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Eye on the streets

Association hopes to deter crime in Warren neighborhoods

June 6, 2013

Bob Weitzel spends at least four nights a month driving through neighborhoods of Warren’s 1st and 7th wards, looking for anything that is out of place....

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Jun-10-13 11:23 AM

NMC, I guess you forget about the Atlanta child murder in 90's, Wayne Williams 33 victims. Hulon Mitchell 20 victims, Maury Travis 17 victims, Maurice Byrd 20 victims, Lorenzo Gilyard 13 victims, Chester Turner 12 victims, Elton Jackson 12 victims, all of these people targeted women and children. It isn't a racial thing to kill. But when your own community is riddled with crime, it is THAT COMMUNITIES responsibility to be at the for front of the change. If the community happens to be African American, then it is on the people that live there to be the change they want to see. That was my point. It wasn't a bashing of the African American people. Yet no matter how it is sad, relayed, or presented, African American's are offended that they are responsible for their own circumstances with in their own neighborhoods. When you turn your head to crime, crime grows. If it is growing or already beyond a point you find acceptable in your neighborhood, be a part of the change or live with it.

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Jun-07-13 5:03 PM

On the other side Bill it's not just black folks who need control of their oddballs.

The last I recall black folks were not killing masses of children or on school campuses committing murder, neither are they kidnapping and holding teen girls in bunkers on their property.

I believe Nativio took offense at your post because you seem to imply it's the black communities fault for all the crime. And getting them together will create a crime free society.

Everyone conveniently forgets black folks commit crimes involving quick money, whereas the horrific crimes of national scorn typically don't involve blacks.

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Jun-07-13 11:00 AM

Like I told my kids, "People will treat you the way you act. If you want to act like an arze, thug, moron, ungrateful brat, or sneak, people will treat as such."

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Jun-07-13 10:58 AM

nativio, my comment wasn't racist, it was a point that if the African American community don't like their situation of living in a community that is crime ridden, then it is as much their responsibility as those that are trying to change to be a part of the change. People situation in life isn't always their fault. It is however their responsibility to be part of the change they wish to see. Regardless of color, race, religion, creed, etc... I was offended by WP's comment because he more or less implied that these block watch people were intruding and profiling in a neighborhood that is prominently African American or poor whites. In my neighborhood if I see somebody walking around after a certain hour I don't what color they are. I'll watch because it's MY NEIGHBORHOOD. If I see somebody that doesn't belong do things that look suspicious, I'll watch because it's MY NEIGHBORHOOD. My neighbors do the same. I shouldn't have to move because somebody wants to act like a fool.

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Jun-06-13 10:04 PM

Exactly mssmith! Well said

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Jun-06-13 8:58 PM

nativo my point is racisam comes from both sides black and white and no matter what side it is coming from it is wrong do you think I like being told by a black person that i am a white cracker or that I owe them something because the white person enslaved thier ancestors ignorate people come in the form of all races not just the whites

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Jun-06-13 8:41 PM

I'll concede to your point Artic... although I believe much of the blatantly controversial comments made by WP is designed to incite debate, it worked!

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Jun-06-13 8:01 PM

Do you folks realize how silly and childish it is to have to point out that there are bad white people too? And that there are good blacks. And that you have a black pal and know a worthless white?

Jayzus Keerist! Wow.

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Jun-06-13 7:19 PM

dstbt you are exactly right i know some white people who you can not trust and they are bad people and i know some black people that way to. what it comes down to is the choices people make no matter what your race is. My best friend is black and is a navy nurse and on the other hand I know a white guy who is nothing but a thug. It makes me mad when comments are made on both sides because I know some whites who hate black and I know somw blacks who think the white man owes them something. This white vs black thing gets old real fast. racism is taught not matter if you are black or white.

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Jun-06-13 5:37 PM

nomorecrap, refering to your comment where you were saying true, false and opinion to WPs comments. I notice you did not reply to one, her last comment, and THAT is the ONE I objected to.

" I am sure these "Eye on the Streets" people practice it regularly." She was referring to profiling.

Warrenproud does not have ONE, not ONE shred of proof to make a comment like this. She complains about crime, guns, drugs, but then attacks in racist mode when a GOOD thing is reported on. I will agree that the Zimmerman case is iffy, I will agree law officers sometimes are thugs like the crooks are. But darn nomore, for her to indicate that this group is racially motivated without one once of proof, is nothing more than her angry black butt provoking a racial debate. And your darn right I bit on it. Because she was WAY out of line.

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Jun-06-13 5:26 PM

My guess is that few people are racists but a lot of folks are prejudiced.

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Jun-06-13 5:20 PM

it comes down to trust. I live by some crazy neighbors in a predominant white suburb. I'd trade a few of them for decent and honest black families, tbh.

