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Oversight for cheating districts

April 26, 2013

Ohio school districts that cannot even fake academic success already are subject to an emergency process overseen by the state, through appointment of ‘‘academic distress commission....

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Apr-27-13 8:13 AM

And I wouldn't call a Tribune editorial the result of its being "the messenger" anyhow; this piece was, after all, in the opinion section, and anyone who follows the "opinions" of this "newspaper" should be well aware of their position re: public education.

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Apr-27-13 8:09 AM


You want me to prove some thing ISN'T happening? Prove somebody didn't do what they're accused of?

So far, the auditor has not been able to substantiate charges except in a tiny handful of urban districts, where students move in and out with frustrating regularity, many not even informing the district at all. The problem becomes one of counting these itinerant students.

But the larger question is this: do you seriously think that teachers and administrators would jeopardize their livelihoods to score a few attendance points on the district report card? I mean, we're not talking erasures and wrong-to-right changes on tests here, but, rather, simply a matter of how you count students.

But the anti-public education crowd frames the issue as one of "cheating," and that's what the public is fed, further undermining the image of schools.

It is part and parcel of the war on public education.

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Apr-26-13 9:45 PM

Pants, I don't get what you're saying...

I mean, do you have anything to substantiate your claim that this "cheating" isn't taking place, or are you only "attacking the messenger", as you only seem to do?


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Apr-26-13 12:34 PM

Defeat, you could show some of these anti-education morons in black and white and they still wouldn't get it. Yet they continue to send their little disrespectful, failing, ipod bouncing, phone slinging, moron to that school everyday. Somehow it is the schools fault their little tard is failing, don't do their homework, sleep in class and are a total disruption for the kids that want to learn. To bad that parent didn't take the time to learn to decipher the authors purpose for writing. Oh, that would be persuasive writing 1501 for those tards that didn't take AP classes or go to college.

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Apr-26-13 7:52 AM

Big giant non-problem! Total anti-public education agit-prop.

First of all, define cheating. Really. Seriously. Let's hear your definition.

Because some of the lame crap that's been reported is NOT cheating at all, but simply miscalculation as a result of a flawed system.

That's it, in a nutshell.

If you want to see examples of blatant cheating, look at the career of Michelle ("First-kill-all-the-unions") Rhee, chancellor of the D.C. system 2007-2010, where 96 schools were found to have wrong-to-right erasures on standardized tests.

Now THAT is cheating!

Schools in Ohio are being investigated for the way they COUNT STUDENTS, especially those from itinerant families who experience multiple moves throughout the school year.

But, of course, this newspaper mindlessly repeats the word "Cheat!," and the average citizen gets the impression that there are test scores involved.

Pure anti-public education agit-prop.

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Apr-26-13 5:38 AM

Yes, state control for any district caught cheating seems appropriate. They need to severely punish the administrators, teachers, and BOE's who allowed this to happen.

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