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Audit should be next for Sunshine

June 11, 2013

It isn’t often that I agree with the Trumbull County commissioners, but I am glad to hear that they have called for an audit of Sunshine of Warren Trumbull Area In....

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Jun-13-13 2:17 PM

Well, Senator, at this point, let's just force them into showing whatever they've been so reticent to show.

If these pig ******* just turned over the information asked for, rather than hiding behind claims of being a "private non-profit" nobody would be crying for an audit.

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Jun-12-13 6:39 AM

Atty Yoder comes thru again. It's the mantra; "Meadows and CSB" it will repeat in every third column for eternity. I'm sure Martha's got it--the only reason Barry has been targeted is because he spoke out--nothing else. And if CSB would have denied the natural parents a visit with that child, the same boo birds here would be chirping to sue them for violating their constitutional rights to raise their children without government interference. All this crying here is making me nauseous!

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Jun-12-13 6:30 AM

And just what does an audit show? What does it show? Why won't anyone answer that question? It won't solve the problem, if there is one, legally. It won't convict anyone. What's to stop the City or County from paying for a private audit--many times more effective than a free government audit. Unreal. Where's the "thinking". So many spending so much time, spinning so many wheels and just not gettn it. 4 Seasons, put your tissues down and take out a petition for public office. Good gracious, grow some and quit crying.

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Jun-11-13 4:48 PM

I would estimate a TC Sheriff Deputy makes about $50k per year. Add in the benefit package of an estimated $20k per year. My uneducated eyes seem to see the amount spent by the Health Department could have put 1 deputy on the streets...of course, what do I know??

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Jun-11-13 8:38 AM

...We get what we vote for.

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Jun-11-13 8:37 AM

What it boils down to is a lack of real leadership in Trumbull County. Does any public official stand out as a shining star? Do any of them strike you as the people's hero? No, they all just blend together like boring birds of a feather.

1. Ohio Sunshine Laws determine that Ianucci's organization is conducting "public business" which leaves it wide open to records requests and an audit. 2. It is beyond clear that Dr. Enyeart has abused his power on top of wasting public dollars yet the board sits idly by like he owns them. 3. It is more than obvious that a child raped by a known pedophile under children services nose means that SOMEONE wasn't doing their job yet Schaffner puffs up his chest and tightens his bottom lip with refusal to accept any responsibility.

It's a sad state of affairs when we have all these public officials collecting a paycheck off our back and yet none are brave or moral enough to take a hard stand and lead in cleaning these messes up. We get what we

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Jun-11-13 8:32 AM

It seems to me that our Commissioners should be taking notes and cleaning house. The money spent on lawsuits could easily put more safety forces back on the street. Let's not forget about the County Engineer dumping near a wetland. How much is that going to cost us? Enough is enough!

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Jun-11-13 7:59 AM

So sad to agree with this article but I do agree with everything said in this editorial. I just can't believe no action has been taken on Sunshine.

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