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Tod Avenue homes need cleaned up

April 7, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: Normally when I am driving somewhere, I don’t look around because all sights are familiar to me. The other day, however, I took a look at the run-down, boarded houses on South To....

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Apr-08-13 5:55 PM

Then If The Landlords Dont Do There Jobs The City owns there Property. 3 Time rule you loose. this all has to stop NOW !

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Apr-08-13 5:54 PM

A Great subject But I so agree 100%. When I was Growing Up you never seen this Kind of Trash Except in Westlawn. I was from the East side You never seen Boarded up houses, trash everywhere. People Took pride in there Homes & property even if they were renting. No respect.Drive into The Bronx of New York You See WARREN. That apt Building On North Park Beside The Welfare Office, Broken Windows, Boarded areas My Ex was Murdered in that C R A C K house over 8 yrs ago, It Still Stands and Not Torn Down, With Hundreds of Other Building. CHARGE THE OWNERS to Tear Them Down Or go directly to jail. Non of us Should Drive Or Live In a Slum. Tenants Destroy evict and they pay for there damages. DRUG DEALERS goes to Jail no less then 10 yrs Min. I dont Care How Full They are. Build Bigger & more Prisons. We need our Community Safe and Beautiful Once again. Take Prisoners out of Jail under guard To Mow and To beautify. FINE Slum Landlords, each and every time the Fine gets Larger

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Apr-08-13 3:58 PM

I say tell them to come to your office. Instruct them to pull their pants down and bend over. Then spank them. LOL!!!

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Apr-07-13 11:14 AM

If they dedicated 1 hour of their week to maintaining their lawns and one weekend a year to maintaining the exterior of their homes, it would make a world of difference...

Zoning laws need to be enforced, and I agree, the owners of those abandoned homes need to be held liable for the costs associated with demolishing the houses.

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Apr-07-13 9:09 AM

Thank you Pat! It is time to hold people accountable for their actions. Keeping garbage all about your property is detrimental to your neighbors and should not be allowed! It is so frustrating to spend the time maintaining my home only too look up and see I am surrounded my filth. Not only that but they allow their kids to play in the trash while they sit there doing absolutely nothing all day.

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Apr-07-13 8:59 AM

It takes just as long to pick up after yourself as it does not to pick up after yourself!

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Apr-07-13 6:42 AM

Yes, Pat you got this one right. Mayor Franklin and city council do NOTHING to address the properties except cry because they can not get tax dollars to demolish them.

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