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Education system out of control

June 14, 2013

Just who controls the educational system in our country? Most people would answer that we taxpayers d....

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Jun-20-13 4:02 AM

mr. poohbear plagiarized spiro t agnew's quote. bloated nanny governments have all failed throughout histiory. i know that pooh doesn't see it. thats why he is a liberal.

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Jun-18-13 10:33 AM

"poohbear", I didn't say our educational system is not educating kids. I just said that it is out of control; increasingly bowing to dictates from the Federal Government that fly in the face of what the average person would agree with. Not a day goes by that we aren't treated to a story of how some student runs afoul of some political correctness. Of course we can teach about the history of religions, but there are too many instances of Christianity being punished and Islam being accommodated. Also I didn't call for "pulling the plug on the money", my point was that $10,100 is a lot of money to be spending per student and if you have to short change the kids or make seniors pay more on their homes, because your losing $700 per student maybe your out of control. If you disagree, then tell me what's wrong with giving the voters more of a choice of who will shoulder the additional costs rather denying the kids some service or paying more taxes.

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Jun-17-13 6:37 PM

"I could go on to cite one crazy idea after another that seems to permeate our school systems". DOESN'T permeate the schools. With this frame of reference, I would expect no less than this "sleight of hand" column. Sure, the nattering naybobs of negativism join in the chorus here. But the reality of the matter is that schools do a pretty darn good job, the education that each of us receive is predominantly controlled by the local school boards that are chosen by those of us thoughtful enough to vote--or better yet, those of us who choose to be involved by running for elective office--our school board members. These are our friends and neighbors in our respective communities, as are our teachers. Perfect? No way! Need improvement? You bet! Pull the plug on the money and dismantle the teachers' associations? No. Is this sort of writing the "function" of a "community columnist"? Sadly, I guess so.

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Jun-17-13 9:49 AM

Initially I thought I would be sympathetic to this article but it kind of lost focus on any sort of tangible solution.

" called 'gender bender' when 5- and 6-year-old children...."

It appears that a user in this comments section has pointed out this event never happened.

"How about teaching children about Islam, but prohibiting the mention of Christianity?"

You're actually allowed to teach any religion in school as a subject of study. Any religion just can't be officially advocated by the school, that's all. 1st Amendment bans doing otherwise.

"....youngster who brings a Lego gun the size of a quarter to school should be suspended?"

Now that WAS ridiculous. Every since Columbine the U.S. has freaked out over anything in an absurd kind of paranoia. The movie "Bowling for Columbine" explored this.

Overall I disagree with alot in the article but education reform should be a top priority.

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Jun-15-13 9:07 PM

great response dan

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Jun-15-13 1:21 PM

I totally agree with Dan.

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Jun-15-13 10:18 AM

I understand your anger "heartland", you're probably a public employee. Let me address a couple of your points. So it was "switch it up day" and not "gender bender day" eh? Glad you cleared that one up. You said that someone else paid for my education and now I don't want to pay for someone else's. Now that's a typical liberal distortion. I'm perfectly happy to help pay for education, I just don't want to pay more than necessary. And as far as union people not doing business with me, I don't have to worry about that. Because, you see, I provide paint and body work at prices that no one in North East Ohio can even come close to matching, and I find that union people are very cost conscious. You see they don't want to pay any more than they have to either. That just makes sense. I'm so confident of my business' value that I don't worry about losing customers, you, on the other hand, as a union supporter, are deathly afraid of opening up your job to free ma

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Jun-14-13 7:19 PM

This post is not spot on because once again Dan is playing loose with the facts. A Milwaukee grade school’s student council (not the administration) voted to have a "Switch It Up Day,”not a gender bender day. The day was completely voluntary, not required and hardly anyone participated.I know Dan is an Islamaphobe but most schools teach about all the major religions.Union busting Dan wants to make teachers take pay cuts and still be able to afford to come into his body shop and pay for work he does. Teachers and unionists are groups of folks Dan has offended that won't be doing business with him.Dan wants to pretend he values education on but he is one of those folks who was happy someone paid for his education but as an angry old man he doesn't want to pay for some other kid's education. One line Dan got right "I could go on to cite one crazy idea after another." He does have crazy ideas every story he does. Can't wait until his tenure at the Trib is done as he's a was

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Jun-14-13 11:06 AM

Great post. Spot on. I am fed up with it myself.

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Jun-14-13 6:51 AM

school systems should be contolled by local elected school boards PERIOD

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Jun-14-13 1:21 AM

right on dan. you will fire up the alinsky liberals with this one.

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