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Support the Bazetta Township police

April 14, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: Dear Residents of Bazetta Township: In 1977 taxpayers of Bazetta Township passed the first tax in which developed the Bazetta Township Police Department....

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Apr-19-13 10:37 AM

I tend to agree with StarryNight. I hear Bazetta running their butts off but they are hauling walmart lifters at least three times a day!

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Apr-15-13 10:07 PM

Residents are tapped out.With school levies,sewer assessments,renewal levies of one sort or another we are cumulatively TAPPED OUT! Enough of this "if we only had this or more of those then your streets would be safer"... Enough fear mongering already.Do what we do in the private sector and stretch the money you have.

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Apr-15-13 8:41 PM

Bazboy I wasn't putting anyone or any job on a pedal stool. I was saying that I'm glad our department has educated officers. I hate to tell ya that police have one of the toughest jobs and if you don't think so then you need a reality check. And you would be one who sits there and votes for a fire levy just because its fire. The police handle six times the calls of fire with run down equipment. It's a lot harder to get grants written and other things done when you don't get to sit at a firehouse all day long.

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Apr-15-13 7:28 PM

Wow, it seems as though the trib does not want me to laugh my @&& off!!!

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Apr-15-13 7:27 PM

Bazboy....pedal stool? ****

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Apr-15-13 1:51 PM

I'm curious to know how many of the 6675 calls for assistance were requested from Walmart. It's amazing how many times I've pulled into the parking lot there and seen multiple Bazetta Police cars in the front of the building! Criminals at Walmart are taking officers away from protecting the citizens who live in our community that may be waiting on assistance. I've never seen such a heavy police presence at any other business in Bazetta. My thoughts are: Either Walmart ups the ante and pays more in taxes to help pay for the time and efforts by our police department so the citizens dont have to, or their calls need to be made a very low priority. I have no problem paying a little extra for mine and my neighbors protection but at the cost of continued presence and time given to Walmart, no thanks.

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Apr-15-13 1:12 PM

nononsense nice name (cough) we dont need any merges no levys just to do with what you got and by the way most good jobs require higher education so dont be putting anyone on a pedal stool , if they WANT more funds do like the fire dept. go for grants loans whatever just not the tax payers !!!!

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Apr-15-13 12:01 PM

So basically what I'm hearing from people on here is that you don't want police doing what they are supposed to do?

Henryvii: If you aren't speeding it really won't matter will it? Speed is the leading cause of accidents throughout the United States every year plus when you are going 80mph up there I would def see reason for them to start stopping people.

PantherPride: Bazetta residents don't want a merger and the last time Bazetta met with Cortland it was Cortland who put the axe to the talks. Bazetta would rather have their safety services than merge with Cortland any day. Plus there is no way a merger would provided better services or cost taxpayers less.

MandatoryMullets: Great name (cough) but in today's society police officers are being required to have degrees. Most progressive agencies now-a-days do require police to have degrees and for federal jobs Master's degrees are preferred.

If Bazetta's levy doesn't pass I hope the nay-sayers are the first to be criminaliz

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Apr-15-13 10:59 AM

Maybe they ought to merge with the Cortland Police. Shouldn't WalMart contribute more instead of citizens? Patrol cars are always there hauling in yet another mascara shoplifter.Would there be additional hours of operation at their station which is only until 2pm mon-fri and closed sat and sun?

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Apr-15-13 5:17 AM

Speed traps on the bypass on the weekends are nothing more than revenue streams and are just not nice!

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Apr-14-13 10:09 PM

From 2011 Special Election

The other levy, a five-year, 1.8-mill renewal for the police department, is passing easily, with 59 percent of the voters for and 41 percent against after Tuesday's count. Ballots cast Tuesday totaled 611 for to 421, making it immune from the absentee ballots and the very few provisional ballots that would be counted in 10 days.

As a renewal, the levy will continue to bring in about $225,000 a year, and still cost the owner of a home value at $100,000 about $50 per year.

"I think the police vote is home free," Frank Parke, township trustee, said.

Rita Drew, township fiscal officer, said the vote is welcome news to townships and police officials.

"The police department is on solid footing right now, and this will keep them that way," she said.

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Apr-14-13 7:22 AM

I would never support them as long as they are allowed on Rt. 11.Keep them where they belong.

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Apr-14-13 7:06 AM

so no levys have been pass since the 70 but every renewal has pass ,and the tax base has gone thru the roof since then i say vote no !

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