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Group checks out city walk-through

Area would connect parking deck to downtown

April 11, 2013

WARREN — Plans for a walk-through that would connect Market Street to the Dave Grohl Alley and the Franklin Street parking deck was shown Wednesday to a group of downtown citizens....

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Apr-14-13 11:50 AM

And, buddy, ya buddy,lol my life isn't all that miserable..we bought and bailed before GM strong armed me out so I still have a home hahaha and my boat, 3 antique cars. Just don't want to play the middle management games any more. If it takes two min. wage jobs oh well!

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Apr-14-13 10:08 AM


What is going to happen when our society is nothing but lazy, unethical, careless, takers. You think you can't get good service now. Just wait. lol

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Apr-14-13 10:00 AM

well.f***..not unemployed just working for taxes,entitlements, gasoline and food and ya, working seven days a week. Guess some of you can't grasp that since your expect to be cared for by the stupid people trying to do the WHITE thing. (still not a racist remark;just the facts) One positive is no more junk food or pop, so we're becoming politically correct in our eating habits. Thank you Mr. President. Maybe all you givers and bleeding hearts could donate to my college fund so I could continue my education. Ya, then is it possible I'd still have a minimum wage job because a lot of our college kids can't even find work. OH what to do what to do! Well I should just be able to run right out and get trained for a new career..hahahlol O.K.

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Apr-14-13 9:43 AM

ya..and "it's people like me that are wrong with society". Working two jobs really makes me a low remarkable intellect. TO ALL YOU MOTHER HUMPERS OUT THERE. ITS TRUE I AM NOT THE ONE WORKING 7 DAYS. IT IS MY HUSBAND! NO WAY IN HADES WILL YOU PUNKS EVER GET TO ME ENOUGH TO STOP EXPRESSING IDEAS ON HERE THAT CHALLENGE YOUR THINKING.

We post at different times. Same screen name. So reverse racism is why I am unemployed; no other reason. I am sure, however, that makes me a racist. LOL

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Apr-14-13 9:34 AM

proud2liveinwarren...what is wrong with all you people...Seriously attacking folks you don't even know. Or even if you do know them you people treat each other so wrong in these postings. I am not uneducated. My posts are on here to make people think. Something that seems to be a lost art these days. The parking deck is a waste of money in a bankrupt city;but I understand earmark waste. I am allowed to have my own opinion you Nazi's. AND maybe if I was BLACKER then coal and YOUNGER than 50 I would still my QC job at GM.

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Apr-13-13 7:08 PM

The sale price from WRAP to Clouser was $200k.

Warren proposes spending $80, a real chunk of change for a private citizen who will greatly benefit from walk through traffic from both the square and the parking deck, if he were to put offices on either side of the proposed walkway.

I have no idea how WRAP operates, but this would've been more realistic to me if this agreement could've been made when the property was in Wrap.

I don't think it's prudent for a private citizen to benefit so much while I'm afraid, the citizenry not benefit much at all.

With all the available free parking just north of the administration building, even this ridiculous 2-hour parking MAXIMUM "per day" hasn't helped fill the parking deck.

Look at an aerial photo of town and you'll see parking lots EVERYWHERE.

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Apr-13-13 5:32 PM

Surv, I'm confused. You talking the sale of that building from Kleese to WRAP or from WRAP to Clouser.

One thing has nothing to do with the other...

Just want to clear up which sale you are talking about?

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Apr-13-13 10:19 AM

Here's the auditor's card:

look under sales and you'll see the sale price is $200k, which is pretty much in line with other sales around the square.

The building appears to be open, except for two small offices in the NW quadrant.

A walkthrough with the required walls(for the walkthrough, looks to me that the space inside the building could be greatly improved.

Nothing wrong with citizens benefiting from the city spending money on good ideas.

I don't the the walkthrough is needed and the money shouldn't be spent that will, in effect more greatly benefit the private landowner and to a much, much lessor degree benefit the citizens of Warren.

**** ******* ****

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Apr-13-13 9:57 AM

jtoday, there you go! A troll, see little humor helps get your point across.. which was a good one by the way!

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Apr-13-13 9:39 AM


with all due respect, tell me how you might know I'm wrong about the sale price on around noon, Nov 22, 2009?

I say $80k of the citizen's money spent by the city for improvements on private property(that cost $200k), that increases the serviceability of that private owner's structure, is not right.

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Apr-12-13 3:04 PM

'Never hear these people talking about making it good for citizens just how to extract their money!'

Their isn't a troll at the entry who is going to charge you to walk thru.

The purpose of this walk thru is to make it easier for the 'citizens' to go to and from the parking deck.

