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School strike raises issue of Ohio law

March 13, 2013

An expensive, intensive public relations campaign by organized labor resulted in the November 2011 rejection by voters of a law, known then as Senate Bill 5, to place limited controls on public......

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Mar-13-13 4:40 AM

These college educated teachers are acting like union thugs in Strongsville. The pictures on the Cleveland news are shockingly bad of the intimidation and school entry blocking. I hope the BOE ultimately fires them all and replaces them permanently with qualified teachers who want to work for the good pay and benefits that that school district is offering. Taxpayers in Strongsville have said they can't afford to pay more and I applaud the BOE for standing their ground with these union thiugs.

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Mar-13-13 7:24 AM

Ohioans had the chance with sb5 but instead listened to all the union crap put out by all the self serving union thugs, Now live with your decision. If any of you union bleeding hearts believe "its for the kids" you better come back to earth, you are fools.

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Mar-13-13 6:46 PM

Its never too early to begin greasing those anti-union wheels of propaganda.Salivating already aren't we Trib?

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Mar-13-13 8:18 PM

Look at it this way PantherPride, when you see ALL the schools listed as excellent, are they really excellent at education, or are they 'excellent at teaching to a test'?

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Mar-14-13 5:52 AM

Let the record note that I agree with WP 100% on this one.

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Mar-14-13 7:32 AM

I agree samraree, why go to college to simply earn $34,000 when you can get a factery job making that

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Mar-14-13 7:59 AM

Did the Tribune check any of the information that they stated in their rant? Of course not. When this is all over, it will be found that the money that the BOE spent to fight the strike far exceeded what it would have cost to grant the Teachers demands in the first place. The BOE can not fiscally responsible if they spend more of the taxpayers money than necessary by fighting the teachers rather than putting them back into the classroom. Go do the math before you write the story.

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Mar-14-13 9:20 AM

I find it amazing that any teacher who exercises their RIGHT under both Federal and State law to strike over wages and working conditions are immeadiatly refered to as THUGS.

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Mar-14-13 2:21 PM

No regrets here Mr. Ed. Spread your propaganda else where.

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Mar-14-13 2:22 PM

Anything that benefits teachers ultimately affects their students, because the teacher/student relationship is the most important in the school setting.

What hurts teachers hurts kids; what helps teachers helps kids. Simple as that.

In the old days, teachers used to moonlight on other jobs, on weekends, in the evenings, because wages were so low they needed to make ends meet -- that hurt kids because, instead of spending time prepping and evaluating, teachers were putting in the hours elsewhere.

Large classes, reduced benefits, lower wages -- all these things hurt teachers, both individually and as a profession. They hurt kids, too, both directly and indirectly.

A professionally trained and fairly compensated teaching staff is the key to a good school system, and the pay-off can be found in graduates ready for college, other training, or the work force.

Does this guarantee that every high school grad is a gem? No. But each has the opportunity to be.

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Mar-14-13 8:11 PM

Well now that's a pretty interesting comment. Just a few days ago you said your mommy and daddy sent you to pay your college costs with bags full of $100.00 bills. Which one is it?

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Mar-14-13 8:12 PM

Actually it would be the Step Mom who paid. Right Blues.

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Mar-14-13 10:08 PM

WOW are you telling me Linda Mc helped pay for your college, usblues?

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Mar-14-13 11:01 PM

Voters Listen Up, Always remember the words of Bob Chanin vP of NEA--Nat'l Edu.Asso. This union has never been about the education of children, it's always been about political power.

It's about raping of the taxpayers

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Mar-14-13 11:57 PM

I voted against SB5 and I would again. The editor hates working people and especially ones who won't bend over at their bosses whim like he does. He is a sad sack soulless worm. He is the same type as pathetic boot licking scabs. These worm types call anyone with a backbone a thug. If it was 1776 they'd be Tories who wouldn't accept change.

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Mar-15-13 8:08 AM

Ahh yes the democrat liberal strategy. Use kids, use the elderly, use the poor to advance your own financial outlook on the back of the taxpayer.

Liberals are the scourge of America. Their sick and twisted logic and selfishness have destroyed this country.

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Mar-15-13 8:14 AM

Heartland there is a difference between bending over and being a spoiled, ignorant, selfish, classless low life demanding what obviously can’t be afforded especially during a recession.

There are far more “working people” than just government union employees. You know the people that actually pay for everything, including all the evil bosses.

Funny how you say you do not bend over for your boss but you do bend over to the democrat party. LOL, you fool!

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Mar-15-13 8:19 AM

There you go again usblues being an idiot. I guess in your eyes the only GOOD teacher is a non union teacher, in a public paid for private school. What possible relationship are you trying to establish with the music teacher in Riverside and the labor dispute written about by the editor?

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Mar-15-13 8:23 AM

ReallyReallyReallyTardedBotloser you haven’t changed your screen name yet. No shame, no shame.

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Mar-15-13 8:26 AM

We need MORE dedicated, self-less educators like those in Strongsville, who are willing to make the personal sacrifice in standing up for the kids, bearing witness to their opposition to the forces that would allow our educational system -- the greatest the world has to offer -- to deteriorate further as we continue to divert resources away from the middle class towards a very small, select minority of wealthy Americans who live off the income of their income.

The battle against the anti-American, the anti-democratic, the anti-middle class goes on in school district after school district and in county after county all over this land.

America's public school system is the cornerstone of our democracy because it insures an educated population prepared to participate in the business of choosing its leaders.

That our schools stay strong is of concern to us all, because it affects all of us.

Therefore, never send to know for whom the schoolbell tolls; it tolls for thee.

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Mar-15-13 8:34 AM

Spoken like a true idiot defeat. You’re a used up lab dog low life for sure. Kneel to your masters loser!

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Mar-15-13 8:57 AM

Anyone who thinks they are someone or thinks they made something of themselves were, at some point taught what they know from Teachers. So, if you make more than the people that taught you and are complaining about those who made you what you are and their pay, Well, You have some real issues.

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Mar-15-13 9:04 AM

Those who can't do it teach it.

These teachers are the scum of the earth. Period!

Demanding what the tax payer can't afford and holding their children hostage in the meantime. Doesn't get much lower people. Spin this to yourself any which way you want. The needle always lands on scumbag.

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Mar-15-13 9:41 AM

Albert Einstein and even our Lord Jesus were teachers. Did they know nothing? Were they incapable of doing? Is that why they chose teaching? The most successful societies in world history embraced and honored teachers. China practically worships teachers and they are set to leave us in the dust soon. Go ahead America and visciously attack those you entrust with nurturing your children, but know this is not a wise move.

Only a deprived and stupid culture would support such a politically motivated scandal!

If you love freedom thank a vet, if you got it a truck brought it and if your not stupid--thank a teacher.

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Mar-15-13 9:47 AM


What facts do you really know about the Strongsville case? I admit I know little of their contract negotiations even after reading this editorial that is so sparce on facts.

The contract may require Strongsville teachers to pay for half of their insurance or work a few extra years before retiring who really knows? Get the facts, then make up your mind if they are scumbags.

Don't judge too quickly. I'm sure there are as many Strongsville kids who support their teachers as don't. And if that is not the case, thank a slanted journalist for turning a nation against its teachers <-- bad move America.

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