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Police: Man stabbed multiple times

Warren’s third homicide of year; second in week

March 26, 2013

WARREN — A man whose body was found at a Williamsburg Street N.W. residence Monday morning was stabbed multiple times, investigators confirmed. Warren police Lt....

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Mar-27-13 1:43 PM

You know what's worse Clean? I offered to pay for "no loitering" signs to be posted in trouble spots like the corner in question and got no response. My idea was to put the signs up, begin handing out citations and identifying the idiots on these corners and start with fines, then jail time. Maybe this time I can get some traction on this...

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Mar-27-13 1:05 PM

Well I'd vote for you too, chances are we've seen each other because I have property in the area and used to attend meetings when they were held in neighbor homes on the street. I went to a few at the Church around the corner but became discouraged when the white guy from Cleveland came in and seemed to change the focus.

Between that and all the positions & offices I gave up. I still get emails from "bradysa" which is how I learned about the Land Bank meeting. I wrote bradysa several times about that corner (and still have the emails) I got only excuses.

All the want is handouts, plan events and nothing to do with crime. H.H lives right across the street from a drug house. Yet she clamors for leadership positions but won't lead...

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Mar-27-13 11:31 AM

Yes Indy, he is who I had in mind when I launched the campaign to enforce nuisance ordinances. Many citizens are suffering declining property values, living in fear, and being victimized by teens & 20's bandits or addicts of all ages hanging out on corners dealing drugs or watching homes to see which are vulnerable.

That corner next to his home is a frequent hang out for thugs & dealers transacting. They littered his property, put chairs on his grass, I got several calls from a lady over there about it. She constantly called the police who did show up to chase thugs away. I'm angry this man had to list his home for sale and die attempting to escape a situation several of us complained about.

The Tribune rejected us, Bob Dean rejected us, even their own NWNA/Starlite group rejected us. The victim did not deserve this and I believe the City with help from the Tribune could have prevented this tragedy!

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Mar-27-13 7:57 AM

i knew dwayne growing up, he was a neighbor of mine in the late 60's, like nomorecrap said he was laid back, i understand he had a stroke awhile back and had mental and physical problems as a result. i think the hoods that hang next to his house saw an easy target knowing he could not defend himself. i pray for his brother and sisters and i hope whom ever did this gets the needle.

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Mar-27-13 12:30 AM

Well I saw the writing on the wall and moved my family to a small town in tenn. Best move i ever made.Low crime,discipline in school has made all 6 off my grankids A students 2 in band.1 in college.You can all cry and complain but warren will not be much differant in 100 yrs.

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Mar-26-13 11:03 PM

If our Police & judges did the Job WE the tax payer's pay them to do maybe this would not be going on. The Police are just as bad as the Thug's. The Judge's need to give stiffer punishment's. But if Warren want's to get something done around the city The RESIDENT'S need to take a STAND. This is our Town let's take it back. I Pray for this man's family just one more life gone.

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Mar-26-13 5:18 PM

block parties..does anything good come from them besides leaving your home unattended for thieves and putting your child on display for the neighborhood molestor. Times have changed people, wake up.

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Mar-26-13 4:51 PM

Let be real, a lot of folks in warren will never say a word because THEY OR someone they love uses or sell drugs. But for those of you who don't care who they are...turn them in. any day, and drive down highland ave, there is a corner store where deals go down, crackheads wander about and the police sit in the parking lot as if they are guarding the dealer! It's a mess, children have to walk past this to go to school. How there is always a lot of activity around THOSE corner stores that are arab owned?

I stand corrected there is one on 46 in howland, but its very nice, and free of any riff raff with sagging jeans and doo rags.

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Mar-26-13 2:56 PM

Could not agree with you more imback2cu! It may very well come to that. Sounds like NYNAMEISEARL needs to look a little closer at the FBI crime stats for the last several decades.

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Mar-26-13 1:59 PM

I know you're right Clean since I also attended meetings until they hired some guy from Cleveland to come in and change the agenda to politics, Oriental Spa's and other foolishness. They had a great group when it was held in various homes. Now they're in Church's and want members to pray, support Obama and focus on clean up.

These neighborhood groups need to focus on crime, stray dogs, nuisance properties, and ghetto behavior. They're fighting to hold positions & office's within the group. I remember them having more positions than members and everyone vying for rank above the other.

Nothing is accomplished with a bunch of fools looking to hold an office. They need to fire the guy from Cleveland and get back to basics. He's the reason many of the original enthusiastic members quit attending. Nobody wants an outsider directing their steps!

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Mar-26-13 1:13 PM

Those of you on this message board last spring might recall efforts to utilize the nuisance ordinance against trouble spots in Warren. The corner in the photo is one such corner often occupied by idiots selling dope. Unfortunately the Tribune editors deleted our efforts to organize, Dean ducked calls, and their own neighborhood group was more concerned about re-electing Obama.

