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Gun control ideas seem pointless

March 3, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: So much has been discussed about gun control. There have been a lot of shootings in the schools and my sympathy goes out to each and every family....

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Mar-03-13 6:02 AM

Thanks Pat. Finally someone with common sense and stated in such a way that I hope that even they can understand. No law created can ever fix stupid.

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Mar-03-13 6:34 AM

Our current government sold guns to the mexican drug gangs, and those guns made it back to the streets of this country. And the sheeple think obonehead can fix things?

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Mar-03-13 8:03 AM

Yes, we need common sense gun control in this country and we need it now to prevent any more Columbines or Sandy Hooks. This has NOTHING to do with anyone's 2nd Amendment rights.

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Mar-03-13 9:02 AM

Columbine happened during the last ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN.

Lanza committed 41 felonies. 42 wouldn't have stopped him.

It's sick and sad that the left bots like using the death of babies to mindlessly promote their ignorant agenda.

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Mar-03-13 9:13 AM


Yes we do need more gun control laws. We need to require every able bodied citizen to own a rifle or handgun and be field qualified every three years. We also need universal concealed carry. To make things totally fair, there should be gun giveaways in high crime areas to anyone who doesn't have a criminal record or mental illness.

For your information, the 2nd amendment was not meant to prevent Columbines or Sandy Hooks. It is meant to prevent a Nazi Holocaust, Russian Genocide, Chinese Genocide, Cambodian Genocide, or Rwanda Genocide. The only reason for you to believe as you do is if you think you will be holding the government gun and not be the target.

You must work for a National Gun Control group, as you've reprinted the same propaganda 3 times.

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Mar-03-13 11:57 AM

That is a silly letter to the editor.

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Mar-03-13 1:24 PM

Not nearly as silly as she is.

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Mar-03-13 4:30 PM

One simple law change will help, not eliminate but help. If you kill anyone with a gun,,,you die by the gun. Pretty simple. You do get a trial, we must maintain a right for a fair trial. If convicted, you get one appeal to be completed in one year from the date of conviction. After that, the convict sits, someone places a handgun between his or hers eyes,,,pull trigger. Also, no plea deals, you kill by gun, any plea bargain is off the table. No saying yep, I killed a person but will admit to having an illegal gun, drop the murder charge. Make killing with a gun,,,an automatic death sentence.

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Mar-05-13 2:16 PM

Right 'O' Pat.

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