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Tue., 12:25pm: US housing starts rise, permits at 4 ½-year high

March 19, 2013

WASHINGTON -- U.S. builders started more houses and apartments in February and received building permits for future construction at the fastest pace in 4 ½ years....

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Mar-23-13 11:58 AM

"What you have to realize is that Civilization moves inland from the coast."

Unfortunately, "CiViliZatIoN" doesn't always include literacy.

" If only you three could run the world everything would be ok."

Better than the option of being an overdosed koolaid drunk lemming demanding their "fair share."

In other words, she "thinks" we should let the lazy rule the world through their demands and inability to get off of their lazy rears.

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Mar-20-13 8:54 PM

Lol! You cannot challenge what I have to say, so you resort to absurdities. When im in town I read your comments and they are thoughtless and empty. You are a tv news station regurgitating Al Sharpton and Bill Orielly. Basically, you're a chump pretending to be a man, but lack the conviction of a kitty cat. Thats why you cannot hold a conversatio, you lack the ability to think, to reason.

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Mar-20-13 2:34 PM

clemmins14, you resistance, and arnachocapitalist are the only ones in the world that understands finance. If only you three could run the world everything would be ok. I know what you are saying is right because just this morning the neighbors house was crushed by a piece of falling sky. Luckily they were both at work when it happened. I don't worrt though because I have enough food and water to last for 5 generations in the underground bunker plus 12 million rounds of ammo to fight off the unprepared and the invading United Nations troops. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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Mar-20-13 1:43 PM

There is the off chance your bulldozers are more intelligent than you fellas, however.

If so, could you ask them why the IMF would go after the banking system in Cyprus when they know it's banking system holds the money of many powerful Russian politicians and buisnessmen. We are talking many hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars of Russian money being seized at the moment by the IMF.

I am just wondering if your bulldozers could tell me why Europe and the US are provoking Russia in such a way when world wars have been started for less? Why would your country want to provoke a massive war?

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Mar-20-13 1:35 PM

Understand, it matters very little to me if you believe what I type here or think it's fantasy. My family and I are prepared for what I see as undeniable and you are just a website name to me. I use numbers and historical fact to back up my opinions, you are using bulldozers to back up yours.

Also, please try to understand, it's not just a bond bubble crash we are going to be dealing with, that bubble will go first and be awful in itself. We are also then going to have to face the bursting of the economic bubble, followed by the stock bubble, then followed by the rate bubble. Numbers show me these things are unavoidable, history gives me a glimpse of how it will play out.

I doubt your bulldozers tell you much about these things. They are very nice machines though.

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Mar-20-13 12:31 PM

clemmens14 is still saying the sky is falling. He is like the bum that walks around with a billboard sign that says END OF WORLD IS NEAR. 14 just can not stand good news.

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Mar-20-13 12:49 AM

Right now our national debt is 16 trillion and some change. How much money do Americans have in the bank? If you guessed 16 trillion, you are very smart. Still wonder how our national debt is going to be paid? LOL

The contagion from Cyprus is going to spread in Europe very quickly. This is going to send the DOW up even further as people still view the USDollar as a safe haven.

Here is the next question...What do you think happens when the DOW reaches 16,016, the real all time high? LOL

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Mar-20-13 12:00 AM

@ Zenieth...You just have no idea what you are actually cheering for. That's a big problem. While you see the numbers and how fantastic they are because your politician won, you unfortunately stop at the surface, as do most Americans.

There is not one statistic that can account for the advance in the housing market. These advances aren't small either. They are giant leaps of improvement. However, there is very little to nothing to back up these numbers. They are pushed to believe them.

It's sad really. I would have thought the scare of 2008/2009 would have taught at least some of you something about the scam that is your economic system. However, all they have done is spend more and lie more and Americans like you believed in it stronger. That level of gullible is beyond my comprehension. Good luck to you in the coming weeks.

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Mar-19-13 11:50 PM

The banks not having your money, which they do not, is not the point here. The point, from the politicians and the FED's perspective, is how to keep making you believe they aren't bankrupt to the moon and back.....keeping you believing that the bank really does have your money.

In that way, as my post said earlier, Bernanke may raise rates tomorrow to head off contagion into the US temporarily. Destruction of our economy has already happened. Raising those rates now might enable him(the FED) to be able to have a "controlled" demolition so to speak. If he doesn't, when the runs start here it will be every man for himself...including the bankers and corporations.

It will be interesting how they introduce our collapse to you.

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Mar-19-13 11:44 PM

Meaning, the FED literally CANNOT raise rates without spinning us into an out of control deflationary spiral. Just a 3/4% raise in the interest rate would have us drowning in a deflationary trap in a couple of weeks. It's that serious, and the house of cards(debt) is into the stratosphere at this point.

Here's the crux, if I may, Bernanke is soon going to face a problem. When the economic troubles hit here and Americans start making runs on their banks in this country, Bernanke is going to either have to raise rates to stop the run maybe 3 or even 4% so people keep their money in the banks at a return....which we haven't gotten on our money in many years....OR....let the runs happen and overnight the economy is completely wrecked as Americans find out the banks do not actually have the money to fund your account, money you entrusted them with.

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Mar-19-13 11:34 PM

It would take very little to send everything toppling considering the fragility of the global economy. The current demand is highly elastic, and increase in the cost of $ will have a geometric impact & usher in a halt to any "recovery" activities.

In short, to those who disagree with my statement earlier, the FED has us in a box of debt from which we cannot escape pain moving forward. The box is going to crater and we are going to be crushed by the weight of the debt and malinvestment that has occurred in the last 4 years.

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Mar-19-13 8:28 PM

According to some on here. They're pumping billions and billions a month into the housing market. Gee, imagine that! And it worked too! Yehaaaaa!

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Mar-19-13 8:01 PM

Great news about the housing market though!

This recovery seems to be getting stronger. That can only be good news for all of us! Let's hope Obama and the congress can keep it going and focus on maintaining the economic turnaround! They sure are sumptin!

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Mar-19-13 7:58 PM

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

We have allowed ourselves to be fooled again, and again, and again, and agian...

and again, and again, and again, and again....

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Mar-19-13 7:46 PM

The FED is going to have to raise rates, maybe tomorrow. The deal in Cyprus is going to spread. Fear moves money and markets far greater and far faster than printed money and low interest rates.

It's inevitable anyway, and just a matter of time. Rates have to rise. Massive damage has been done to western economies with these low interest rates from the central banks. Meaning, Bernanke's promise to keep rates low with perpetual QE forever was always a lie.

You think 2008 and it's unveiling was bad? Wait until what is hidden behind Obama's curtain! You are going to be introduced to the illusion that you call "recovery"....and it ain't gonna be anywhere near pretty.

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Mar-19-13 5:31 PM

Anything is better than the McMenamy's child slave labor recovery.

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Mar-19-13 1:41 PM

The Romney/Boehner/right to life legislation/Sequester recovery continues!!!

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