I believe the morons who frequent that corner are responsible for this death or know who is. The victim was a mild mannered guy who lived only to ride his Harley. The kind of guy enforcement of the nuisance ordinances could have saved. Because thieves would not have been allowed to stand on that corner watching his home and eventually moving against him.

Preventing these tragedies is exactly why the Tribune needs to be more supportive when citizens attempt to use this message board for crime prevention or spreading information designed to inform citizens...

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Mar-26-13 1:08 PM

I have lived on the NW side for almost 37 years. It is sad what is happening all over this city. I am confused as to the attacks on Councilman Colbert. He seems to be the only one even trying to do something about the problem. Wasn't it him who asked that the narcotics unit be reinstated? Maybe we should ask the administration why it isn't happening. I appreciate that you can always find him at all the neighborhood association meetings. Can't say that for the rest of them. Unless you are doing something to fix the problem, I wouldn't bash those who are trying. I thank the NWNA and Councilman Colbert for their efforts.

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Mar-26-13 1:03 PM

I sent Colbert an email an nevet received a response about cleaning up the neighborhood that me an my husband would start an hopefully others would come out an help if the city would pick it up an there are drug houses all over the n.w. side/an u call an they don't do nothing just like loose dogs call the warden an they tell u to call the police so who do we call

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Mar-26-13 1:02 PM

Its not like the city is getting a bad rap or anything. We are a product of our own inability to control the law. The city has become a death trap for many whom pick its downfalls as a way of life. What do we do next? What intervention is going to take place? The answer is none. No more will tomorrow be any better as is today with our own demise to control crime. People had better take precaution and prepare for the next chapter of this hideous siege. Sad is everything about it and the toll that it is taking on many, many residents and or their loved ones. SAD SAD SAD

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Mar-26-13 10:16 AM

hey motherof2...why didn't you get licence numbers and call it in?

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Mar-26-13 10:13 AM

Again nobody seen anything, nobody reporting what they know is going on in there front yards. It's just sad that anybody would let their neighborhood go to crap and set back and report the bad behavior. Again, it isn't the police or mayors fault. When people turn their heads to bad behavior, they have to live with what they CHOOSE to ignore.

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Mar-26-13 10:09 AM

There are three blacks that roam the streets of Warren every night looking for prey. One small skinny chick with weave and two men,in their twenties. Never go to Circle K on Washington and N. Park after midnight or you will meet these three. They come out of nowhere and will attack you for a cigarette and a dime. They will flank you like animals. These three are probably involved in the pizza delivery robberies. They need put down. We should be able to wipe out vermin like this ourselves without facing prison sentences. Ya ya I'm sure there are white guys just as disgusting so this isn't a racist comment. I was just fortunate enough to run into these three. They are always around that area hunting in the dark. Wonder if the police ever take notice?

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Mar-26-13 9:53 AM

It is too bad decent citizens go to jail for shooting thugs because we sure could use some vigilantes.

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Mar-26-13 9:22 AM

Featherstone - it isn't that bad of a neighborhood. It sounds like it's one bad egg over there.

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Mar-26-13 8:50 AM

Bring back the drug task force. I actually watched a drug deal go down right in the middle of Williamsburg as a friend and I were driving down. The thug lived in one of the houses and had 2 deals going on and blocked traffic going both ways. So why it surprises the neighbors is beyond me. They had started a block watch many years ago at that end. Problem is, most people don't want to get involved until they are the one who gets robbed or someone in their family gets murdered. They don't know their neighbors or report happenings.

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Mar-26-13 8:30 AM

I'm just curious... is Warren trying to keep up with Youngstown's homicides? Maybe we need to put the mayors family members in these areas to live and see if maybe something will change. Just saying... until it hits home, does it matter to those higher up?

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Mar-26-13 7:22 AM

Remember as a youngster running around that area with freinds. It was a nice neighborhood, didn't think it was that bad today. Sad.

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Mar-26-13 7:08 AM

Look out!

Bloomberg and Feinstein will be in town to ban assault knives!

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Mar-26-13 7:04 AM

Is this normal to have elected officials NOT taking charge with the issues that are destroying our way of life in the city? Drugs are and have been a major problem for several years now. The leaders turn their backs in making excuses and the severity is growing worse on a daily basis. I honestly think that we are dealing with internal problems of unethical standards or action would have been implemented and or taken. If continued negligence persists the city and its lawful residents will suffer greater consequences in the immediate near future. We need help NOW!

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Mar-26-13 6:47 AM

"Colbert said. "We need to address these issues before they grow, before they get worse."

Typical rhetorical, political response. How much worse Mr. Colbert does it have to get? How many time has THAT been said already, " We need to address the issues " Say it again, get your name in the paper, but then go back today, sit in your office, and twiddle your thumbs. before they grow??? It already has grown stupid !!! NE Ohio, home of white picket fences with drug dealers leaning on them, home of pretty painted houses with shutters, closed so you can not see the hookers inside, pretty primrose flowers in the yard, stained with blood from shootings and stabbing.

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