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Many suspects back on street

Handful named in raid still remain at large

April 20, 2013

WARREN — The majority of people arraigned this week on various state charges as part of “Operation: Little D-Town” were back on the streets by Friday....

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Apr-20-13 3:59 PM

Auditors do not matter when everyone is in cahoots. This city always gets grants to better the city. Have you seen any improvement? I didn't think so. @Oldfart..a white man makes a cruel comment about a disease that only runs in the black race, and I'm racist?

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Apr-20-13 2:42 PM

@lib8...Someboby makes a comment about Boston and you say they took it too far. Did you not just recently post a comment that read "Thank God for sickle cell."? Anyway, whenever the city do a drug sweep, they get grants. So now the grants are about to start rolling in and now certain people (city officials)and their families are going to have nice expensive summer vacations. Drug dealers are not the only ones who benefit from drug dealing. This so call big sweep was a joke.

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Apr-20-13 1:20 PM

LOL, I knew one or two idiots would.

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Apr-20-13 12:52 PM

I quote myself from the day they arrested all of the thugs,,,,

" The justice system will undo what the cops did. THANKS to all the cops who worked and put thier lives on the line going after these punks."

Now, lets see how many will disagree with my comment from a few days ago.

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Apr-20-13 12:40 PM

If your government assigns a bond too high, then:

1. Your government has to pay to house the prisoners.

2. Most/all won't be able to afford the bond.

If the bond is low enough, then there will be more suspects that will be able to post the bond, which results in your government receiving the income from it, which in turn can be applied to salaries, benefits and pensions. I wonder how much your government took in from just this one group.

It would be silly to impose a bond that's too high for them to pay.


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Apr-20-13 9:19 AM

Annie is correct, these low bonds are a joke. 10% of the bond and it's back to business, move to another location or just skip bail and get out of town. Maybe it's time to take these low life scums in the back room and give them all a "hot shot" and just put them down like the dogs they are, Only in America is our justice system a revolving door.

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Apr-20-13 8:36 AM

Sure, set the bond so low they can bond out. Now back to their same old ways. That was just a bump in the road for them. I'm sure they're all laughing at the system.

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Apr-20-13 8:02 AM

Keep these losers off the streets, they will never change.

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Apr-20-13 7:01 AM

Every person who is eligible to post bond can do so. Our legal system does say that you are innocent until proven guilty. I suspected that many would bond out. What is important is that the surveillance continues with the law enforcement. These suspected criminals will make the mistake and hopefully get caught again. Once you have the Feds on your trail, its just NOT as easy as you think to return to your normal routine. As far as it turning out that they're innocent. Won't happen when the GOV has charged you. Keep up the heat as the citizens of the city depend on your help!

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Apr-20-13 6:33 AM

Doesn't matter if they are out, our liberal judges will just slap them on the wrist any how. They are probably already back to doing what they do.

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Apr-20-13 6:31 AM

Good job law enforcement! Now we need the justice system to follow up and do it's job by putting them all away for a nice long stay after they are convicted in court.

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Apr-20-13 4:40 AM

Somehow, this doesn't surprise me. Arrest 500 people for dealing, cut them deals to roll on the bigger fish, then narrow out the supply line. I'm just surprised that it took so long.

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