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Purple in the rain

Weather doesn’t dampen spirits at Relay for Life

May 11, 2013

WARREN — Heavy rains delayed but didn’t stop hundreds of cancer survivors from making the opening lap of the Warren Relay for Life Friday night around Courthouse Squar....

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May-13-13 8:54 PM

I can safely say I will never, ever need them!

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May-13-13 12:14 PM

Marine...I hope you never need it!!

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May-12-13 3:40 PM

RIP to all my family and friends who fought courageous battles against cancer while they awaited their elusive "cures" for their cancers.

Happy Mother's Day to my beloved mother who would be with me today had "they" found the "cure" for her cancer. Deceased since August 6, 2010.

RIP Aunt Carole deceased since August 20, 2010

RIP Uncle Ray deceased since November 2010.

RIP Uncle Hank deceased since December 2010.

Love you Aunt Ceal who is in and out of remission for the last several years still waiting for the "cure".

Love you dad who is in and out of remission for the last 2.5 years still waiting for the "cure".

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May-12-13 3:12 PM

Reality that negativity doesn't accomplish anything, Jolene.

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May-12-13 2:46 PM

Mocking- Sometimes reality is a bitter pill to swallow.

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May-12-13 1:43 PM

More negativity. The event is not just about money it is about support for people battling a horrible disease, those who survived it,and a remembrance for those that were lost to it. It brought a lot of people out to the city and was a great 2 days. I am sorry for those who didnt get the help they needed from the "bigwigs" but many have received help and support.

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May-12-13 10:10 AM

You can fool some of the people all of the time and all people some of the time. Big pharma and the American Cancer Society has pulled off, you can fool all the people all the time.

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May-11-13 8:59 PM

Four months apart I lost my aunt and grandma of cancer. I have seen what cancer has done to people that are close to you. This is a horrible disease people who have cancer are fighters and they are strong. I am glad there are events like relay for life it gives people hope and it brings people together. What is so wrong with giving someone hope?

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May-11-13 6:51 PM

I thank god for the research that spared my wife from chemo and radiation. Without the money raised for research she might have gone through it for no reason. I support and thank everyone who gives their time and efforts!!!

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May-11-13 6:05 PM

I also took care of my father to the end of his battle and I do know how sad it is but to call the relay a scheme that preys on us in my opinion is just not true. As I walked my lap I saw people who truly care standing in the rain to support us. This will be my last post on this topic because I just can't understand your perspective on supporting cancer survivors. We deserve the support the relay gives us and I for one thank each and every volunteer.

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May-11-13 5:18 PM

I'm sorry if I offended you, Jolene but even if my cancer kills me I know having a good attitude helps me have a good way of life. I also have to wonder if you are a survivor or what makes you so bitter towards the help we survivors get from the support of these events. I read you said your mom supported these events so I would think that alone would make you compassionate towards all of us.May your mom rip along with my father and many other loved ones that died from this disease.

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May-11-13 3:22 PM

Thanks to all the research, esp. the onco-type test which is only less then 10yrs. old, I was spared chemo and radiation. I realize that cancer is big business but please don't take anything away from the hard work and research that has been accomplished. I am a grateful survivor and take offence to negativity. Attitude is everything!

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May-11-13 2:18 PM

The word "cancer" is a catch-all word, like "animal Just as there are millions of kinds of animals there are a myriad of types of cancer. MUCH progress has been made on many types of cancer. Not very long ago if you received a diagnosis of cancer it was usually a death sentence. But due to the research there have been many wonderful gains in both medications and procedures.

As a cancer patient I wish to THANK all those who participate in these and other charity events to help raise funds for Cancer Research.

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May-11-13 1:05 PM

Great event. Nice to see the square filled with people who are here with a real agenda and for a good cause.

That being said, can we get this moved back to Harding? Or moved down to the park?

Can anyone name me another Relay for Life in the tri-county area that is not held on a track or in a park?

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May-11-13 11:22 AM

20 years and billions of dollars and still "researching" a cure for cancer.

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