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Graham cruises to council win

Ex-UAW leader defeats Dean for Warren council president

May 8, 2013

WARREN — The sometimes bitter campaign between Council President Bob Dean and Jim Graham ended Tuesday with a vote of the people....

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May-10-13 1:17 AM

Bob Dean lost because he wasn't a good leader. Lets see how Jim does. He was an effective leader at Gm. He held his position for many years and the place is still open. Even with a little help from Obama. But the fact is that the place is doing well when not a lot of us factories aren't very competitive in the world stage. Jim really cares about warren and I hope he can make a differance. I am sure he will give it his all. We people as warren residents should help him and be vocal to any local politician and let them know how bad a job they are doing or good for that matter. Warren politics needs to be judged on job performance instead of who you know. Our city is broke and depressing for new businesses to come here. We need to clean up the streets with police and stop squeezing the local small businesses. Let us grow

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May-09-13 6:11 PM

Bob Dean did himself no favors talking about "big rims and dope" in the black community. Now that is racist!

Yep throw out tge guy who speaks the truth and keep a racist union thug!

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May-09-13 12:31 PM


I don't know that infighting is bad, in and of itself.

At least not any more worse for the citizenry than always agreeing... especially from the same side of the isle.

Personally, I like heated debates with a lot of ideas thrown around to eventually be worked out for the best benefit of the citizens.

Wink & nod politics scare me.

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May-09-13 10:36 AM

For anyone that doesn't know there is a "Forums" section where you can go to yell at one another instead of clogging up the comments section with relentless bickering.

Regarding the content of this article hopefully Mr. Graham can do some good for Warren in his position once he assumes it. I feel bad for the Delphi retirees but it's wrong to try and lay the blame exclusively on Jim Graham, President Obama, or one individual. The situation is more complicated than that and if you want a solution it has to involve more than just demonizing people.

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May-09-13 7:56 AM

why in the world does someone always have to make everything about race?? Its repulsive to always, always, always have to sift through comments to avoid "hearing" the griping about the pseudo racial undertones ... wake up folks everything is NOT ABOUT RACE!! Just because someone disagrees with the current administration be it local or national does NOT MEAN ITS ABOUT RACE!! People are capable of genuinely disagreement and discourse without it being about race!! Furthermore, any reasonable person can see that declaring oneself "Pro-Black" is just as pure and simple racism!!

Think about this ... Standing with a person for racial preference is just as racist as standing against someone for racial prejudice!!

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May-09-13 5:19 AM

Congrats Jim! Now make the class of '65 proud and help get Warren back on track! Cean up this city! Go For It!

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May-08-13 11:30 PM

Seems there is a lot of moving parts that council will be working with. Graham brings the kind of experience needed when a lot of compromise and leadership are in order.

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May-08-13 9:52 PM

Black people voting for a white man isn't racist, it's called diversity. Bob Dean did himself no favors talking about "big rims and dope" in the black community. Now that is racist!

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May-08-13 9:49 PM

What is your reasoning for being so negative for mr graham? You talk a lot of negative but you yourself offer no solutions? Please enlighten us all with your positive wisdom. He has never had a council position. Can we see how he does before you throw stones. U voted Obama in on no qualifications but you probably think he is doing a great job. Give the new guy a chance

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May-08-13 7:06 PM

Bad MISTAKE Warren,Bad MISTAKE!!!!

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May-08-13 6:51 PM

I had to check in to see if WP has to bring up her favorite topic, her race card. She did not disappoint.

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May-08-13 5:26 PM

mstngmn1987 not an excuse but an explanation.

Warren is a statutory city and the amount is correct for the population. Council themselves are allowed to make some changes if they choose.

I think Youngstown Council makes 2 to 3 times the salary of Warren Council.

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May-08-13 4:45 PM

Dean did the took the correct action with the funds that were collected for the accident. These funds were not a personal bank account for the families of the victims. The donations were for funeral expenses etc. Since the plots, funeral expenses etc. Any funds that were left over should have gone into a account not to families. And for this action Bob Dean may have lost his seat on council. Now the city is going to have to deal with Graham. God help Warren. Oh and by the way,why does warren have 10 council people and 1 head of council while Youngstown has 4 council and 1 head of council. While warren is maybe half there size.... There always trying for cost savings in the city. Maybe they should look there. but then again they always have an excuse.

