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Remember to spay, neuter

March 13, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: Thank you for publishing the information about the need to spay and neuter pets....

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Mar-17-13 6:52 AM

Just got another one yesterday. Pretty little black one with white feet.

1thankfulheart I'm well aware of the consequences. I don't shoot them and my bushes stink. I don't shoot them and they reproduce like rats. I'm doing a service for the neighborhood. These are wild stray cats.

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Mar-16-13 8:50 PM

We've been talking about spay-neuter necessity and one person said he's been keeping the stray cat population down with his .22.

My response has been to caution against killing without understanding the consequences. (Ohio Statute 955.Dogs outlines what a vicious dog is how to handle...)

Intentionally killing any cat or dog that ambles about the neighborhood frequently gets people into trouble.

MY point is that there is news about changes coming in the law. Animal cruelty will be changed from a misdemeanor to a felony.

(Or, make sure you have a great lawyer!)

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Mar-16-13 4:22 PM

1thankfulheart You are correct that you can not shoot domestic animals, pets. I will put a small bet that I am right when I say STRAY or wild cats and dogs are considered destructive animals by the law, ,,,,legal to shoot.

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Mar-16-13 4:14 PM

As for shooting could be tried and convicted of abuse!!!

Really? Show me the LAW that states shooting a wild animal is illegal. A STRAY cat is pretty much a wild cat. Show me the law where I could not shoot a stray cat on my property.

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Mar-16-13 4:13 PM

Am Pat: See what's happened CLV to the man who shot a dog! No cleanly made shot allowed. Harming an animal is abuse. Right now it's a misdemeanor. It may become a felony.

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Mar-16-13 5:13 AM

Tried and convicted of abuse!! No way!! Cleanly placed shot....lights out!!

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Mar-15-13 8:15 PM

While I appreciate the need for legislation...the problem is that most "backyard breeders" will not see themselves as "breeders". They are doing it for many reasons: to give their children the experience of the "wonders of nature"; to give their cats and dogs the opportunity to do what comes naturally; to give their wallet a little extra cash...and so forth.

There needs to be a fundamental shift in the mindset of Ohioans. More puppies and kittens become more problems. (Not in the least of which is training material for dog-fights!)

It is already illegal to abandon animals in Ohio. That is not loudly and frequently expressed by the press and is almost impossible to enforce! (I'd love to know who dropped a litter of 6-8 week old kittens in the neighboring field!) Catching culprits is not high on the TO Do list of law enforcement.

As for shooting could be tried and convicted of abuse!!!

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Mar-13-13 3:55 PM

Ive effectively kept the stray cat population down with my .22. Especially the ones that*****in my bushes.

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Mar-13-13 12:51 PM

The statement to have your pets spayed or neutered makes me think of Bob Barker. LOL!

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Mar-13-13 9:10 AM

It should be a responsibility of both the breeders of dogs and shelters who provide rescue dogs to prospective owners. Simply put, the Ohio legislature should mandate all breeders, purveyors and shelters to have their animals spayed or neutered prior to exchange. Of course breeders of championship stock would be allowed an exemption for obvious reasons.

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