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Warren couple surprised by tax news

More than $2,700 owed to county

March 30, 2013

WARREN — For the past year, Bacil and Penny Rogers have worked on a home they are purchasing from Sunshine Inc. under a land contract. The single-family fixer-upper at 2036 Highland Ave....

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Apr-01-13 1:36 PM

Yes a very unfair charge of I believe $70 at that. To answer your other question the inspector for the City of Warren is in bed (figuratively) with Iannucci and would likely never hit him with citations or violations...

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Mar-31-13 10:15 PM

No one ask the Question: Where was the all knowing City buildihg inspector. All this didn't happen overnight--Funny how the all knowing Inspector missed all these houses.

Isn't there a city charge for landlords? help me out on this one.

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Mar-31-13 11:58 AM

investigate,investigate,investigate do whats right one time !

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Mar-30-13 11:39 PM

How much more negligence and abuse of office do we have to learn about before this man is FIRED?

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Mar-30-13 10:17 PM

The party of tax collection is at it again.

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Mar-30-13 1:34 PM

We certainly agree about Tony, you should see a property he manages on West Market st. Every violation known to man, but he'll deny a permit for having battery operated smoke detectors instead of hard wired...

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Mar-30-13 12:12 PM

Call up city hall and ask why they think Tony is A-OK.

Ask your councilperson why they choose to fund failure, year after year, contract after contract.

Feces runs downhill. When you see Mayor Angelo, ask him why he put an empty suit/dance instructor as head of Community Development.

You folks want to know why this city looks like it does? People like this being coddled and protected is a big part of it.

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Mar-30-13 11:57 AM

My humble advice to you Bacil & Penny is to contact the County Recorder to find out what bank holds the mortgage on your home. Contact the loan officer to make them aware of Sunshine Inc's failure to pay taxes and possible foreclosure, establish contact with Sam Lamancusa, who is a great guy so he's aware you're willing to complete the purchase should they seize ownership.

Save all your receipts and wait to see if Sunshine gets the hammer dropped on them. You'll have an excellent civil case if Sunshine gets foreclosed on, the only problem being can they pay when you prevail. The Courts would award you punitive damages along with Attorney fees and whatever else you claim...

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Mar-30-13 11:23 AM

"Sunshine terminated the contract, and Iannucci said the house is expected to be demolished later this year"--- I guess it goes without saying that the demolition will be paid for with MORE public dollars? Warren City remains complicit in this scam until they commit to stopping it.

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Mar-30-13 9:57 AM

Looks like someone is embezzling money? Its a shame to see people who are working hard to turn it around suffer because of it.

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Mar-30-13 8:14 AM

There is no excuse for this. What Sunshine is doing is poverty pimpn', plain and simple. The people in charge should be investigated.

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Mar-30-13 8:03 AM

It is wrong on so many levels here is a family trying to work hard and give their kids a place to call home. I agree with Warren proud this does need investigated to see why the tax was not paid. It is the landlords job to pay the property tax

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Mar-30-13 6:20 AM

Like so many, they will be out on their ear soon due to a sheriff's foreclosure sale through no fault of their own. Sunshine sure has screwed up a good program. I wonder if the county prosecutor has any thought to a grand jury to discover why?

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