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Justice hasn’t been served in Fife case

March 3, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: I was just reading an in memory for Raymond Fife for his 40th birthday. It’s sad that it has been 28 years since he was murdered and the trash that did it is still breathin....

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Oct-23-13 11:47 PM

Danny Lee Hill brutally raped my mother when he was 17. Because he was a minor, he got away with it and it didn't go on public record. He broke into her house and raped her repeatedly, biting her and hitting her. She still feels that if she had done something different in pressing charges, that Raymond Fife would still be alive. But she really did all she could. Shameful.

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Aug-04-13 6:09 PM

We grew up knowing the Fife family,my father and Ike were good pals . This is a travesty what that worthless piece of pond scum is still living for! I feel really sorry that Raymonds father never got to see Justice served , his mother is dealing with this on a daily basis 28+ years later while the taxpayers of Ohio are paying for DLH's daily livelyhood. Justice is LONNNNNNGGGGG overdue, get this killer whats coming to him so Mrs. Fife can live the rest of her life in peace.

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Mar-16-13 4:34 PM

I agree Hill should be executed, but isn't it amazing that 6 teens die and the message board lights up to blame their parents but not once has Raymond's parenting been questioned? Not one person ever blamed his mom for him being in the woods. Why? Because black folks won't disrespect grieving parents. Learn the lesson morons!

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Mar-09-13 11:01 AM

His story will always be within us, but his family lives through a personal pain each day as they battle on. As Raymond is above watching over his family, his love surrounds them and comforts them as they continue each day without his physical presence. What is justice? Death? Knowing someone is living in a cell block? As everyone continues to spark debates regarding this issue, we still have a family that no matter what kind of justice the public wants, they will forever mourn a loss that came to soon.

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Mar-08-13 8:52 PM

innocent people were lynched by racist idiots. Danny lee hill is not on death row because of his innocence. His partner got lucky with only being 17 when this happened, but he still should have got the death penalty also. He probably rolled over to save his pathetic miserable life. There is nothing racist about this. If he were a white man I would still feel the same way. He should not be breathing air that someone else could be using. Sorry if anyone thought I was being racist because I am the furthest thing from a racist.

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Mar-08-13 11:04 AM

Let's not forget that Dannyboy had a partner in this crime. Timothy Coombs is rarely mentioned when this story surfaces but was just as much a part of this sick act of violence. The fact he was 17 at the time kept him off death row.

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Mar-07-13 12:09 PM

Look up Henry Smith, Samuel Hose, Zachariah Walker, and William James. these poor african american souls were treated the inhumane way to die. if danny hill was alive back in that day ya'll would have loveded to see him linched

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Mar-07-13 12:06 PM

He is NOT an animal. He's a killer but not an animal! Putting him to death won't bring Raymond back. I'm just sayin

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Mar-06-13 3:20 PM


I agree, unless we bring it up in the context of preventing more humans from behaving like animals (Danny). Everybody is part animal and part human. On that day, Danny was far less human than animal. Is society in any way responsible for this? If so, what sort of things can society do to prevent it from happening again?

Publicly dehumanizing those we don't like/disagree with/ or even find guilty of heinous crimes will not in any way help society heal from painful tragedies, especially when the "said perp" is a member of a minority routinely targeted by prejudices from the majority. This can only make our society worse and that would be a terrible legacy for anyone involved.

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Mar-06-13 3:11 PM

This case will never be forgotten, but it will lose it's emotional impact when the judicial system finally does it's job and ends this worthless life.

Then, on this issue, There Will Be Peace In The Valley.

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Mar-05-13 11:43 PM

Yes and please quit bringing up this case every year, it's so sick it's best forgotten.

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Mar-05-13 9:45 AM

Again I say giving this piece of trash any recognition is far more than he deserves. Whether the state follows the wishes of the jury or he rots in a cell the rest of his disgusting life is not worth my thoughts. To bad one of the police officers didn't put a bullet in his head when he was arrested. Constantly bring this up, putting his name in our media, or any recognition at all feeds his cause. Keep him locked up until he is executed or dies and stop feeding his sick ego.

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Mar-04-13 4:43 PM

Danny should have been put down a long, long time ago, like a horse with a broken leg.

However, I object to the flippant or casual dehumanization of any human being(s), even though what Danny did was absolutely monstrous. Humanity must be careful not to turn people into animals, even when they act like animals. It leads us to devalue human life and may ironically create many more monsters in the end. We are qualified to judge his actions, but not his troubled soul.

Besides, no mentally healthy human could have done what Danny did to Raymond...the word "evil" comes to mind. And in the remote chance Danny knew exactly what he was doing to the extent his evil deeds are deserving of vengeance, allow God to have His way as Danny Lee Hill rots away in hell.

Meanwhile Raymond will be happily in the Lord's hands.

Don't expect mankind to mete out justice; you'll only be disappointed.

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Mar-04-13 12:13 PM

That's why Danny should have been taken out back of the Courthouse and shot in the head then thrown in the dumpster so he could be buried in the landfill with the rest of the trash!!!

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Mar-03-13 10:54 PM

The fife family deserves much better than this! Raymond's memory deserves much more, too. Not only did he suffer the torture, but had to live with it before he died. The laws need changed and we need to contact our lawmakers to see that they are. 3 appeals and you're OUT!!!

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Mar-03-13 10:37 PM


Probably the Hill family disagreeing using their Obama phones to log on.;

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Mar-03-13 8:51 PM

I'd sure like to know who is disagreeing with these posts and why.

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Mar-03-13 7:52 PM

This is probably the text book case of delay and abuse of the judicial system.

This case is the poster child for government inaction and incompetence and enrages all who are old enough to have lived through the heinous crime and delay of the century.

Where are our local influential citizens who have not insisted that this case be moved along as expeditiously as possible?

We pray that Mrs. Fife will find closure and peace.

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Mar-03-13 1:02 PM

we can all keep talking about it ,but i blame the judicial system and the activist for this situation ,all who commit murder and are tried and convicted of it should be only allowed to live one month after then hung around the neck until dead, it believe this might show others that WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA will no longer put up with this crap, i work hard for my money just to feed and clothe and give schooling to these low life pieces of you know what, wake up AMERICA

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Mar-03-13 9:54 AM

ONE YEAR for all appeals, then execute, get it over with and take these murders OUT once and for all!

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Mar-03-13 8:17 AM

I never understood why some on death row are put to death a short time after they are convicted yet that thing is still alive! Enough is enough!!

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Mar-03-13 8:15 AM

I never understood why some on death row are put to death a short time after they are convicted yet that thing is still alive! Enough is enough!!

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Mar-03-13 7:06 AM

I agree with you 100%. I'm absolutely disgusted with how our justice system works. Why should he get 3 meals a day, a roof over his head, and a chance to appeal his case? I don't understand it at all why after all these years it is even a debate. Think about what Raymond Fife went through... he had his life shortened, but not before he was TORTURED. I'm just curious... does Mr. Hill even acknowledge what he has done? Does he actually FEEL remorse for his actions? Does he KNOW how much pain and sorrow he has caused Raymond's family? DOES HE REALLY CARE? Justice hasn't been served, and until he has been put to death, it will never be served.

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