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Motions heard in capital case case

March 23, 2013

WARREN — Attorneys for accused murderer David Martin want a judge — and not a jury — to decide whether their client is innocent or guilty of having weapons under disability....

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Mar-23-13 2:53 PM

I wonder are all anti-Obama Republicans as ignorant, uninformed and dumb as those who frequent this message board. Although these legal maneuvers appear clever this guy will most certainly find himself on death row. Let's just hope he actually makes it to the death chamber, behind Danny Hill.

Having "weapons under a disability" have nothing to do with the gun being stolen, that would be "receiving stolen property" for a stolen gun. Weapons under a disability is possession of a gun while having a felony conviction. The conviction legally "disables" a felon from possessing a gun whether it's bought, stolen or gifted. Unless that disability is lifted by petitioning a Court with good cause, and no felony drug or violence convictions.

It's not unusual to find a Republican spouting off about something of which they have no knowledge with loudness & ignorance. With their stupid voting choices, archaic policies and hatred of the democratic process, they're

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Mar-23-13 3:11 PM

finished as a political force in America and their members seem to be stuck on stupid. Most of you idiots calling yourselves Republicans actually need your guns removed. You have no respect for the political process, you're disrespectful to the Presidential office, unstable, angry, poorly educated and are too stupid to be taught.

These idiots running around shooting kids, making bombs and plotting massacres are not thugs from 4th street. They're suburbanites with anger issues who obtained these weapons through legal means. Either buying them legally or borrowing them from a family member who did. So yes, Republican, anti-Obama morons should not be allowed to own a gun until their allegiance to America and it's leaders is confirmed...

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Mar-23-13 5:23 PM


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Mar-24-13 8:32 AM


Agree fry the hoodrat - Most anti-gun legislation has been killed at this time. The senate could only muster 40 votes for gun restrictions - the republican supporters of the bill agreed that with some off year elections coming up any anti-gun supporter would lose his/her seat - soon you will be able to purchase 30 round clips at reasonable prices again. It’s all good.

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Mar-24-13 9:53 AM

@crap, you are right about disabilitys, but you arguement about the suburbs are getting old.the way i see it, it seems as if you always blame the whites for the failures of the intercity blacks. laying blame somewhere else, get off your arse and start fixing the problems you know so much about. you can start by putting the blame where it should be, in the homes of people who are causing the problems.

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Mar-24-13 10:58 AM

I don't believe I said anything about whites Indycolt, certainly not blaming them as a racial group. Furthermore the failures of inner city blacks has nothing to do with the massacres taking place in America. The truth is simple, black folks are'nt killing masses & multiple people.

It's suburbanites who get assault weapons from their parents closet or order them on line. The inner city black problem is poverty and crimes associated with being poor. These mass killings are done by wealthy folks out killing for thrills. I don't get what you're saying I should do. President Obama wanting gun control is not due to what thugs in the hood have done, it's due to the mass killers coming from the suburbs who unfortunately happen to be white... Even if no black person in America ever owned a gun, you'd still have all those massacres on the books, so what is your point?

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Mar-24-13 11:09 AM

The problem with this small town is a person can't be truthful about a situation without being called a racist. On either side, neither is able to speak free & honestly. For once black folks are'nt the problem here so nobody is willing to discuss what really is. People like you need to get real Indy, when the subject of massacres, mass killing, and assault weapons is mentioned black folks shouldn't enter the conversation because we're not involved.

Our crimes are crimes of necessity, poverty and survival or the need for money. Not shooting up classrooms, theaters and College campuses so often that gun laws need to be drafted. Trying to toss race into the mix only means you're not ready or able to get real about the situation...

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Mar-25-13 1:10 PM

I don't believe that NMC is saying that what the inner city criminal is doing is okay. He is saying they don't involve the mass school shootings, the theater shootings, the federal building bombings, etc...hence they have nothing to do with the wanting of gun legislation.

That being said, back to the topic at hand. Tie this piece of dung to a pole in the square and let Ms. Putnam sentence him in anyway she sees fit.

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Mar-25-13 4:07 PM

Good grief, do any of you have comprehension skills above grade school? It's not alright to commit any crime for any reason whether it be poverty, drugs, or grandma's electric bill. However intelligent beings must also endeavor to understand the "why" of a situation. I'm delivering the why of it all.

As well as pointing out to Indy why inner city blacks have nothing to do with the current discussion on gun control since their crimes are different in causation. The focus is on the massacres, thrill killers, and suburban morons who buy these guns legally or obtain them from parents who did. Not thugs who rob because of financial hardship, drugs, or whatever.

Perhaps my thinking and level of intellect is too advanced for those of you simply here for jokes & pranks? I actually want to dig, make a difference, and exchange ideas...

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Mar-26-13 9:39 AM

Yes NMC, conversing with some is like talking to my dog. Only my dog understands better.

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