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Obama’s birth certificate matters

March 31, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: I’m going to set the record straight: Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton hammered Mr. Obama....

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Mar-31-13 2:23 AM

Oh boy the comments on this one should be good. Sanding by!

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Mar-31-13 4:03 AM

Give it a rest, Stan.

His mom was American, so he is one, too, regardless of where he was born -- even if it was on the moon, a venue you should know a lot about, Stan, because you are batshttt crazy.

You're the one who needs a shrink -- quick! Before your eyes explode from their sockets in a fit of birther rage! I'm serious, Stan! Before your head explodes, get some help with your voluminous ignorance.

(Honest to Jehosephat! Why is this "newspaper" printing this dated tripe? Why are you giving these ignorant people a forum? What's next? Flat-earthers and the Area51 crowd?)

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Mar-31-13 5:33 AM

More NeoCon Republican Tea Party Birther BS! President Obama has released his Hawaii birth certificate and it's real. He will go down as one of the most liked presidents in the history of this country.

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Mar-31-13 7:51 AM

Hey Stan! Make sure to take those teabags dangling from your hat off today. They are calling for rain and I would hate to see you stain your shirt. Stan, Are you embarrassed that you just wrote the dumbist, most ignorent, indoctrinated letter ever to be sent to the Tribune?

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Mar-31-13 8:13 AM

Mr Stan Miller. First let me say, Yes, I am a republican, I lean conservative. I am not hard core tea party, or any other media promoted agenda. I make my own decisions, have voted for democrats. So, again, I am republican, lean conservative, no doubt there. BUT, you sire Mr. Miller, are one of the reason we as conservative republicans are struggling with public perception. My god man, let if f--ing go. I do not like Obama at all, I think the man is the end of the USA as we know it. But Cmon, the birth certificate thing again? Really? Move past it, because if THAT is the BEST you can do to argue against Obama, then your cause is a lost one.

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Mar-31-13 8:16 AM

Good Morning Warrenproud, most liked president? Whew, I could really have some fun there,,,but instead I will say Happy Easter to all,,,, :)

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Mar-31-13 9:21 AM

I agree. The birthplace thing bothers me.

But, first off "if", any sort of issue really exists with President O'Bama's birthplace, I would think that a "baby", would not have been the perpetrator of the fraud.

I could also imagine a mother's interest in seeing her baby declared an American, without some grand scheme of his becoming President.

I could even understand a questionable birthright being "legally" protected.

President O'Bama has produced at least the same minimal proof that you and I would ever be required to produce, to prove our birthright.

Short of a photograph of his mother giving birth in a hospital out of American ?Sovereigns, he is a natural American citizen.

And even if such a photograph existed, President O'Bama would actually be the "victim", of any fraud that took place.

Unless the production of his "legal" proof was actually perpetrated by him for the purpose of defrauding the American citizenry . . .

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Mar-31-13 9:39 AM

"defrauding the American citizenry "

Good comments surv69. As far as the above comment. As far as I am concerned, MOST of the people elected to serve this country defraud us on a regular basis. No, not in relation to birth certificates, but more to the fact, they lie, cheat, tell us what we want to hear, play politics, spew rhetoric, attach themselves to special interest groups, make false promises, ALL with one intention. POWER. Political power, personal power, egotistical power,,,,none of which serve to provide us, the citizens with a public servant that has OUR best interest at thier calling. Many commit fraud everyday.

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Mar-31-13 9:42 AM

Come on birthers, get real. The American people have TWICE rejected this line of crap. This witch hunt has nothing to do with the country. It is just a sleazy personal attack on the president. We are into the FIFTH year of his presidency. It is well past the time to move on to the real issues that this nation faces.

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Mar-31-13 10:21 AM

The demonization of the tea party is funny. Liberals always trash things that scare them. Its chess move number one. Tea party stands for Taxed Enough Already, in case some have forgotten. They are more about fiscal conservatism than anything else. For people to call them idiots is for them to have the stance that Americans should pay higher taxes and continue to fund a government that is out of touch with its citizens and wastes their money. Calling THAT cool is complete idiocy. Buying into the un coolness of the tea party, etc are the non informed people that re-elected these folks.

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Mar-31-13 10:47 AM

NewtonFallsHowland, No one is scared of the Tea Crazies. They are of no threat and are irrelevant.

And as far as trashing them? LOL! They have had no better help in getting trashed than themselves. They really do not need any help. When your Anti American, then being a called a "Teabagger" is the least of your worries.

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Mar-31-13 11:47 AM

N.F.H., as a liberal I can tell you that rather than scare us we view the he Tea Party branch of the Republican party to be one of our greatest assets. Just keep on running those Loonies against the Republicans in the primaries. YOU say the Tea Party is ALL about fiscal responsibility but any time you hear one of the Tea Party members spouting off it is ALWAYS about social issues. I think YOU have the Tea Party confused with the Libertarians. BIG, BIG difference between the two.

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Mar-31-13 11:51 AM

...... If it is anyone that the Tea Party have scared it is the mainstream Republican party. So scared are they that they want to change their party nomination process to limit the Tea Party influence. Even they, as slow as they are, have figured out that the Tea Party is the kiss of death for them.

