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Sunshine eyes back taxes plan

Group appeals home values in bid for lower interest

May 10, 2013

WARREN — Sunshine of Warren Trumbull Inc. is still working to establish a plan to repay a projected $188,600 worth of back property taxes, Anthony Iannucci J....

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May-11-13 4:43 PM

Direct, Florida has REDUCED my property taxes EVERY year since 2008. EVERY year as the valuation is dropped so are the taxes, now pay attention and read this post over and over so you can understand that OHIO is a state that IS NOT OPERATING ABOVE BOARD.

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May-11-13 8:24 AM

Property taxes are smoke and mirrors, esp in this area.

Bear, takes h e l l of a lot longer than couple months behind on taxes/ mortgages for property to go to auction. It's a process threw litigation, and as stated way backlogged, has been for several years.

More foreclosures would result in more empty houses, don't exactly see a Wave of People moving to Warren or Surrounding areas, no jobs.

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May-11-13 8:18 AM

Ridding Warren of low income housing is delusional, always been here always will be due to factors that are beyond residents control.

Besides local city tax misused, like to know amount of fed tax wasted. Also like to know contractors used in renovation & demolition of properties.

Matter of time..more info will slowly rise to surface.

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May-10-13 6:39 PM

directcurrent. I think you can find many states that lower,or raise taxes yearly. Most are putting caps on so there isn't such big swings.

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May-10-13 6:05 PM

Sunshine has been shown (confirmed in fact by it's own audit) to be unable to survive without MORE money from the city of Warren, so yes they can in essence "shut them down". The city gave Sunshine a 75k loan last year so Iannucci's "contractor" paycheck would clear and he still did NOT pay the taxes on the land contracts. So how will they survive this year without more subsidy? The "consequence" of shutting down Sunshine– IF the City does it responsibly and with the Sunshine tenants interest as a primary goal— is simply that Iannucci loses one of his several paychecks. The idea that they HAVE to exist is a myth perpetrated by Iannucci and Mike Keys in order to convince council and the public to throw good money after bad. Pull the plug! Make the Sunshine board and the CD Dept. get to WORK on disassembling this failed housing program in a way that keeps paying tenants in their houses!

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May-10-13 5:26 PM

Hey WP, do you know what the consequences of shutting down Sunshine would be? and Johnyboy, of what states that you speak just automaticaly reduce property taxes? Woodsman, do you really want your tax dollars to go to a state audit of a non proffit company? Purecountry, you are wrong about the COUNTY foreclosing after a month "have you seen their backlog?" Neversummer, You are making some sense. KTF, Sunshine is not a city department and the city can't shut them down. Josh baby, do you really live in such a delussional state that you believe that is how things go down? DrPhil, I think everyone gets their tax bills and knows that they are past due. Just call the COUNTY auditor and try to work something out, I'm sure they would be happy to collect something instead of nothing and let you keep your home. This forum is as rediculous as ever!

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May-10-13 12:29 PM

Maybe they sit back until the taxes get too high for the average home owner to recover from, making it easier to seize the property and sell to the highest bidder?

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May-10-13 11:48 AM

I have relatives that haven't payed ANY taxes on a place they bought over 3 years ago. Nobody knocking on their door! Is there anyone in the Treasurers office that checks on things like this? Just wondering...

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May-10-13 11:16 AM

Didn't this meeting end with Mr. Keys, our very own unqualified head of CD, telling council that it was not Mr. Iannucci's job to attend these meetings and that in the future, all issues were to be discussed between council and CD?

No time for public questions. Odd how Mr. I cancelled Mr. Novak's meeting to attend this one and there was no time given for public questions... I wonder if Ms. Rucker promised Mr. Iannucci that...

Not that the public showed for this one... I guess word got out that Mr. Iannucci, who has ALL of his salaries paid for by the taxpayers, was not going to attend any meeting where the public was allowed to speak...

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May-10-13 11:05 AM

Disgusting. Sunshine and WRAP are pathetic wastes of taxpayer money and they need dissolved. Anyone who doesn't see that (including Council) is a part of the problem too. SMDH.

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May-10-13 9:40 AM

Exactly WP, that's the right answer. Too much confusion exists at this point. I can say the property values never changed because you don't get a reduction unless you apply to the Board of Revisions or Mr. Lamancusa.

I once had a property with a gas station on it, yet when the station was torn down and tanks removed I had to actually attend a hearing to have the taxes lowered. Even after insisting all you need to do is "drive by the property" to see there is no building there!

Unfortunately the County will force you to prove yourself before lowering taxes even while knowing you're right because their purpose is to keep a tight grip on our wallets...

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May-10-13 9:10 AM

I think the reason that Sunshine has so many empty houses is that people are confused and think that they sell cold pizza instead of renting housing. Maybe they should consider a RICO charge against the Sunrise.

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May-10-13 8:54 AM

Purecountry495. That's a bad idea. Nobody wants these homes. Why would you want to flood the market when there are no buyers?

Think of it like this. It's 87 homes. How many other homes in Trumbull are for sale, empty or abandoned? It's in the thousands.

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May-10-13 8:49 AM

"Iannucci said the 87 single-family residences had a value of approximately $3.68 million, but with depreciation, that value drops to about $1.9 million over the 15 to 20 years the non-profit has had them."

This is pretty telling. That's over 50% devaluation. I bet if you look at the valuations year by year over the past 15 years they peak in 2007.

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May-10-13 8:20 AM

The real question here, is why this wasn't addressed long ago. Just you let your taxes go and see what happens. Answer is, there will be a sheriffs sale of your property and it won't be years down the road either. Why is Sunshine or Iannucci being treated different than everybody else. Maybe the people responsible for collecting the property taxes needs replaced. Seems there is a hidden policy to treat some people different than the majority of the tax payers.Iannucci should be given 30 days to pay up or all property's confiscated and put up for sheriffs sale. Any monies from the sale of the homes already sold and waiting for the monies, should all go towards paying off this tax debt not just the profits.

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May-10-13 8:18 AM

Not long ago Al Novak called for a state audit of Sunshine Homes. I guess as usual he's all talk and no action. That's the way it is in Warren. Sunshine should have to get appraisals to lower their taxes just like us.

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May-10-13 7:25 AM

Just one question to ALL TC property owners: With the property values dropping substantially, How many of you have EVER seen a drop in your property taxes? It's odd that in other states when property value are decreased so are the taxes on that property, strange isn't it????

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May-10-13 5:43 AM

Fire Iannucci and close Sunshine down. Just another worthless agency in Trumbull County that cost us taxpayers money.

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