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Fri., 8:41am: Click here for the full text of Warren Mayor Doug Franklin's State of the City Address

April 12, 2013

State of the City ­ 2013 First I want thank Tom Humphries and the Chamber for hosting this event and allowing me the opportunity to speak on my favorite subject ­ the City of Warren I want to first......

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Apr-13-13 9:19 AM

Doug's speech shows exactly what is wrong with Warren. Add people, cars, buildings, etc but never address what you are going to do about Warren's biggest problem - CRIME AND KILLINGS ON OUR STREETS. This is beyond sad. Let's get rid of all them.

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Apr-13-13 6:03 AM

Franklin, you ought to be ashamed of the filthy streets in downtown Warren! Gravel, paper, cigarette butts on ever curb! Why not use prisoners or people who collect welfare filing them brooms and have them clean up this filth? It's a shame and it falls in your lap Franklin! Get busy and clean up the city! You just might get more people to go down town! Get it done! Go For It! Doug

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Apr-12-13 8:51 PM


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Apr-12-13 4:57 PM

Mia Momma usta tella me thata LIARS afigure anda figures a LIE!

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Apr-12-13 3:57 PM

Thanks to Mike Keys...! Golly! I bet he was dancing a jig, or teaching someone how to, when he heard he got thanked by the mayor!

Nice to see MVEDC mentioned... Does the mayor know that MVEDC can run the city's revolving loan program at no cost to the city? I mean, Mr. Keys once got up and lied to council about the cost of MVEDC doing so, and lied about their willingness to take it on, but let's not let that stop us from trying to undo the octopus that is WRAP from this city.

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Apr-12-13 3:50 PM

Personally, I think we need judges who are much much MUCH tougher on criminals. This slap on the hand and big hug crap is not working.

Not so long ago Warren was beautiful and our parents had no trouble letting us go to a movie or dinner or to hang out. Today I will not let my daughter go to Warren, not even with a friend. Warren is off limits. We don't shop there, visit there or entertain ourselves there anymore. I moved out this direction because I used to love Warren so much but it has become a zombieland. To us, zombies are strung out druggies who have no conscience and no remorse, no sense of right or wrong and don't care to.

The judicial system is breeding more of these zombies. Why care if you don't have to? There isn't much consequence so hey, why not slice a throat and steal a car? It's all in good fun and so what if they have to serve 60 days and get probation?

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Apr-12-13 3:46 PM

Speech should have actually started..."Good Morning, ladies and gentlemen, I'm so happy to be here to tell you about all the things I have done to make Warren a better place in which to live. However, I can't in all honesty say that. I have been remiss - no, just ignorant and obilvious to the violent crimes that plague the city. Yes, I admit...I am a Democrat, and as such, only worry about caring for the poor, down-trodden among us - you know, the social net our savior touts at every opportunity. BUT! Wait! I have been all about ridding the city of those pesky spas - you know, the ones where trafficing runs amouck. What's that? Well, no, we don't have any evidence of that, but....". Yep, you just can't make this stuff up.

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Apr-12-13 2:24 PM

They did purchase great Police Cars, the City requires more Police and Police Cars and less Fireman. Can't anyone at City Hall see past their nose, we need Police protection, he wants to save the extra Fireman for political purposes, He should cross train them to be part of the Police Dept.

No mention of Avalon Golf course and the 320 thousand dollars, If you mention Avalon, they shut the comment section down---These people know how to make the Tribune Shut up.

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Apr-12-13 2:01 PM

Blah. Blah. Blah.

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Apr-12-13 12:13 PM

Trib, there's GOT to be a better way to have a speech on your website besides how it's presented now. A single column down the 2nd 1/3 of the screen? What is this, 1998 internet?

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