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Two women hurt in collision

Traffic lights weren’t working at the time

June 11, 2013

WARREN — Two women were sent to Trumbull Memorial Hospital on Monday following a two-car accident just outside the hospital at East Market Street and Laird Avenue....

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Jun-12-13 2:14 PM

memyselfni- My husband and I were just involved in a collision about a month ago. (The other car was cited.) The very next day, we both were contacted by chiropractors and within the week, two lawyers had sent us literature in case we want to sue. One of those lawyers actually sent us a copy of the police report.


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Jun-11-13 11:56 PM

Inefficiency has been around a long long time (longer than 4 yrs). When people run the red lights an I have a green arrow I go anyways. : )

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Jun-11-13 8:08 PM

Billdog, my father was involved in a collision that two people were killed in 2009. He was not at fault, there were four vehicles involved and my dad was hit by one of them...he is okay, thank goodness, however, the day after the accident he had 3 messages on his answering machine and he was getting mail a few days after from lawyers...THEY contacted yes, I agree that it takes the person that has to want to sue to get things going, but come on, do lawyers sit and listen to police scanners or look up accident reports all day??? It would seem so...

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Jun-11-13 1:21 PM

Some people make comments just to make them. Some of you are whacko.

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Jun-11-13 11:59 AM


There are bad drivers everywhere -- not just in Warren.

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Jun-11-13 11:54 AM

Mandatory- These women having to wait for an ambulance though they are right outside of a hospital is not anything new and nothing to do with ObamaCare. People in the medical field can attest to this. It's still an embarrassment though.

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Jun-11-13 11:05 AM

That's the problem in Warren. Everyone is always in a huge hurry and they barely stop at traffic lights that are actually working. I'm sure both women didn't think they needed to stop or even slow down. I have seen MANY people run red lights, as well as stop, look and then go anyway when the light is red. And at ANY traffic light in the city, if you are making a left turn with an arrow, you will be sitting there waiting for 4 more cars to go through the red light before you can go through - on YOUR green light arrow! They just don't care. And God forbid if you are only going 35 mph in a 35 mph will get passed by someone in a huge hurry who has to go 50 mph.

Slow down, idiots.

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Jun-11-13 10:41 AM

I wonder if the lawyers will go after the guy whose private gear caused the blackout causing the light to not work?

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Jun-11-13 9:16 AM

Valleyguy1769 your right there will be a law suite but I doubt it will be vary big. It amazes me that paperwork and trouble of going to lawyers and insurance companies, phone calls, etc... that people are willing to go through to get a couple of thousand dollars. As if it will be life changing. Most couldn't tell you what they did with that money a month later. The new American Dream, sue somebody. How sad.

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Jun-11-13 9:14 AM

Once the people were extracted they EMS/Fire Persons could have pushed them around to the ER faster. What a joke. Now there will be bills for over $800 for each to be taken around the building, after waiting a half hour and nearly 45 minutes.

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Jun-11-13 6:46 AM

Big lawsuit

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Jun-11-13 6:36 AM

What caused this accident? Both vehicles did not treat the intersection as a four way stop when then the traffic lights were out, period.

I was right there and saw the whole thing happen.

News flash!! When you come upon an intersection and the traffic light is in operable (does not work) STOP! Treat it as a 4-way.

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Jun-11-13 6:32 AM

Why couldn't they have just called over to Trumbull and had an ER trauma team come out to the scene! Would have seemed the Logical solution.. Im sure there are rules about that though..

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Jun-11-13 4:39 AM

Mandatory, what the heck does ambulance service have to do with Obama-care? Wow, Tea people never cease to amaze me with their lack of intelligence.

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