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Congresswoman fights for energy

June 2, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: Congresswoman Marcia Fudge has been and continues to be a powerhouse in the fight for clean energy and independent oil production in the United States....

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Jun-07-13 7:17 PM

Another push for the loonie liberal "carbon tax". WTF is that anyway besides a pile on tax for dimocrats to toss at pet projects by party contributors?

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Jun-06-13 3:09 PM

I have a question for all of the climate change sheeple. What is your idea of green energy that you would find acceptable? I'm betting that for every one that you name, I can find the name of a liberal group in opposition to using it.

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Jun-06-13 3:02 PM

I think "green energy" is a wonderful idea. If it can be done, I'm all for it. Eventually, we will run out of fossil fuels and then we'll have to do something, so it is better to try to do something now.

That being said, stop with the "greenhouse gas" and "man made climate change" lies. Our politicians know that these are lies, they are just using them as a means to try to levy more taxes on the public. It's just another means to try to take our money and freedom away from us.

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Jun-05-13 4:13 PM

we buy oil from OPEC/Saudis because it is cheaper for us because we export our debt because the US dollar is the reserve currency for oil. We buy their oil, they buy our debt and no petty congress person or senator is going to cut the bankers or Saudis out of that sweet deal. Lip service, nothing more!

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Jun-05-13 9:58 AM

I guess we're wrong PoohBear. Tesla didn't pay back their half billion dollar loan 9 years early. They didn't win car of the year. They don't sell out 30,000 vehicles in a couple weeks, 6 months before they ever make them.

I'm glad we have some intelligent readers her at the Trib that correct us on this silliness for green energy :)

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Jun-03-13 9:49 AM

Congresswoman fights for re-election

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Jun-03-13 8:25 AM

Millions of clean energy jobs? Sounds great.

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Jun-02-13 5:13 PM

Great post Summer. That's Tesla, by the way. It DOES take government to spur the innovations for tomorrow's progress along. Some just don't get that. Not all are a success, by far. But TVA, nuclear power, the internet...the list goes on and on.

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Jun-02-13 1:36 PM

Telsa Motors, who borrowed 500mil from Obama's 'green pork' money from the Fed paid back their loan in full 9 years early.

And won Motor Trend's Car of the year.

Some people support investment in cleaner energy, others are set in old ideas. Some of those people though also believe the rapture is going to happen any day now, so none of it really matters anyways.

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Jun-02-13 1:32 PM

Title should be "Congresswoman fights for photo-ops".

If there was any real desire for "energy independence" and the economic prosperity as seen in the Dakotas, then the fight would be to facilitate, not obstruct, safe energy exploration on both public and private lands.

The alternative energy sources should be market driven - not government subsidized such as the failures our government have subsided to date.

She is not fighting for "energy". She is fighting for HER FORM OF ENERGY.

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Jun-02-13 1:05 PM

Want to end dependence on foreign oil? Convert all big rigs and government vehicles to natural gas vehicles. Offer tax incentives for people to buy hybrids like the Ford Fusion, which gets 50 mpg and actually looks like a normal midsize sedan. Other auto companies will be quick to build cars that get similar fuel economy. Why offer incentives on vehicles like the Volt.

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Jun-02-13 1:01 PM

Hey Lisa,

So you want me to support a congress woman who wants to screw Ohioans over? We generate 80% of our electricity from coal. "Clean coal" or taxing coal companies for their carbon footprint will cause our electric bills to triple. I have an all electric home, I want nothing to do with $900 electric bills in the winter and $700 electric bills in the Spring/Summer.

Maybe one day, if solar and wind power becomes more efficient and battery technology advances, we can stop burning coal.

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Jun-02-13 11:31 AM

It is time for Washington to join with the private citizens of America to fight climate change. We have pushed and pulled in the efforts to get clean energy, our returning soldiers have launched Operation Free, and the Sierra club has lead the fight for the end of burning coal. It is now time for Washington to pass a carbon tax, and an Energy Efficiency tax break

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Jun-02-13 7:49 AM

Interesting letter. I'd like to know, which does the Congresswoman support, clean energy or independent oil production? They are mutually exclusive, you know. So the Congresswoman feels that dissolution of dependence on foreign oil is good for the nation? Is the Congresswoman aware that last year, only 40%of the oil we used was imported, and this year that number is expected to be at 32%? Seems we're going in the right direction just fine, without the Congresswoman.I'd like to know, just what is this clean and renewable energy source that is holding the nation back from gaining these millions of potential clean energy jobs? What exactly are these clean energy jobs? What we DON'T need is more hackneyed political baloney statements that don't really say anything at all, and serve no purpose except to get the Congresswoman's name in the paper. Sell your fudge packing statements elsewhere. I ain't buying.

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Jun-02-13 6:33 AM

Lisa, You talk of energy independence. They are shipping our Natural gas and oil to Asia.

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