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Alleged killer’s bond revoked

March 22, 2013

YOUNGSTOWN — Bond was revoked for the suspect in the murder of his girlfriend’s 14-year-old son. Mahoning County Common Pleas Judge ....

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Mar-23-13 2:36 AM

Hope the remaining children are placed in good homes where there is love and security from pain and suffering. The woman and her boyfriend aren't worth saving...prison is even too good for them!

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Mar-22-13 6:38 PM

if placed in a sh###y foster home. sometimes other family members abuse children too.

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Mar-22-13 6:34 PM

At least the mother is being held accountable for her actions. But her boys could continue to be

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Mar-22-13 4:37 PM

Nomorecrap unfortunately there are some women who will put up with abuse of them and their kids. Unfortunately they have no self worth I never understood why it happens. A mother is suspose to protect her kid not let a idiot beat on him or her. I put as much blame on her as i do him child abuse is sick and wrong on all levels you should not have kids if you are not mentally stable to provide them the love and guidance they deserve

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Mar-22-13 2:19 PM

This woman needs to be charged with Murder along with this guy. She has the ability to stop him at any point she wanted. Unfortunately there are too many stupid women in our society pitying and putting up with men who abuse their children. Much of the dysfunction in American homes is due to women willing to accept any sort of man for the sake of having one. The moment women raise their expectations and standards men wanting to please them will act accordingly...

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Mar-22-13 1:32 PM

They both are dung. I hate the thought of the pain and fear this young man must of experienced to a total piece of sh!t. I hope he gets life in prison so the prison population can let him know what it is like to be treated just like he treated this kid.

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Mar-22-13 9:44 AM

These two need to be taken out behind a wood shed and taught a lesson any person who would harm or kill a child is a spineless azzhole

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Mar-22-13 8:05 AM

As a woman/wife/grandmother I try hard to understand mothers who take up with any man who would harm her children.

No man who even threatened me would be happy around me for long.

And if he dared harm my children they probably wouldn't even find his body.

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Mar-22-13 7:23 AM

they should hang them both side by side.

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Mar-22-13 2:33 AM

That b@$t@rd"s bail isn't high enough, he needs hung!!! I hope he gets what he gave them poor kids in prison. And his poor wife he most likely beat the crap out of her, I'm sure she was terrified of him. No rational woman would ever do that to their children.

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