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Disappointed in commissioner Fuda

April 9, 2013

Trumbull County Commissioner Frank Fuda is a perfect example. He is a perfect example of what’s wrong with Trumbull County. Fuda is smooth. I will give him that....

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Apr-20-13 9:38 AM

Mr. Fuda has been a failure for all of Trumbull County Voters as a representative. He got my vote the first time,but you are right,he has failed us and will never get my vote again.

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Apr-11-13 7:55 AM

All three of these commisioner clowns should be voted out of office.

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Apr-10-13 9:11 AM

I'm sure 4seasons remembers the O'Brien $4000 dollar incident or the, idiot who left all his potentially incriminating documents in his unlocked county car that got stolen and completely burned up ...

There are more, but thankfully their names, their arrogance and idiocy escapes me and I frankly don't feel like trying to remember.

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Apr-10-13 9:01 AM

What's really bad about the commissioners, is that these guys were our "hope", to get over the scandals of the previous commissioners, who were themselves the answer to get over the scandalous commissioners of even further back.

The newspaper could/should do an expose' of past(back to about 1990 or so), commissioners and their scandalous service.

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Apr-10-13 8:13 AM

We all would like to see and hope for the best in those we consider our leaders. The truth of the matter is the columnist had to verify her statements with evidence and witness testimony. There is video footage of Commissioner Fuda to back up her claim.

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Apr-10-13 1:59 AM have proved the point I made about the low standards we have evolved into for judging the people we elect. Fuda does the neighborhood cleanups, prisoner rehab, festivals and any thing else where there is a tv camera. Here's what else he did for the taxpayers. He picked our pockets along with Polivka. He and Polivka could have saved you and I a quarter million dollars a year by consolidating the Eastern and Central District courts. But they didn't. The wanted their buddy to be a Judge so they held up the process, coerced with Tom Letson and Sean O'brien in Columbus and WALA they get a Judge we get a bill for $250k/yr. Open your eyes the next time these clowns ask for more of your tax dollars. Better yet, if they can't get it at the voting booth they will assess you. These guys gotta go. Pay attention, I am pretty close on my assessment.

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Apr-09-13 10:17 PM

All typical of Wink & Nod government...

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Apr-09-13 9:57 PM

@poohbear and aeneid: I have personally attempted to conduct business with Fuda. I have personally witnessed his contempt for the citizens of this county. When he is one on one with a citizen is completely different from when there is a crowd. I can't vouch for water the writer of the article said but I can vouch for firsthand experience. Fuda is a phony. I will say at least the writer had the big toothy smile part right. He is constantly campaigning for himself, and not for the taxpayer. He has no respect for the elderly or any citizen for that matter.

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Apr-09-13 9:24 PM

Commissioner Fuda is a decent guy and it sounds like the writer of this piece has some kind of personal vendetta against him. He's worked with prisoners for rehabilitative purposes and helped with neighborhood clean-ups so to say that he's another empty suit is not correct.

The majority of this article is nothing more than hearsay.

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Apr-09-13 5:55 PM

This columnist is consistent. "He said she said" is a standard basis of proof in her attack pieces.

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Apr-09-13 1:32 PM

The reason Fuda is successful is because the standards for judging our politicians are very low. Our citizens are so comfortable on a diet of BS that almost anything out of the mouths of politicians is believable, especially here in the Valley. If a Democrat says it, it is gospel. Well....ask yourself what kind of shape this valley is in? If a Union strikes, as in the old days, it is ...Rah Rah Rah that terrible company or the taxpayers are screwing those workers again. In my view, Trumbull County government has the same aweful personality as the government in D.C.

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Apr-09-13 9:20 AM

It has long been known that there are alot of underhand deals that go on with Fuda and Polivka. Fuda is the ring leader. You are correct about the "big toothy smile" and "gladhanding". He politics everywhere he goes to feed his own ego. I have personally had dealings with Fuda and he is completely phony. His persona in public is not what it is behind closed doors. Fuda needs to go and the primary is the place to make it happen. If you are a democrat you can vote againt him. If you are a republican, you can ask for a democrat ballot in the primary and vote against him there. You can go back to your party at the next election. Fuda needs to be sent a message and ousted before federal officials are able to embarrass this county due to his antics.

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Apr-09-13 9:02 AM

'these sorts of things happen to kids in children services.'

Does Mr. Fuda mean to say that he doesn't give a crap about these kids and and this is acceptable? He's NOT getting my vote next year. No way in HE!!

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Apr-09-13 8:37 AM

Frank Fuda's lies may have gotten him elected, but the truth will set this county free.

Voters have a choice next election. Choose to clean up Trumbull County. Choose to vote against Frank Fuda.

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