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Chiropractor faces charges in fraud case

April 2, 2013

HOWLAND — A local chiropractor faces felony charges in two different cases filed in Franklin County Common Pleas Court that developed out of a search warrant and a raid on his East Market Street......

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Apr-08-13 9:47 PM

I was hurt before and went to this doctor and hes was very good to me . I was having very bad spasms ,headaches,and when I would lay down I would feel like I was falling , was very light headed . Went to see regular MD all they did was give me meds . When I went to Dr Stychno I felt 100 percent better . Its really hard for me to believe that he would do something like this .. I went to him off and on for years . The only reason I dont see him anymore is because I no longer live in Ohio . I really hope that this isnt true .. Because I have the up most respect for him . So we should not make him guilty until he is tried .. After all thats the way the law works .. Right .

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Apr-07-13 8:41 PM

Do "apples" fall far from the "tree"? Maybe the "teacher" didn't teach the "student" everything he knows? Why disrespect the therapeutic massage profession?

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Apr-03-13 2:25 PM

Mindful- You are actually being kind because that statement is a compliment. For years I defended chiropractors until I became a victim of one. (This chiropractor is in this area.) His treatment and "advisement" has left me with lifelong and devastating complications.

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Apr-03-13 8:17 AM

This has been a long time coming. I personally know first hand of the intentional deceit and fraud that took place. BWC does not raid your office on a witch was absolutely warranted. Doctors like him give the profession a bad name. His father and brother may have a respectable name, but sometimes there is a rotten apple that will fall from the tree.

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Apr-03-13 7:35 AM

Purecountry, hate to tell you this but I used to collect his rent checks. Dr. Shiley owns that building. I don't care if it used to be his daddys office. Dr Shiley owns it and "Jeffy" paid rent to her. Ask him yourself if you don't believe me. I personally am not a fan of his. I think he is a pompous fool and pardon me ma'am, but I am allowed to have my opinion of him.

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Apr-02-13 7:29 PM

Triumph, hate to tell you but that office on Rt.46 was the office of his dads. His dad is well known and probably one of the best chiropractors is the area. Course everybody is quick to make comments and don't know all the details. I personally have used Jeff and his dad for severe back pain, and they helped me alot. Jeff never struck me as being on the shady side, or dishonest. Maybe someone is on a witch hunt here.

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Apr-02-13 6:40 PM

The funniest thing of all...this guy isn't even a real doctor. These guys are nothing more than a glorified massage therapist.


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Apr-02-13 3:15 PM

Someone reported this post and had it removed because... why? Because small time doctors make mega bucks and it was offensive for me to claim otherwise? Because I have dealt with Stychno and feel he is a weasel? I am allowed to feel that way. Or is it because I said he didn't own that building on 46? He didn't. He rented it from Dr. Shiley.

!!REMOVED FROM SITE!! Small time doctors are not as "handsomely compensated" as you may think. The insurance companies only pay a small fraction of what is billed. Especially Medicare and Medicaid. The overhead costs in a medical office are heavy enough that when the doctor gets their portion of the pay, it isn't exactly "handsome". Perhaps you could call it "somewhat attractive" or "not exactly ugly" but it definitely isn't "handsome". This guy has been a a weasel for a long time. The Rt 46 office has been closed down for years and is currently up for sale. He never owned that building.

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Apr-02-13 2:21 PM

Obviously the guy did something wrong, very wrong. The funny thing is this article comes out a couple of days after I got an intro letter from that office saying there is going to be another doctor brought on board. Federal officials do not storm your business and arrest you on “trumped up charges”. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

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Apr-02-13 12:33 PM

Jeff so sad to hear the news..of those trumped up charges..your family has done so much for the community..fight those charges to the cleveland att..terry gilbert

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Apr-02-13 7:04 AM

Even doctors, who are already handsomely compensated trying to get over! Ugh!

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