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May-08-13 4:09 PM

Mr. Dean lost because of the showboating. Charity becomes politicking when it is in your face all the time.

His passive-aggressive personality didn't help.

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May-08-13 3:47 PM

"Making"... I cannot use verbs properly!

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May-08-13 3:46 PM

Hey, you know what would be fantastic?

Having a city where politicians don't have to worry about getting coats for poor kids, make sure poor people have fire alarms or make sure that these folks can be buried when an accident happens.

That would be sweet! I wonder if Hank Angelo, as the city manager up in Bedford, ever has to do that kind of civic work? Or the mayor of Green... I bet no politician in Green has to moonlight as a community activist...

That would be great... Building a city for people who don't need hand-outs.

Totally off topic, kinda', but to heck with all this. Government people should govern, not be a one-person Salvation Army. Though I can admire those that do both...they just should not have to.

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May-08-13 2:49 PM

I have been watching Warren City Council since the sixties. I can tell you that this is collectively the best group of council members in many years. Their is very little infighting and they are for the most part reasonable and thoughtful. Most of all they are pretty realistic, a much underappreciated quality in a Politian.

Whether Mr. Graham is planning on running for Mayor is his business. It is a free country. Support for that effort will depend on his job performance as Council President and the job performance of the current Mayor.

Mr Dean loss was of his own doing.

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May-08-13 2:46 PM

I rented in the nice part of warren I was going to buy a house till all this happened. I will not buy a house in the city of warren till the problems are addressed. I live in a community now where there is peace and quiet. I still lock my doors but my neighbor is 14 acres away from me.

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May-08-13 2:34 PM

Everyone can squabble over who did what and when...we are crying over spilled milk here. We need a fresh look at warren, i dont agree or disagree over whose fault our mess is, but we have to give Jim a chance to prove himself to the city people and businesses that he is able to bridge the gap between the mayor and council...this way we can get things done to help everyone. Please dont bring up the union background, he will need that experience to work with a very large city employee union. He is good fit for the job.

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May-08-13 2:29 PM

MsSmith mentioned leaving Warren because of crime and that you would move back if conditions changed. Are you an apartment dweller or home owner? I can't imagine how you'd get in & out of mortgages so easily in the current market.

Chances are you're stuck where you currently live unless your plan is to buy a home. As a renter most taxes are'nt relevant to you, neither are much of the City's money grabbing policies.

I'm only wondering if you're just finding reasons to banter in an effort to pass a boring day. Because your perceived ability to move between Cities or in & out of mortgages is unrealistic. Unless of course you're a hard money buyer?

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May-08-13 2:26 PM

y;all bust me up .didn;t know brotherman graham be strongest dude in all of tc . he be getting ppls they jobs .then he don;t be getting ppls they jobs .now y;all vote him in ,then y;all be getting you pantys all up in bunch. don;t see none o y;all stepping

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May-08-13 2:10 PM

Reallytiredofit do you think jim graham will be any better. No matter who you put in as president of city council it will not change until city council gets their act together nothing will change. When I called the cops they acted like it was my fault that my place was broken into. My place was locked and I was at work being a productive citizen. They still haven't found out who broke into my place. They acted like they did not care about it. I am sure it wasn't even investigated. When I talked to city council they told me well what do you want us to do.

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May-08-13 2:00 PM

sorry it should say "MOST CERTAINLY NOT"

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May-08-13 1:59 PM

...... and NO it was most certainly Jim Graham's job to represent the Delphi employees. In fact such an attempt would be an unfair labor practice. The president of a local union can legally only represent the Union members from the bargaining unit that he represents. He was the President of United Automobile Workers Local 1112. Therefore his scope of responsibility was to those members that paid dues to UAW Local 1112. The Delphi hourly employees were represented by the IUE-CWA through Local 717. Delphi management would not even have talked business with Jim Graham and of course the Bankruptcy court would have not even allowed him into the room since he had no interest in the Delphi bankruptcy. YOU are exactly 100% wrong regarding the Delphi situation.

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May-08-13 1:47 PM

msmith, you are really something. You say that you moved out of Warren because YOU were tired of the same old policies. You go on to say that Bob Dean should have been re-elected to the Council president position. Well mrsmith, Bob Dean was a long serving voting councilman before he ran for the council president position. Therefore Bob Dean had to be part of the same old policies that you say are ruining Warren. Jim Graham was not. You are speaking out of both sides of your mouth on this election.

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