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City: Illegal parkers better pay

Officials say updated computer system will mean more notices

April 22, 2013

WARREN — Drivers with outstanding city parking tickets better pay them off before mid-summer or face having higher fines and the possibility of not being able to renew their driver’s licenses....

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Apr-22-13 8:14 PM


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Apr-22-13 5:49 PM

They better fix it and save whats left of the businesses in downtown....And I'm pretty sure that telephone company used to be the welfare dept 30 something years ago and that parking deck was built for that reason, because the bank has it's own parking.

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Apr-22-13 4:49 PM

Kids slashing tires and breaking windows didn't even get a blip on the city's radar, but $10 parking tickets? RED ALERT RED ALERT!!!!!!!

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Apr-22-13 12:50 PM

My issue with the Courts Poobear is this: Municipal Court Judges are the strong arm of the tyranny perpetuated by City Council and their "tax every citizen" mentality.

On their own I'm sure these Judges are decent human beings, however when working in cahoots with unfair, unconscionable City Ordinances and the Council leaders who implement these fines, taxes, and punishments it becomes oppressive.

Furthermore the citizens of Warren are'nt getting much bang for our bucks. Under the current City Council leadership we've got bad roads, blight, abandon homes, jobs leaving, high crime and a focus on closing Spa's when the focus should be on closing drug houses or capturing the kingpins who actually make large quantities available for the 97 small fry's the Fed's had to come here to capture for Warren's tax payers...

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Apr-22-13 12:39 PM

Meters are a better idea. However, there still needs to be somebody monitoring for the city and county employees so that they don't run and feed the meter all day. If caught they should be fined heavily the first time. Meters are a way to ensure that cars parked downtown are people spending money downtown, not making it.

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Apr-22-13 12:36 PM

How much is owed in unpaid fines?

And who are the people in the city who owe, and have owed, the largest amounts?

Will the contract actually go to bid in September?

And why this city allow some people to do whatever they want?

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Apr-22-13 12:30 PM

Well, things have changed since 10 years ago.

The county parking lot is much larger now that a few buildings have been removed.

The county can & should play a part in this whole thing(like they should have 10 years ago), and not allow workers to leave their work-post to move their cars . . . especially so that there are more than enough parking spots.

The could go a step farther and even work with the city to help fill the parking deck, although the deck is actually farther from the administration building than the free parking.

Regardless, the two(county & city), should work together to eliminate this ridiculous law that hurts the citizens and businesses.

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Apr-22-13 12:16 PM

The parking laws that Warren City Council passed MORE than 10 years ago ARE totally insane. The vast majority of the public has no understanding how this two hour limit works. You MUST remember that the reason for all this was that Trumbull County workers were hogging up all the on street parking because they were too lazy to walk a block to work from their designated parking lot to their job. Every two hours these workers left their work station and moved their cars to avoid the $5 parking ticket. As long as that car wasn't in the same space two hours later, no ticket was issued. NMC, I wonder exactly what your issue is with the Courts? They had no say in what the parking laws were going to be. That's City Council and it predates Bob Dean. So take your ax and grind it elsewhere! So City Council had to do something. But they did the absolute wrong thing. They imposed a system upon the people that no one understands.

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Apr-22-13 9:43 AM

I would say if Jim Graham is new blood, he should be voted in, if just for that reason.

He really can't do worse than what's in there and the politicians need to get the message that the citizens have the final say and that same ole . . . same ole, just doesn't cut it anymore.

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Apr-22-13 9:21 AM

This tyranny is exactly why we need Jim Graham in office and remove those career politicians mismanaging the City. They've all had their chances and look what we have to show, more fines and the Korean Spa fiasco! We need all new faces...

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Apr-22-13 9:16 AM

Yeah Breeze that's foul, for me this demonstrates the desperation in which the City is chasing our money. The City has an adversarial relationship with it's citizens, that dictates "we are gonna tax you every time we get a chance" because they need our money to continue their mismanagement.

My fight against this form of tyranny is to drive slow, violate no laws, and stay out of Warren. Thus far it has worked. It's appalling that everyone from the Courts on down are involved in the systematic robbery of normal citizens.

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Apr-22-13 8:09 AM


When this incideous parking regulation came into play, the parking signs were not descriptive enough and there was a lot of mis-understanding as to the meaning to the verbiage.

A lot of people complained and a lot of people were told they didn't have to pay the fine.

I hope a lot of these people don't now get a little 50,000 surprise bill in their mail from 2007 or so.

Something's dreadfully wrong for an "out of town", patron to drive to town, go into Bank One for 20 minutes(to get money to buy things), go to burger King for 45 minutes(in Burger King's parking), then on to Army-Navy store for 30 minutes and then finally to the office-supply store on High street for about 30 more minutes and a grand total of 2+ hours of downtown parking, which then netted them a $10 fine.

The level of greed and the lack of intelligence sometimes astounds me.

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Apr-22-13 7:54 AM

When times are good, the city is in competition to get patrons to come to town and to patronize businesses.

The parking "regulations", for downtown drivein patrons are far too cumbersome for the kinds of patrons the city and business wants/needs downtown.

It's been what . . . close to ten years and the city continues this incideous 2-hour/one time "per day", parking.

Come to town, do your 15 minutes of patronage with a local business, then go home and don't return until tomorrow.

Well, evidently more and more patrons are not returning and now the city cannot figure out why fines' totals are down.

It's time someone in the city government puts on their "thinking" cap and figure out a way to actually invite outsiders to come to their town, park & buy.

If not for now, in time for the next upswing in business, cause the downtown proprietors need the "drive to town" business.

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Apr-22-13 7:22 AM

What a joke. I parked in a spot that said I had 2 hours to park there. I was in the building for an HOUR and 20 minutes... and I came out to a TICKET on my windshield!!! I was irate. Do you guys NOT know how to tell time now? I of course tried to fight it and of course I was the one in the wrong... of course. I even had the time IN and the time OUT of the place I was visiting. So you all don't have to worry about me... I won't be parking my car in your city. Cheating and lying about the time so you all can get some money is NOT right. But if I was walking the street selling my body it would be okay. Get your priorities straight... SERIOUSLY.

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Apr-22-13 6:07 AM

When ever you see my car anyplace in warren ticket or tow it away but my car or myself never go to warren there isnt anything i want from there that bad to ever go to warren.

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Apr-22-13 5:41 AM

It's just another reason to stay the*****out do downtown Warren!

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Apr-22-13 5:30 AM

Lets give people another reason not to come down town .. Install parking meters . But you won't because again that would make sense.

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Apr-22-13 5:02 AM

Ever watch "Parking Wars" on cable TV? Hire a boot team and start booting these illegal car parkers. Tow them to a city lot and charge them hundreds of dollars to reclaim their car. Suspending licenses and small fines doesn't work.

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Apr-22-13 1:40 AM

Paying a full time employee $9 an hour would result in the city breaking even on issuing tickets. Factor in all sort of administrative expenses and the fact that many tickets go unpaid and suddenly the city is hemoraging money by having someone walk around issuing tickets. IF the parking attendant is actually out on patrol, much of their time is taken typing in license plates into a handheld device car-by-car and then checking to see if they've been parked there over the allotted time. Seems much more profitable to install meters in which the change inserted will hopefully pay for the devices and the meter person can maximize the use of their time by just looking at expired meters.

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