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Jun-06-13 5:14 PM

The way I see it is there are good and bad people in every race. There is also prejudices within each race. All vying for supremacy. Whites call certain other whites in a low economic class with certain other obvious traits as "white trash." While blacks focus on the lightness or darkness of their black, and call each other the N word. And within all of if they criticize one another. So, You can't lump sum everyone in one box. Reminds me of that song, "All We Need is Love."

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Jun-06-13 3:51 PM

Crime is an issue, let us not forget that in all this talk about racism. Were it not such a focus, you would not have two different private prison companies looking to buy the Old Avalon property in Howland in order to put a prison there.



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Jun-06-13 3:47 PM

Sure, Nort, but I could make the argument that pointing out that even blacks can be racist (which is the gist of what you said) is itself racist! I mean, to say that we have to, contrary to the past, realize that blacks are like whites in being racist, is racist... Lord my head hurts from that puzzle!

And just to get it out there:

Blacks are racist. Whites are racist. Hispanics are racist. Asians are racist.

It is human nature to distrust and think differently of those who are different. Heck, that isn't even limited to humans, it exists in animals.

But take that natural stuff that is ingrained, and then add in all the historical stuff, cultural stuff, socioeconomic stuff and you have modern day America.

Though in this country, white people have been the dominant culture since the inception... And with that, whites get the well deserved blame for apparently being the only racists...Since we created the institutions and the societal forces that kept everyone else in ch

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Jun-06-13 3:19 PM

I agree it's no longer confined to a single group, but which group bases their hatred of others believing themselves superior and all others inferior classes of human being?

Some prejudice is based on intelligence not skin complexion. I don't want the company of idiots of any complexion, which is not uncommon.

I believe it's those who adapt prejudice based on complexion or supremacy of ethnicity that are most harmful to society. It's unreasonable to expect folks not to have any amount of prejudice.

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Jun-06-13 2:50 PM

@nativio, I hope that people don't think that racism is a thing of the past. Unfortunately, it's alive and well. The biggest difference between today and the past is that people need to realize that it's not only whites who harbor racism in their hearts.

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Jun-06-13 2:36 PM

@AFRET1, LOL! A lot of firsts today.

But you probably seen the daily poll question. So its a wash. :-)

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Jun-06-13 2:23 PM

There goes our freedom of discussion, right down the toilet!

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Jun-06-13 1:20 PM

Sorry, God, but I have to agree with Daniel.

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Jun-06-13 1:02 PM

You know what it's funny that was said about profiling earlier in the thread. I was actually walking, on my way home from work a month or so ago and that same car was following me very slowly, kept circling the block then waiting at stop signs as I am trudging along. This went on for a surprising amount of time so I decided to have some fun. I had a sandwich bag full of peanuts from my lunch left over. I pulled it out several of the times they passed me purposefully, no doubt they thought it was a bag of drugs or something. I just thought it was funny, would've never happened this way had my skin been a little lighter.

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Jun-06-13 12:58 PM

Let's examine WP's comment for truth.

Boy goes to buy skittles & tea = True

Zimmerman racially profiles = True (stating "they"always get away, "looks like he's on drugs"). Said without proof or reason to suspect.

I don't trust anyone but law enforcement = Opinion.

Racial profiling exists in Warren = True (according to the Federal probe in 2001 resulting in payouts).

I fail to see why so many find WP so wrong here, his point has merit...

Lastly, if there was a recent burglary, robbery or ANY crime where the police were already searching for a suspect resembling the boy, I'd say Zimmerman was right to follow, but no suspect was being sought!

Agreed Nativio...

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Jun-06-13 12:54 PM

Damn, I don't see how WP has earned or deserves such an intense amount of hatred. Can't any of you see the other side of this? In your world is there such a thing as going too far?

Even the staunchest conservatives believe Zimmerman should have remained in his Van, thus avoiding confrontation, a scuffle and charges. And what evidence exists to determine the boy was "up to no good" higgs?

That's too much of a beating for WP to endure for making a valid point. I salute anyone man enough to stand next to their words. Those of you who disagree & run could learn from WP.

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Jun-06-13 12:46 PM

And that was not be coming to the defense of WarrenProud, who I find happens to say dumb stuff.... My response was more an indictment of some of you...And this weird reality that you folks want to pretend to live in...

Personally, I find Billdog's comment about the "black community" more racist than what WarrenProud said... That's just me. And I know my view on race happens to be more pragmatic and realistic than this shiny, happy people bs that some of you want to truck in.

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Jun-06-13 12:42 PM

Couldn't have said it better Josh. Thank you. That needed to be said. Boneheads!!!

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