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Sun. 4:05pm: U.S. economy hamstrung by Washington's brinksmanship

March 3, 2013

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — Three budget crises ago, in early 2011, Republicans and President Barack Obama faced off over raising the debt ceiling — and Alison Brown saw the writing on the wall....

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Mar-04-13 4:32 PM

Obama is smiling, He promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his First term,but he doubled it instead.

Obama said 'If I can't reduce the deficit, then it will be a one term presidency'.

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Mar-04-13 9:55 AM

slapdackjack: George Bush, your happy your not paying 1.87 per gal. anymore,thank God for that, Right

I use 20 gal per week at 1 87 it used to cost me 37.00 now at 3.60 it cost me 72.00 dollars. So now I pay 35 dollars a week more or over 1,800 dollars more annually. I'm so excited, all Americans are dancing in the street celebrating 3.60 to 4.00. a Gallon

And just think with Obama We don't have the KeystoneXL pipeline. The Keystone also would have flooded us with Gasoline and we could be a big Exporter of Gas. We could be the new Saudi Arabia and dont't you love it when OBUNGO goes to Saudia Arabia and bows to the Mega Billion sultans, It makes us all so proud to be an American and sending them Billions of hard earned dollars.

The telepromptor is King blaring out horse shet everyday and ill informed our clicking their shoes, tap dancing with glee.

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Mar-04-13 9:15 AM

How easily the Press manipulates the left wing posters.

The recession was caused by the democrats Affordable Housing-just get a house and its backed the government. Bush was not involved.

Record revenues cames in under George Bush--because he lowered the tax rate for all & it increased tax revenues. I know its a hard concept for people that obiviously do not understand money.

We are spending more money this year than last year-- The Republicans gave Obama the authority to streamline the spending any way he wants, he refused to be the CEO,the Military was already cut and his intention is to shred it & disable our defense.

This is passive aggressive behavior by a full blown Narcissist. I've been saying for over 5 years that Obama will kill the golden goose.

Remember Obama could have had the last word but he refused. The Sequester that this Trib writer commented on-It was Obama's Plan.

THE REAL HEADLINE SHOULD BE--Obama- Destroying America One day at a time.

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Mar-04-13 8:54 AM

Having a picture of george bush is part of her problem. He started this mess

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Mar-04-13 8:46 AM

It's amazing how several months without a job, due to layoff from a local employer, changes the political outlook of an individual. My neighbor has always been a staunch conservative and actually enjoyed demeaning people who were unfortunate enough to get laid off and collect unemployment compensation, a program funded through a tax paid by each business.

These days 'Mr Conservative Bully' is crying the blues about having emptied his entire life savings and is now applying to cash in his retirement nest egg investments at the ripe old age of 48 years old. He now fears that his GOP idols will shut off the unemployment comp system that pays a small amount that he and his family use to help buy groceries. His conservative "friends" are also nowhere to be seen these days, which I assume is because they don't want to hang out with an 'entitlement scum', as they like to call the unemployed. I don't wish ill will on anybody, but I have little empathy for a person like this.

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Mar-04-13 8:05 AM

RECESSION is when your neighbor loses their job. DEPRESSION is when you lose your job. RECOVERY is when obonehead loses his.

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Mar-04-13 5:29 AM

This little article said a mouthful:

Political drama.


We are in our 5th year of Political economic instability so that businesses and investors are sitting on their cash - afraid to invest for fear of what hair brained law, policy, or regulation will come out of DC next.

The administration will fight tooth and nail against any economic measure that does not include tax hikes. Or increased regulations.

And we can't get our Senate to even vote on any budget what so ever.

And Republicans seem to always cave in at the end and support more borrowing and spending so they will be "Santa Clause lite" and be liked by the entitlement set.

Unless we demand our elected officials set a realistic budget and live with in our means with a goal of deficit and debt reduction, we will just have 3 more years, of this political theater.

There are 537 elected officials who are not focused on their obligations to America.

Start focusing on economic stability!

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Mar-04-13 5:28 AM

..and the last three administrations were the worst in history as far as caring about this country...can't we stop with the dem and repub crap;the lines have blurred.THEY ARE ALL CORRUPT!

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Mar-04-13 5:22 AM

You don't raise the debt ceiling when you are bankrupt. Only an idiot like our bi-racial president could even consider it. We are drowning in debt and they still won't eliminate all the PORK BARREL garbage;or take pay cuts and eliminate perks. (like millionaires need perks-omg)It is obvious the power hungry, inconsiderate lawmakers(can't call them leaders) DO NOT CARE ABOUT AMERICANS. More and more small businesses are closing in this area.The multi-trillion dollar gas companies should be penalized for the outrageous and unnecessary gas prices.Now prez Hussein wants to put the hurt on those Americans that are the worst off and blame it on the Republicans.You people out there still don't get it;this is not America as we knew it in the 20th century. Rebel government over-educated brats have sold America,overspent tax dollars foolishly and expect the citizens to SUFFER(you know we all have to sacrifice;except them!).We need a firing squad for the traitors that got us into this.

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Mar-03-13 6:25 PM

We just had 12 years of tax breaks for the rich and big corporations. This is what Republicans call trickle down economics. It didn't work, it's never worked in the past & it will never work in the future.

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