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Animal abuse should be a felony

June 16, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: Regarding “Question of the week: Misdemeanor or felony for animal abuse cases?” One young man said it depends on how extreme the case is....

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Jun-21-13 12:28 AM

The calves that are not bought at market are usually hit in the head with a 2x4 an thrown in a dumpster.

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Jun-21-13 12:27 AM

Then there's the hundreds of calves that are born everyday. This is just one farm, one example. The males go straight to the market and if they don't die from scours they are bought and fed tons of antibiotics and dry milk substitute for a few weeks and then they become veal and very fine leather.

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Jun-21-13 12:22 AM

I was raised on a farm, still live on a farm am surrounded by farms. I have seen all kinds of animal torture on different levels. The thing is some of the older fold don't think animals have feelings and don't consider it cruel or were raised to not care as I was raised, but I changed and never believed that. I have been to Wisconsin to huge factory dairy farms with 6000 cows 1200 per building milking 24/7. When a cow goes down they take a backhoe an they scoop it up and if it wiggles to much they use a chain an drag it still alive to a pile of other cows all alive or half alive. A guy comes for the live ones for the Zoo's because in Wis it's legal to feed them road kill an such to Zoo animals, they do shoot them first. the dead ones a guy comes an they become gloves. this goes on everyday, afterall they have 6000 plus cows constantly coming an going everyday. As soon as they get under a certain weight in milk they go straight to the market an to the slaughter house.

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Jun-19-13 5:37 AM

Will we hold the meat industry to the same standards as private pet owns as far as care is concerned (though, obviously they would be allowed to kill the animal to produce the meat.) I think "reallytiredofit" does miss the point a bit, but as an honest question, will we consider keeping chickens locked in cages without seeing the light animal abuse? Or keepings pigs in confinement that is too small, not allowing beef ample room to exercise? a proper diet? There has been good progress away from these practices by smaller producers but many of the larger companies have not.

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Jun-18-13 4:40 PM

Mary Ann my guess is many agree with you.

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Jun-18-13 7:22 AM

reallytiredofit, it's all in how it's done. Some people neuter horses with no anesthesia sounds fun....looks even more fun! And the same with butchering animals there's a way to do it that's like God intended an then there's cruel ways. Some people are just sadistic pigs that don't take care of their own children let alone animals.

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Jun-17-13 6:46 PM

Fine. Increase it to a felony. And that does what?

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Jun-17-13 7:21 AM

Abusing animals = felony killing a human baby = legal

sounds about right.

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Jun-17-13 7:00 AM

Fins II, I'm sure some of your clients are/have been animal like or even less then. Making animal cruelty may drum up buisness for you!

An example of felony animal abuse is Liemongers dirty secret encounters with goats.

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Jun-16-13 3:08 PM

We know what abuse is. Help us get the right legislation into law. Ken MacPherson for Ohio House of Representatives 64th district. HB108 is a good law. We can make it better for all who cherish their furry friends.

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Jun-16-13 11:55 AM

Anyone who would abuse an animal is a coward and anyone who thinks it is okay is a sick twisted person

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Jun-16-13 11:28 AM

Though I hate to see any animal abused, Reallytiredofit brought up some very educated and valid points.

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Jun-16-13 11:00 AM

As always you missed the point elusiveman, it is the people with less than a half of a brain that end up making the laws. Ask a person fron the ASPCA or greenpeace what animal crulity is.

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Jun-16-13 10:12 AM

I guess this is a cultural debate. On one hand most Americans are very loving to animals and have many types of animals for these pets. In other parts of the world, the Philippines being one example, dogs and cats are routinely consumed as a food source and it isn't always because of poverty, they enjoy the taste just as we enjoy chicken.

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Jun-16-13 9:32 AM

reallytiredofit, Your statement is kind of ridicules. It does not take someone with a half a brain to know what animal abuse is.

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Jun-16-13 8:02 AM

Crimes against humans are either misdemeanors or felonies based on the severity of the crimes. Why should it be different for animals?

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Jun-16-13 7:44 AM

So Mary, who is it that will define what constitutes animal abuse. Is killing a cow for meat animal abuse? Is it abuse to take the eggs away from the chickens and thereby abort the chickens offspring? Is it abuse to neuter an animal? These questions may sound silly to you BUT there are people in our society who would say yes, each of these examples is abuse.

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Jun-16-13 6:57 AM

My Cat says thank you Marry! Well said.

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Jun-16-13 6:20 AM


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Jun-16-13 5:38 AM

Got my vote!

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Jun-16-13 1:20 AM

I totally agree with you Marry.

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