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Cut off drugs at the source, the dealers, not the users

May 6, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: On March 10, 2013, Jimmie Stella wrote an article titled ‘‘Stop Drug Abuse from the Bottom Up’’ that expressed his opinion on the topi....

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May-10-13 12:14 AM

Do you know why we're still spinning our wheels in the "war on drugs"?

It's because it's a huge money making operation for all the prisons that are now privately owned.

The prison industry complex is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States and its investors are on Wall Street. Half the prisoners in Federal and State prisons are there on drug related offenses.

I agree with repubslie - make most drugs legal, tax it like we do alcohol and tobacco.

We'd solve 2 problems: Increased revenue and ending the prisons for profit industry at the same time.

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May-09-13 4:58 AM

Invoke an instant death penalty for all dealers and users of any substance that is mind altering. Want to use drugs? use the drug they use at state prisons on death row.

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May-08-13 5:16 AM

Yup the war on drugs is a waste of time an money...Most people don't even consider weed a drug....Mullets is absolutely correct. And they just started killing and trying to kill our people lately.

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May-07-13 9:50 PM

" The War on Drugs is a waste of time & money & is a complete failure. "

Hmm... she's obviously talkting about herself.

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May-07-13 6:43 PM

I do like the bill recently signed by the Governor of New Jersey. It has to do with people trying to help individuals who have overdosed and protects those people from being charged or prosecuted for anything.This will take any burden off those who drive someone to the hospital or call 911 to get them the help they need.

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May-07-13 5:27 PM

Jimmy Stella has no idea where to begin and is obviously in over his head. Dope addicts want their dope and will break your arm interfering with their dealer. Dope boys don't force their product on you, it's the addict who search hi & lo looking and hoping them boys got dope. Get real, all the dope boys can disappear tomorrow and the addicts will create one!

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May-07-13 1:44 PM

Addicts can only take the police to level above them. Most only know the bottom of the chain and not much is done via the junkie. But zero tolerance and a choice for help with the junkie gives the junkie a chance to change. Reality is most don't see their use (abuse, addiction) as a problem to them. Those around them know their use is a problem. No easy answers with this one. When the big guy gets caught he will do more time for tax evasion than the drug charges.

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May-06-13 6:49 PM

I personally love an anecdotal opinion letter especially from someone who has no experience with the subject except some light reading.

I also applaud the other posters here for a sensible conclusion to what the opinion editorial has presented.

Sorry to those who disagree. It has been shown time and time again that humans like altered consciousness. Always have always will.

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May-06-13 3:37 PM

Legalize drugs and tax them. The War on Drugs is a waste of time & money & is a complete failure.

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May-06-13 8:38 AM

The thing most needed in order to understand abuse is to educate yourself on it. Addiction is a disease that crosses every walk of life. It's not just children of addicts who become addicts or dealers. Your next door neighbor's A student, your minister's son or daughter , a co-worker or the manager of your local grocery store could be an addict. Some raid the medicine chest in their home to get their drugs of choice. Some become addicted due to over use of prescribed pain medications from an injury. Yes, for some they did make the choice to pick up and try the drug the first time. Some never pick up again and some cannot stop. Institute some better awareness programs in the schools and in your communities. This is an epidemic and can affect anyone!

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