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Tax day comes early

Housing program owes $188,600 in taxes, fees

March 30, 2013

WARREN — Sunshine Inc....

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Apr-01-13 11:42 PM

That's because they are not true land contracts. These people pay their rent and utilities for ten years, never be late or delinquent and the ten years rent is their down payment. There isn't a house in that neighborhood worth the ten years rent.

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Apr-01-13 2:48 PM

Billdog, but I believe, under these contracts, it was up to Sunshine to pay the taxes.

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Apr-01-13 9:40 AM

The people in the pic are buying their home via land contract. Most people buying under land contract are responsible for the taxes, insurance and maintenance of the property they are buying under a land contract. It appears the city/county didn't do a vary good job righting the contracts if they didn't make that stipulation.

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Mar-31-13 1:35 PM

Yes, yes, and yes!!!

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Mar-31-13 11:52 AM

iannucci has got to go why is he holding more than one 40 hour a wk job (and failing at that ) when we have qualify people out of work ! time to go audit audit audit wake up city ,county

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Mar-30-13 11:30 PM

Dear Mayor Franklin, Please fire Tony Iannucci. Yours truly, Every Resident In Warren

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Mar-30-13 11:25 PM

tiv, it's called Government.

It's where all your money is laundered of course.


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Mar-30-13 5:12 PM

No one will be evicted and nothing will be foreclosed on. There are a couple of homeowners on our street that have been behind on their taxes for 4 years running. They're still there and I doubt they are going anywhere. They got new siding and windows recently too...

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Mar-30-13 12:09 PM

How does one man have two full time positions? Plus play the role of lawyer on the side?

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Mar-30-13 12:01 PM

I'm shocked....shocked that this happened!

Sounds like how WRAP bought that building on North Park, had the radio station paying rent to WRAP and WRAP seemingly never paying on the loan it took out to buy the building...

Even though, I think, the contract said the rent paid was to go towards the principle of the loan

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Mar-30-13 11:29 AM

If the bank will allow Sunshine to short sell some properties, they can recover. What's actually going on is Sunshine employees are receiving wages out of the rents. Which depleted their cash flow and ability to pay taxes. I'm hoping they go into foreclosure personally, which will give investors an opportunity to boost their portfolios & holdings. I know of several Sunshine tenants who pay their rent religiously and get only excuses from Sunshine about making needed repairs...

This might turn into a great opportunity for cash buyers or first time home buyers with excellent FICO scores. Save your money folks, next year will be bountiful. The housing market is rebounding, property will be cheap, and Warren will be overrun with vacancies!

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Mar-30-13 9:54 AM

Also looks like in 2013 crime in the BUSINESS of low income housing has gotten worse.

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Mar-30-13 9:51 AM

Go get em Sam. Time for a Sheriff sale. Sunshine Sunset I get them confused. lol

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Mar-30-13 9:42 AM

In 1993 Warren created sunshine for low income housing, 2013 crime in low income Warren is getting worse.

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Mar-30-13 9:13 AM

Sounds like yet another case of government getting into the middle of something that was not what government is intended to do - and in the process, throw in a little "back scratching" and political payback and voila! we have another mess on our hands. I can't see how one could "blame the county tax collector for this" - the last thing they need/want to do is create more vacant houses - the taxes will never get paid that way. Really what happens here is every week there is yet another example of why the city government of Warren and some of these related agencies should be disbanded and management of what remains of Warren should be turned over to different hands that would seem to actually know how to manage a city. Unfortunately, mostly the same goofballs keep running for office, and for some dumb reason, keep getting elected in spite of their poor abilities.

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Mar-30-13 8:02 AM

Anthony Iannucci is the Executive Director of Sunshine Homes (20 hours per week, 40k annual salary per the company's tax returns) AND the Executive Director of WRAP (40 hours per week, 38k annual salary per that company's tax returns), Program Manager earning commission on the Warren Business Exchange and he is also the president of Warren Parking Systems. All 4 of these jobs made possible by contracts with the city of Warren. I bet his taxes are paid.

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Mar-30-13 6:47 AM

If the city of Warren and Trumbull county are responsible for Sunshine, why are these taxes not paid. Sounds like someone has their hand in the cookie jar.

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Mar-30-13 6:35 AM

Blame the County??? Maybe but remember that Sunshine is run by Warren's WRAP director Tony Iannucci. Another Buckin Fum living off the public dole. Hey Warren Proud, $2000 in back taxes is NOTHIN...there are many with much higher owed. The County does its best to not push people out. Sam and his office generally do a good job. The last thing the county wants is a Sunshine home in their land bank. But Tony earns 6 figures running WRAP and Sunshine like his kingdom. Go ask for and Audit of'll get bumpkiss!

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Mar-30-13 5:25 AM

What a mess. Why did the county wait two years before going after Sunshine for back taxes? It's no wonder the county and Warren are financially insecure. Letting property owners get away without paying taxes is a bad thing.

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