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Teachers approve tentative contract

Austintown board now to vote

March 19, 2013

AUSTINTOWN — The teaching union for Austintown School District approved a tentative contract Monday after nearly a year of negotiation....

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Mar-19-13 6:03 PM

Reallytired, you say the teachers were working "without a contract" this is totally false and you know it. The continued to work under their old contract with all the steps, pensions, paid medical etc. ALL in place, so please next time tell it like it is not how you like to spin it to be.

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Mar-19-13 5:24 PM

The problem with having a public vote on teacher contracts, aside from the cost, is that in today's sad, jealous, petty, I-hate-you-because-you-make-more-than-me society, it would fail every time, until the teachers were offered minimum wage, no benefits and no retirement. Sad but true. The same people who say it's the teachers who are failing our children (not the parents' fault, no, they have no responsibility at all)are the same ones who think that somehow we will get better qualified, more intelligent, more motivated people going into the teaching profession by offering them less money. Great logic behind that line of thinking.

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Mar-19-13 2:08 PM

Jonathon, these teachers worked almost a full year WITHOUT a contract. They could have gone on strike any time they chose to during this period. The fact that they DID NOT should be an indication to you that they were, indeed, concerned about the children's education. Had they been the selfish, money grubbing, leeches that people on these threads try to make them, they would have struck the district a long time ago.

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Mar-19-13 1:38 PM

Have the taxpayers approve all contracts??? How about hiring, firing...what about the school calendar? Who is going to pay for all these elections for these votes???

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Mar-19-13 11:50 AM

reallytiredofit, WarrenProud is incapable of learning Civics.

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Mar-19-13 9:10 AM

warrenproud, the public DOES vote on the contract proposal. Their vote is cast by their representatives, elected at large through secret ballot. That is after all the system of government that the United States was founded on.

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Mar-19-13 9:01 AM

"She did not give vote totals."

Why not? If it wasn't unanimous, then there were obvious dissenters. Would the union release them and let them negotiate their own, maybe better, deals?

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Mar-19-13 6:59 AM

"The union was very pleased with the language about salaries". What a refreshing article, at least they didn't spew the normal rhetoric that it's FOR THE KIDS!

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Mar-19-13 6:32 AM

"working people get my a public vote,"

Should read BY a public vote

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Mar-19-13 6:31 AM

For the sake of debate Warrenproud, lets say I agree. Which I do not. BUT, for honest debate. If the taxpayers get to vote on public employees pay, raises and benefits as you stated. Should we not also be allowed vote on who gets welfare, how much they get, who gets food stamps? Should we not be allowed to vote on who gets free taxpayer funder healthcare? If you want to control what working people get my a public vote, then we should also have control over taxpayers funds for the abusers of welfare, food stamps and other taxpayer funded programs,,,,,right?

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Mar-19-13 4:44 AM

The details should be released to the Austintown taxpayers before any contract is approved by the BOE. That needs to be the state law - let the taxpayer vote on approval of all contracts. These secret negotiations between public employees and their managers need to be open to the taxpayer for review and approval before approval.

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