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Woman sues over sewer

Claims cost is excessive

May 20, 2013

LORDSTOWN — A village woman is asking Trumbull County courts for relief from being forced to make a costly addition to her sewerline, which she deems unnecessary. Jodie L....

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May-21-13 6:46 AM

Sewer project was something Mayor Arno,aka, Arnie, pushed for when he was on council. Stanley Zoldan kept telling him and others what a number of problems they were going to have with the sewer system. Now this lady and at least the engineering firm and maybe a few others are suing Lordstown due to incompetence. Arnie wanted sewer project maybe he can help her cover the cost.

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May-20-13 8:18 PM

$9,000 FOR A PUMP? I can understand sovleing the sewer problem,s but come on these prices are way out of site......when tc is nothing but vacant homes then what will you peoplew do for your money?

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May-20-13 7:23 PM

She should be tying into gravity with no need for a grinder pump in an ideal situation. But the grinder pump is required to correct the mistakes made on behalf of the engineering.The EPA has no guidelines regarding grinders except they be waterproofed. The Village of Lordstown placed the main pump station along that stream in a flood zone.So what is the problem?

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May-20-13 6:17 PM

Yet she does have money for a lawyer.

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May-20-13 1:55 PM

Guess I must of stated some things in my previous post pertaining to this article, that wasn't too well liked. Within one hour after posting it was deleted. When anyone has a good working septic system on their property, they should have the choice to hook in or not. Have known cases where a new up to date system was installed and 3 or 4 years later, they was told they had to connect to the new sewer line. In telling you that means, you just threw away $10,000 to $12,000. Plus now you have all these additional expenses to pay, just because someone finally decided to put in a new sewer line. As Americans we have the freedom of choice, as it should be. Gestapo tactics thought that went out the window after WW11.

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May-20-13 12:43 PM

Jodie's approach is to let the other residents of Lordstown pay for her sewer issue through their tax dollars.

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May-20-13 9:54 AM

I don't understand the need for a grinder pump because of a flood plain. Maybe a lift pump, but a grinder pump is for grinding waste into sludge. What does a flood plain have to do with grinding?

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May-20-13 9:02 AM

Trumbull County is a joke! They're Nazi mentality regarding septic systems is going to be the total ruination of this area! Take a drive in any township in TC and you'll see abandoned homes due to the County's strong-arming tactics, all for the sake of the all-mighty $$$! As good paying jobs leave, and the area's bread winners are forced to work for minimum wage, we will see more and more vacant property. Thank you commissioners!!!...........

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May-20-13 8:55 AM

No mention was made as to what the alternative method is. It seems to me that by her agreeing to put in an alternative system that she has already acknowledged that the responsibility to pay for the system is hers.

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May-20-13 8:48 AM

I don't think any of those residents should have to eat the cost. I believe that should be on their plate. They created the issue, they should pay to fix it. Good luck Jodie!!!

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May-20-13 7:46 AM

Was the lady required to have the grinder pump for her sewer before they put in city sewer lines? NZO! So why should she be required to do it now? How is her living in a floodplain changing anything? She lived in the floodplain before the city sewer went through and wasn't required to have a grinder pump, so why is it required now? I am lost on why the city is changing requirements just because they put a city sewer line in. Could their objective be to get everyone to tie in to help pay the cost for something it seems a lot of people didn't want? Their septic systems were good enough before the sewer line, why the big change now?

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May-20-13 6:53 AM

You cannot put a grinder pump in a floodplain. If the pump malfunctions in a flood, many others will suffer because the waste material will spread to the other residents property. The pump needs to go on her property; she should have to maintain it.

If their is a cheaper alternative, however, and it meets EPA standards, she should be allowed to install it.

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May-20-13 6:49 AM

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May-20-13 6:38 AM

Go Jodie, go Jodie, go Jodie!

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May-20-13 4:54 AM

The city should have manned up and paid for what their engineering study failed to do. I hope she gets a sympathetic jury because Lordstown should pay.

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