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Apr-12-13 2:52 PM

Maybe a strong consumer strategy would be to provide 1-hour free parking with proof of $20 purchase a downtown business! The business would give a parking voucher! Reduced rate event parking! Never hear these people talking about making it good for citizens just how to extract their money! Who pays for it in the first place? The citizens!

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Apr-12-13 2:47 PM

Pooh, I dont think anyone criticizing Clouser. Bet when you sleep with dogs you are bound to get fleas! Nice idea. The criticism is of these buffoons that think this will be some great revenue stream for the city! Not! It may be a convenience for some visitors but that's it! Don't think for a minute the County won't want a cut for all the people that are coming to their courthouse venues!

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Apr-12-13 2:46 PM

The address is 141 West Market St. It is where the comic shop was, next to where Showcase Books was.

SURV--- Your statement about the cost and sale of the property to Clouser below is wrong.

The walk-thru idea is one WRAP was floating in the mid-90s. This is not something that came up only recently.

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Apr-12-13 12:51 PM

Thank you for your dedication to this city, Mr. Clouser, and for taking the time to kindly respond to these uninformed posters.

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Apr-12-13 11:55 AM

what do all these have in common?

Warren Parking Systems that runs the parking deck . . . operated by Anthony Ianucci, Jr.

Sunshine of Trumbull County which seeing more than it's share of problems . . . operated by Anthony Ianucci, Jr.

Warren Redevelopment and Planning Corp., which sold the Market street property to Mahoning Valley Properties Specialist, LLC/Paul Clouse for $200k. . . Executive Director-Anthony Ianucci, Jr.

Maybe this all means nothing . . . probably this all means nothing . . .

But, now someone proposes spending 40%, of the buying cost of this property for a walkthrough to the parking deck.

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Apr-12-13 11:05 AM

I would appreciate if someone can tell me what the address of this walkthrough would be.

I'd like to see it for myself...

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Apr-11-13 11:21 PM

"I want to make sure the city is protected in the contract," Rucker said.

That's democrat code for we set the rules and we get the money!

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Apr-11-13 11:17 PM

ChinChin, if it took you 9 years to break even on $80k investment, is that an investment you would make? Now you should understand why Warren is in bad shape!

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Apr-11-13 9:04 PM

The parking deck was built in about 1995, which means it's probably past 1/2 life right now. Of course we can hold onto it until the concrete starts to crumble.

So the parking deck is running at a loss, is going to be needing repairs more and more as time goes on, and the help needs to be paid.

If 50 cars more used the deck, that $9k would be divided between the operator's cost, infrastucture cost and whatever else the city must pay to keep the deck open . . . it's not all profit.

This would take a big bite out of that $9k.

If a second 50 cars were to park there, the costs required to service the second 50 cars would result in a rising profit margin. Another 50 . . . higher yet.

Now I've missed any talk about Tech Belt, but I think the old Kresge's was where the military surplus used to be?

Is this Tech Belt an absolute, or might it be more like the community college at the old Diane Sauer(sp), dealership which never amounted to anything?

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Apr-11-13 8:21 PM

Whoa, ChinChin! $8500/year profit for 41 years! And you think that parking deck might not need some infrastructure repairs???????? TechBelt ... 100 employees! Okay! Your going to take it somewhere, just not on the Chin!

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Apr-11-13 8:12 PM

Why not walk them through the various taxpayer subsidized housing developments so they can see the "Great Society" or the "Warren Zoo"

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Apr-11-13 7:25 PM

Isn't there a building in that row that the city could buy? I mean, they could tear it down and make a passageway between the remaining adjacent buildings.

The Chase building just sold for $75,000, so certainly one of the building in that block could easily be bought for...what...a couple hundred bucks? Maybe the city could just Eminent-Domain somebody right on out to the street, lol.


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Apr-11-13 7:10 PM

Surv, B4 you drive your car somewhere, you need a road, a bridge to cross a river.

Your scepticism in government is completely understandable. But, redefining downtown starts with projects as in this story, and with people like Mr. Clouser, he s not benefiting from this walk! Matter of fact he is taking on a lot of responsibility that he really doesn't have too.

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Apr-11-13 6:54 PM

With the addition of the Tech Belt to downtown in the old Kresge's building, they are expecting it to house at least 100 employees when completely full. There is nowhere near that amount of on street parking so they will have to use the deck. It costs $15/month ($180/year) to park in the deck if you work downtown. If only 50 people use it on a regular basis that an extra $9000/year in revenue for the city. So in 9 years the $80,000 is paid back and for the other 41 years of the easement you are looking at over $350,000 in profit if the deck only picks up 50 customers. Obviously it could not pick up that many or it could pick up more, but with the oil guys now and the tech guys on their way the deck will finally be a viable asset. Hopefully.

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