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Let the public decide on marijuana law

May 12, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: I’m writing to urge area residents to demand their House representative support House Joint Resolution 6, which would allow Ohioans to vote on the issue of marijuana regulation....

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May-18-13 3:02 AM

Sounds like an NRA problem.

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May-17-13 4:27 PM

Alcohol and tobacco are far more dangerous than marijuana but are legal. The days of “Reefer Madness” propaganda are long over. People are educating themselves on the facts of marijuana and not believing government misinformation or innuendos. Please educate yourselves by researching the following: The Marijuana Myth: What If Everything You Think You Know About This Plant Is Wrong? US Government Patent on cannabinoids Patent # 6630507 Additionally, I am not in favor of workplace impairment. However, the urine “tests” employers give are used to detect inactive marijuana metabolites which only indicates historical usage, NOT potential impairment. The active component in marijuana only remains in the system for about 4-6 hours, much like alcohol. There ARE tests which check for impairment that are used in other states.

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May-16-13 10:59 PM

" apparently you haven't been watching anything but Faux News.

May 2, 2013, in Auburn, Washington, a 5 year old shot his 2 year old sister, killing her, with a .22 rifle."

Wasn't marketed as a 5 year old's gun, moonbat.

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May-16-13 5:25 PM

And after awhile they don't test you and upper management, how often if ever is that after almost 40 yrs?

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May-16-13 5:21 PM

Hopperman, that's a fable that was taught to us in the 50's & 60's. I know lots of professionals that smoke an live normal lives. Some people just don't like to drink. Some people that is their only vise in life is smoking pot. I know it's hard to imagine, but that's the way it is. : )

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May-15-13 6:18 PM

Yeah go ahead and make it legal,that why I can support more DEAD BEAT PEOPLE!!! Some of you people need to wake up. But hey you potheads are used to working minium wages jobs and spending your money on pot and have nothing to show for.If your happy spending your money on pot then go for it,cause you will always have a minium wage job cause you will never have a good paying job cause you won't be able to pass a drug test,so go ahead toke away. HAHAHAHA

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May-15-13 4:00 PM

I agree that legalization should be left up to the public to decide.

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May-15-13 3:56 PM

Marijuana legislation is a "House Joint Resolution"? Now that is some funny stuff right there.

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May-15-13 3:51 AM

@ArticWoof, the ones who do that do it already anyways....And I really wouldn't worry about it. If you haven't noticed who is an who isn't by now well... LOL

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May-14-13 8:56 PM

I'll toke to that, LOL!

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May-14-13 4:12 PM

Cocaine is a*****of a drug-"rick james"

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May-14-13 2:22 PM

The primary reason pot is illegal is the decrease in productivity it causes. Jamaica went from outright legalization to some restrictions not long ago for this very reason. Bottom line, the elite do not want the peons being any less productive than they/we already are and guess who controls government/legislation!

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May-14-13 12:59 PM

I fully support the legalization of ALL drugs but I'm a realist and know that it won't happen. Even the illustrious President said the same thing last week in Mexico. Too much profit in prisons, big Pharm, Big Oil, LE, foreign relations and even the food industry.It's still good to see the solidarity of the people due to many years of indoctrination. tell me again what makes this the land of the free? I'm also glad to see God won't let the power in this country see that its creation, a simple plant, goes wasted even in the face of that powerful entity known as Wall Street.

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May-13-13 6:04 PM

Convinced that alcohol impairs judgement and demeanor of a person,(most of time in a negative way) than Mary Jane. No..I don't use....anymore..well not marijuana but simular plant..same affect.

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May-13-13 6:00 PM

Just because you would fail test for weed doesn't mean you are still "Hi_", but if you pass breath test for alcohol doesn't mean you aren't effected by post conditions of being dehydration, nausea, coordination limited ect..

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May-13-13 5:54 PM


There is the problem. Sure you are correct. People can smoke or drink off the clock any day they want. BUT, I could drink half the night, go to work the next day and pass a breath test. I could smoke weed 24 hours before I went to work and still fail a drug test. There lies part of my objection, if weed is legal, the next step will be certain groups wanting to outlaw drug testing at work. Give them an inch, they will want a mile.

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May-13-13 5:02 PM

Enigma, then according to you an employer can not fire an employee for YET many employers are doing just that, they need to be Tobacco free to be employed and remain Tobacco free to continue employment.

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May-13-13 12:36 PM

FamilyGuy since you are very opposed to altering mental sharpness, how do you disqualify alcoholic beverages? My experience has been alcohol is more difficult to control than marijuana use.

I found it more difficult to function and easier to make visual & coordination errors under them influence of alcohol. Perhaps your first battle should be with alcohol & cigarettes which both clearly do more harm than marijuana.... In my humble opinion!

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May-13-13 9:11 AM

RobinJ- Smoking is smoking no matter what substance is being smoked.

So no, to answer your question, people could not smoke weed in restaurants or bars.

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May-13-13 9:09 AM

Jonathon- If weed was legal employers could not fire someone for using it on their own time.

Only if they show up on the job under the influence.

My employer could know I spent all weekend drinking booze but can't fire me unless I show up to work drunk.

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May-13-13 9:05 AM

ArticWoof- If you treat it like alcohol it would be illegal to use on the job or while driving.

You're grasping at straws because there are very few reasons not to legalize.

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May-13-13 9:01 AM

Daniel- You're showing your ignorance with your misuse of "your".

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May-13-13 8:57 AM

IF there is bona fide medical documentation and research proving valid medical benefits of marijuna (THC) THEN it should be extracted, medically regulated. We do NOT see the legalization of opiates yet they have been used medically for years!!

Furthermore, Ohio outlawed public smoking do intelligent people really expect that smoking weed should be excluded?

How about 2nd hand smoke from weed? Is that not dangerous to children, pets and non-smokers? Or is it just tobacco products?

How will we know our drivers are higher than kites without any tests like those for alcohol?

Legalizing pot smoking is more than stooopid!!

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May-13-13 8:26 AM

It is totally wrong headed to promote more ways for Ohio citizens to diminish their mental sharpness.

We sound more like a bunch of hedonistic pleasure seekers than real Americans with a can-do, let's-get-it-done attitude.

Where have all our priorities gone?

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May-13-13 7:14 AM

Legalizing pot or not, what will that do to the rights of Employers who require their employees be DRUG FREE? I know a long distant truck driver that was fired 6 months ago because he failed a random test, resulted in him losing his job, all his income and they just took his house, so yes you pot heads just keep on defending your drug habits and good luck ever getting or keeping a well paying job. Speaking for myself I get "high" when I wake up every morning and I know I can function and enjoy life with a clear head.

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