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Ads don’t belong on pay TV

March 19, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: Have you noticed cable lately? I was watching TV and noticed commercial after commercial....

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Mar-22-13 3:49 AM

Daniel.....YES....I have noticed that all the channels synchronize their commercials!

That said, I very rarely watch live TV.....I DVR EVERYTHING....even the evening news, so I can FF through commercials.

The only time I "watch" live TV is when I am doing something else and I leave the TV playing on the computer, cooking or cleaning. LOL :)

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Mar-21-13 3:09 PM

I agree with the letter writer. We pay $100 a month to have people come into our living rooms and try to sell us we don't want or need.

I collected a lot of data on the first 100 channels to see how much time was actual pure entertainment and the results were shocking.

Many channels are plainly shopping shows. Many game shows incorporate corporate goods into the show. All of the shows are continuosly interupted by 25-50% commercials. Many shows (Ellen, Leno, Letterman) function as advertisements for upcoming movies disguised as variety shows. The guests on these shows are starring in upcoming movies or are related to some event geared towards consumers such as Harry Potter or Justin Beiber.

More than half of the programming on TV is trying to tell you what to buy and you are paying good money just for them to tell you what else you should do with your money. It's offensive!

In the end I cancelled my cable as well.

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Mar-20-13 5:26 AM

Not only is there endless commercials, but you cant even channel surf anymore. Has anyone noticed that it seems that most channels have their commercials all at the same time?

Best just to use a DVR for your shows and the FF thru them.

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Mar-19-13 4:34 PM

no billdog that is not one of my biggest problems i do have others but this is just one of them

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Mar-19-13 12:14 PM

If commercials are the biggest problem you have sir, count your blessings.

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Mar-19-13 10:27 AM

Once upon a time there were Governmental restrictions on the amount of commercials one would see on their TV. Not anymore. The high price of Cable in Trumbull County is due to lack of competitiion. I think the Commissioners should look to bring in reps from other cable companies in an effort to help residents of this county. Does anyone know if Time Warner pays a fee to Trumbull County to service this area? I heard they do but, not sure it that it true.

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Mar-19-13 7:36 AM

Not only bad TV programs, too many commercials but the dismal service from both Time Warner and DirecTV makes me want to put an antenna back up!!!

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Mar-19-13 6:26 AM

True, there are to many commercials but the crap thats on TV is insane. TV really isn't worth a tenth of what I pay per month. I have seriously considered suspending my subscription and probably will come warmer weather.

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Mar-19-13 5:22 AM

Remember the good ol days when cable had no commercials.

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