been part of our history that litterally fueled the industrial revolution. Lets go back to living in caves.

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Jun-19-13 11:50 PM

It would be one thing if this natural gas was being used to flood the US market and drive prices down to the consumer; or if lots of local people were actually getting jobs from all this drilling... but alas, 'tis not to be.

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Jun-19-13 9:09 PM

The oil/gas well boom is a young mans job. Most don't last past 35 or so.

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Jun-19-13 6:22 PM

It can just burn forever as far as I am concerned.Any gas or oil will go to the highest overseas bidder anyway ,so what is the difference as long as there are "jobs" here....right everyone? Its all about the "jobs" and not lowering our own energy costs.This is what we bargained for.Take an afternoon stroll through the old ghost town of Pithole,Pa.It was teaming with life when the first oil boom hit.Hard to imagine that the very first commercial oil well was only one hour's drive from Warren.This has nothing to do with the story, but its worth considering just the same.

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Jun-19-13 2:53 PM

Instead of wasting this as a glorified candle, Why can't they use this gas to turn a turbine and create electricity? What a waste. For what they burn in one minute I could heat my house for a winter.

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Jun-19-13 2:52 PM

realistic, There is no energy independence. They already stated in another article here that they are building pipe lines to the Gulf, where they will load it on boats and ship it to Asia.

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Jun-19-13 11:51 AM

I wish it was on my property!

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Jun-19-13 11:24 AM

the burning of NG from these wells shows that oil is the goal, whatever these guys say, these wells are not going to change anything for the better....

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Jun-19-13 9:54 AM

On some level we have to know even these wells will dry up, then what? Furthermore what effect does this have on our planet? Can't help but look down the road 200yrs and believe the interior or our planet will have suffered heavy damage due to the extraction of it's oil & gases!

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Jun-19-13 8:40 AM

Energy Independence. How exciting is that. Why are we all not thrilled that this flare is right here in our country, and not somewhere in the Middle-east.

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Jun-19-13 7:58 AM

I used to hunt and camp in Pennsylvania. there was a gas well across the road up on the mountain, that burned like that for a couple years. to us it was a beacon, like a light house.

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Jun-19-13 5:26 AM

Air pollution at it's best. There are many environmental downsides to this whole well drilling process.

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Jun-19-13 1:26 AM

Maybe we can use the baby beater to put it out slowly like the scum he is!!!

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