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Star Forge to expand

$20 million to be invested in Champion site

April 2, 2013

CHAMPION — Ohio Star Forge has a $20 million expansion investment project in line this year that will mean about 30 new jobs for the area....

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Apr-03-13 5:46 PM

OSF employees are tired of driving thru the dust and mud to get back to our job. This is a Warren Steel Holdings issue but they do not care to fix it. Average union wage at OSF is probably $15 an hour on average. The OSF labor deal is expiring on May 1st.

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Apr-03-13 1:44 PM

@Daniel: You are a complete moron. When you're done staring at **** in your mom's basement, think about this: There aren't too many other companies investing $20+ million to bring manufacturing jobs to Warren. Corporate welfare??? Bro, the land they're buying in an EMPTY FIELD. It's collecting ZERO taxes, and never would if it weren't for those guys.

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Apr-03-13 9:19 AM

So OSF employees & trucks don't use the Mahoning Ave exit? Like a good neighbor, OSF and/or WSH are there....fix the dustbowl.

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Apr-02-13 8:25 PM

1st off thats warren steel holdings dust bowl not ohio star forges. two separate companies osf is in the back. pay starts at $11.00 and depending how hard you want to work you coulld make $23.00 a hr. just to get it straight. go place to work for.

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Apr-02-13 5:59 PM

Good! Maybe with some of the $20 million expansion, Star Forge can take care of their dust-bowl problem by paving their driveway, rather than making the residents across Mahoning Ave eat dust daily.

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Apr-02-13 2:20 PM

Wonderful, more jobs...does not say where to go to apply. Possible already filled by family and friends

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Apr-02-13 1:22 PM

Obama and Ryan? Really? That's funny!

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Apr-02-13 12:35 PM

As a former Copperweld employee that's good to hear. I often wonder what that place looks like now. I worked in west thermal and the 35" mill in the late 1990's.

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Apr-02-13 12:33 PM

Thanks to Obama and Mr. Tim Ryan! Great job guys

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Apr-02-13 12:04 PM

Thank God for those companies that will take a chance on us here in the valley. Now, because of this decision, there will be more jobs for our people! Thank you to Star Forge. My husband and my son were both employees of Copperweld. So glad to see portions of the mill up and running!

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Apr-02-13 11:58 AM

The business owners have the masses right where they want the tomatoes..sad state of affairs Daniel, couldn't agree more.

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Apr-02-13 11:27 AM

Daniel, you have valid points but, something is better than nada, At least the former, or part of former CSC plant is being utilized. Hopefully company will grow and create more jobs.

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Apr-02-13 11:13 AM

Sad day in this country when you have people thinking 9-14 bucks an hour for working at a steel plant is good money while cheering the fact of giving a that same company 3 million in free Welfare Money.

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Apr-02-13 10:29 AM

"Goodness had nothing to do with it" Mae West

This proves the Laffer curve even works in hardcore Democrat areas. That is, lower tax rates can actually bring in more tax revenue. Giving tax abatements will bring in millions of dollars of taxes versus zero tax revenues with no abatements. Win, win.

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Apr-02-13 9:22 AM

These jobs start $9 to $10 an hour and by the time you are there about a year and a half or so, you are up to $13 or $14. Not bad.

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Apr-02-13 9:12 AM

$2.5 million to $3 million Corporate welfare check issued. Wonder if they have free Bush phones also?

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Apr-02-13 6:39 AM

yes thank you for staying in America, I wish other companies would do the same, lets rebuild America, lets help our people

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Apr-02-13 5:28 AM

Plenty of inexpensive natural gas generated now in the USA. Why wouldn't you expand here rather then energy starved Japan?

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