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Overgrown fields are not the answer

June 9, 2013

DEAR EDITOR I was surprised to see the article concerning Gregg’s Gardens in reference to bringing more families to the city of Warren. The saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” must be tru....

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Jun-15-13 9:19 PM

@DubCity,I think your post is one of the most thoughtful,clear minded and accurate posts I have read on these forums.Well said, sir/madam,well said.Both posts are excellent,but the 10:33 statement is spot on.

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Jun-15-13 2:56 AM

Your exactly right Lucky! My big beef if the carpet baggers are the biggest whiners of all....And then they move! To drive another town crazy with their constant whining!

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Jun-14-13 3:46 PM

@billdog,were bloomed I tell ya bloomed!Warren& Howland are BLOOMED!!I do agree with the friend of this letters writer.I too,did not know that Warren was so oppressed.If we are oppressed it's because "the man" is tryin to keep a brother down!.What a bunch of whining schmucks we have around here.Not to mention,illiterate.

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Jun-12-13 9:51 PM

Is it summer yet? Good thing they didn't plant flowers with that deep freeze a week or so ago. : )

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Jun-11-13 11:50 AM

Doomed we're all doomed I tell ya, Doomed.

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Jun-11-13 4:51 AM

Howland Trustees should be ashamed of themselves! They put all that money into the flowers at Rt. 46 and 82 but didn't have the curbs edged and run the street cleaner along the curbs and pick-up all the debris and gravel from winter! It's the details that would make that intersection look great! Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Clark and VanSuch! Get It Done, Now!

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Jun-10-13 2:53 PM

If people are avoiding Warren (and Howland), it isn't because of the rye-grass.

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Jun-09-13 2:14 PM

The tall grass is temporary. The beautiful flowers are on their way. They will not turn the city around by themselves but they are the start of a multi-part plan. It took decades to put Warren in the spot it is in now and it can not be turned around overnight. Give us a little time please.

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Jun-09-13 11:21 AM

L.MAO @the Howland signs overgrown with "wildflower preservation" and "do not cut" signs...St. George and her posse shoudl STOP trying to imitate Canfield...they don't know what they're doing...

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Jun-09-13 10:33 AM

Suburban sprawl was devastating to US cities big and small, and Warren is no exception. To think a few more parking spots or less parking tickets downtown could have prevented that is unrealistic. And Youngstown's crime has been cleaned up? Hard to take that comment seriously. Youngstown has experienced a resurgence downtown recently but it's neighborhoods are not yet experiencing any benefit as of yet. Warren's neighborhoods remain, overall, far more livable than YT or most any other urban neighborhoods in the region. Many folks will continue to tout suburban life as far better and will continue to bash Warren for it's crime and blight. But for those of us that choose to be here, it's not too late. Warren has not slipped as far as other cities, yet. Residents need to get to work and refrain from petty complaints about projects that are actually trying to improve things. And simply don't bother with the negativity and fear from people who would never live in this or any other city.

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Jun-09-13 10:00 AM

Many inner cities have rebounded from what Warren(esp NE side), suffers.

Of course the news articles are varied. Some articles discuss how "rich" people buy into a dpressed area and "unfairly", economically crowd out thosewho need cheap housing.

Other articles talk about renaissance and the improvements that take place when "more well to do", people recognise a good deal when they see it, if they can buy inner city houses with vacant land to boot(big, spaciuos yards).

Citizens, or the police, can't just kick out the riff-raff from the inner city, but people with realistic dreams and the money to make their dreams come true can eventually economically displace the hooligans, which will also lower the crime.

I've always said, there's no better deal than to live in a city, and Warren... from the first day I considered living there, seemed very ideal... til the crime infiltration.

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Jun-09-13 8:32 AM

"oppressed" LOL

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Jun-09-13 8:28 AM

To turn Warren around after decades of not really doing nothing, is like beating a dead horse. What killed Warren was not having abundant parking for shoppers. Most of the time it would take up to a hour or more to find a parking space, during holiday's you might as well forget it. The Eastwood Mall is what killed Warren, it offered one stop shopping, free and abundant parking with no parking tickets. If the leaders back then would of increased the parking capacity and curtailed the writing of so many parking tickets, the city might of survived. Any other solutions today, is not going to bring Warren back. Trying to do so with studies on ideas, is just wasting taxpayers money. The crime rate is way to high in Warren, that seems to just keep growing. That is one reason people moved to the suburbs, less crime and a more friendly neighborhood atmosphere. Look where Youngstown is today, compared to 15 or 20 years ago. They cleaned up the crime rate, and brought in attractions.

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Jun-09-13 7:56 AM

Dave, you sit on the City of Warren's Planning Commission alongside the mayor. Maybe you could write a letter to the editor updating us on the work the planning commission has done to bring families back to Warren?

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Jun-09-13 6:29 AM

You know what makes Warren look like crap (or "oppressed" -language much?) the 2000 vacant houses and the 3500 vacant lots. The prostitutes roaming rhe central city. The blight and crumbling infrastructure. etc. The greggs garden project is trying to find a new approach- some may not like it, but what are you doing for the city that's any better? I mean besides writing a letter or posting a comment.

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Jun-09-13 5:51 AM

Dave - you are correct. The tall grasses make Warren look like crap. The city needs to enforce the law about how high grass can grow on these so called wild flower gardens too. They are ugly in themselves.

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Jun-09-13 2:18 AM

Well, Dave, you should do some research before writing a letter, Dave. One simple search on the internet, Dave, would have either given you answers or lead you to folks who could have enlightened you about the tall grass, Dave.

And either you or your friend, Dave, should learn the meaning of the word "oppressed", Dave.

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