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The F-35 protects freedom and jobs

April 7, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: A recent report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), an independent, non-partisan arm of Congress, held good news for the American servicemen and women tasked with protecting......

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Apr-09-13 2:31 PM

My uncle's company is one of the suppliers. So my cousins benefit from the F35 business.

Personally, my True freedom comes from God, not any amount of F35s. We could spend the money in better ways other than feeding our xenophobia.

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Apr-08-13 10:19 AM

Good old Harry Prestanski, PR shill for Lockeed-Martin, using his phony veterans group as a front for his PR business.

Come on, Harry! In the interests of full disclosure, tell us what your contract work for Lockeed-Martin is worth!

How much of that Trillion-dollar contract they have for the estimated life-span of the F-35 do YOU get?

Each F-35 costs what? $700 Billion?

Come on, Harry!

Are you, too, slurping at the public trough?

"(glug-glug) Freedom! (slurp) Jobs! (snort-glerp-splurge) Economy! -- Did I mention (glurp-splork-glurp) freedom?"

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Apr-08-13 9:08 AM

Mullets, Chinas MagLev train is always significantly below capacity! Nice? Yes, very nice! Waste of money! Yes! Trains are important in China and other areas of the globe!

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Apr-08-13 8:56 AM

love how in one breath it goes from it protects us to it will, does it or will it? is it here? And if we build this one, is it the last we will need for a while??

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Apr-08-13 8:35 AM

"As you can see, I am convinced that the F-35 Joint Force Striker is essential to our national security, and to the economic prosperity of our state and nation."

So we need the F-35 to . . . what? Protect us from . . . whom?

The Iranians?

The North Koreans?

The Chinese?

The Rrrrrrrrussians?

They're coming over here?

To drink our women and steal our beer?

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Apr-08-13 8:32 AM

"It will initially support 133,000 U.S. jobs, with total employment estimates of 260,000 jobs when the full rate of production is achieved by the end of the decade."

So, ok . . . no! Wait!

The F-35 is a jobs program?

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Apr-08-13 8:30 AM

"The F-35 Joint Force Striker not only protects American national security, it supports our economy as well."

So the F-35 is an economic stimulus program?

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Apr-07-13 2:40 PM

Fireball - right on the money.

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Apr-07-13 2:03 PM

Nicely written letter,but it sounds exactly like the "Military Industrial Complex" President Dwight D. Eisenhower cautioned all Americans on not-too-long ago. Testimony to this is that so many parts of this new fighter would be built in different states.This makes it all the more difficult for any President to vote against such funding since there would be an outcry from the Governors of those states that the "President is killing our jobs in this state" as a result.The documentary entitled "Why We Fight" can be found at the library.I encourage everyone to watch this film as it deals extensively with this very topic.As you know,President Eisenhower was also an Army General,yet he felt very strongly about what could and has happened because of our reliance on defense spending.

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Apr-07-13 11:28 AM

I don't know if we need the F-35 or not.

I DO know that the world situation continues to become more dangerous by the monnth. As you read this,you should realize that our best pilots actually ARE on high alert,and unfortunately ready to engage the most sophisticated and deadliest missiles Iran and North Korea can buy.

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Apr-07-13 10:42 AM

A couple more facts to author leaves out.

This aircraft will not be ready to deploy until 2020 at the very earliest.

The aircraft right now, is costing $200M per, and the total program cost is expected to exceed $1.5T

Unlike other aircraft programs where contractors were required to build the prototype on the come, and THEN sell it to the government, we are paying tax dollars to contractors to build this thing like Homer Simpson builds a car.

Cancel the program, and spend the money on upgrading the proven airframes.

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Apr-07-13 9:33 AM

The F-35 should never have been approved to begin with. It raises serious constitutional issues because of its cost. For the goobermint to take the citizens money to build a weapon like the F-35, but refuse to allow citizens to buy them to defend their Natural Rights from encroachment from that very goobermint, is a terrible abuse of power. No question about it, the entire F-35 Stryker program is a violation of our 2nd Amendment rights. ;)

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Apr-07-13 6:57 AM

WE DON'T NEED TO SPEND A TRILLION DOLLARS ON DEFENSIVE WEAPONS LIKE THE F-35!!! We have killed our economy over two wars in Iraq & Afghanistan that were unfunded. The time has come to end our being the world policeman and stay home to fix our economy and that includes ending the overspending on defense.

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