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Mar-31-13 12:28 PM

Artic - I associate myself w/your 8:13 comments. I am conservative, have voted for Democrats (and will again if their platform makes more sense that the Republican agenda). I stopped posting months ago because of almost every topic here turned political by those who see only Red & Blue (along with vicious attacks by those who consider themselves as keeper of the board"). Anyway, just nice to read comments from someone who tries to debate in a civil manner.

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Mar-31-13 1:30 PM

The fact of the matter is that no white person alive is allowed to criticize or even question the fool that is sitting in our beautiful white house. If you do question anything it automatically makes you a racist. That would be true if he was actually black. I believe if you do the math, the guy is mixed race, not 100% African American or whatever it is they call themselves now. How do you explain so many of the stories of blacks and illegals voting numerous times? Oops, wait, that just made me a racist! He's not a citizen, he's not a democrat, he is simply a socialist and the people that voted for him are the ones standing around waiting for the free money to be loaded on the "Ohio Works" card....yeah, like any of them ever worked!

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Mar-31-13 1:58 PM

AFRET1, Thank You sir.

There are dim wits on both sides of the political agendas. No doubt. But this letter by Stan is a shining example of why the conservative republicans are under the gun right now. There is sooooooo much more anyone against Obama can debate. The national debt, the economy, the unemployement, illegals etc etc. Lets not forget the broken promises made while trying to get elected. Close Gitmo, less taxes, cut federal programs and spending. But no, dimwits like Stan jump back to the birth thing. THIS is what the liberal media and radical democrats feed on. WHY give them material that makes republicans look childish. Move past the stupid thing,,,,go after the facts.

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Mar-31-13 2:03 PM

horselady97, with all due respect maam. I do agree,,,but again. If you are against Obama, move past the half white issue and who voted for him. Move past the black who voted more than once. Go after his failed policies, go after his broken promises. I understand many people voted only using rhetoric as thier reason to vote for Obama. BUT, the conservative and republican need to do a WAY better job at reaching out to the citizens. Prove with out a doubt what is happening to this country. Move past the race, birth and racist thoughts,,,,go after his failures to lead.

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Mar-31-13 3:01 PM

It really amuses me when I read a post like the one that horselady made. You can tell that she doesn't even consider race a factor in anything she does or says. ;) Further it is really funny when people say that Obama won because people didn't understand the issues. Here is the truth of the matter. Barack Obama didn't WIN the election. The Republican party LOST the Presidential election and their chance at a Senate majority . The Republicans LOST because their message is UNACCEPTABLE to the majority of American citizens. The people understood the issues well and they decided that the Republican Party could not be trusted to handle those problems.

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Mar-31-13 3:04 PM

Elusive, see there you go calling them crazies and really calling them loonies. Sounds kind of judgmental and prejudicial don't ya think? I state that they want less government waste amd people disagree with that. I say that people should take it upon themselves to get the skills needed to get jobs and people disagree with that. Stand back and look at that counter intuitive logic. If you cannot see the truth then you are subjected to whatever happens to you rather than being the kind of person that makes things happen.

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Mar-31-13 3:33 PM

@AFRET,good to see you here.If you noticed i have not been posting for all the reasons you stated@ARTIC,I agree with Afrets comments about you my man.If everyone on this board had your class sir,we could have some ENJOYABLE debates.Happy Easter gentlemen.

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Mar-31-13 4:24 PM

If as you say N.F.H the Tea Party is concerned with economic issues and the national debt Then why do the Tea Party supported candidates spend virtually all their time talking about issues like Gay marriage, prayer in schools, abortion, birth control, gun rights and on and on. When a tea party candidate starts saying things like LEGITIMATE RAPE and WOMEN CAN'T GET PREGNANT FROM BEING RAPED, then in my opinion loonie is an apt term. Alan West said so many outrageous things that he talked himself right out of office.

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Mar-31-13 4:27 PM

Thanx, sav.

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Mar-31-13 5:56 PM

reallytiredofit, Great comment at 3:01. I agree for the most part. I agree Obama did not win, the republicans lost. For the small minded among us, they do not understand that. I agree, as I said, the republicans did NOT and still are not, explain how to correct the problems. I do disagree somehwat with you on the fact I feel way too many people who vote, from both sides, do not vote facts. They do not understand, nor even know the issues, they vote rhetoric, which is spread in the news media, talk shows, and even the debates themselves. And again, not just one side. Both sides have thier " dumb : voters. The scary part is, most are young, they will be voting for years to come.

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Mar-31-13 5:58 PM

Hey savj1c,,, Happy Easter. Yea, there are a few of us who may stand about as far apart on some issues as night and day,,,,but we respect what the others comments are.

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Mar-31-13 6:51 PM

I really wish the crazies would just go away. President Obama won the election. His mom was an us citizen therefore he is automatically an us citizen. Maybe instead of coming up with crazy accusations you should try to work out on figuring out why the tea party lost and fix it

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