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Warren turned down for grant for firefighters (video)

15 could lose jobs when federal funds run out

February 27, 2013

WARREN — The jobs of 15 firefighters are in danger because the federal government rejected the city’s latest effort to fund the positions with Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response grants....

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Feb-28-13 4:36 PM

It amazes me that people, like the "heroes" of the safety services, whine and cry about cuts made by conservatives, but continue to vote for these same Republican/Tea Party politicians at election time. Idiots!

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Feb-28-13 1:47 PM

Firing all of city council might get you two firefighters.

Council is a great deal for what you get. They have no health care, no pensions and they rarely ask for more!

Of course, I think council should be paid far less to make sure nobody is doing it just for the money.

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Feb-28-13 12:43 PM

FIRE City Council and use the $$$ to pay the firemen !! Too much admin. duplication in this town! There should be one mayor for ALL of Trumbull Co. like they do it in Illinois !!!!

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Feb-28-13 11:01 AM

Blues you sound like a child.

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Feb-28-13 2:27 AM

what a shame. I'm just shaking my head. How many people have to die and lose everything from a fire before this becomes a priority to this town ? All these little hood rats running around burning people homes up. This town is really starting to flip my stomach. I have stood and defended this town for many years and it is just going to hell. The priorities of this town is horrible !!!

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Feb-27-13 8:56 PM

USBlues read and learn - "AFG and SAFER were established in the 2001 and 2005 Department of Defense Authorization bills, respectively"

Stop making stuff up.

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Feb-27-13 6:43 PM

Dumocrate - Wow, you must not have been in that council meeting where Mr. Brown was the lone "no" vote on that resolution of support against SB5.

Brown said it was not council's business to get involved with that. His contention was that council did not vote on a show of "support" for the Denman Tire employees when they were losing their jobs, nor did they do the same for the Packard Salaried people when they were getting the shaft. Seems Mr. Brown smelled the stink of politics, in an election cycle, on that and said no.

I also remember the fire chief having to tell his adult employees to behave when they started to talk loudly during the council session after Mr. Brown's vote... I remember when Mr. Brown was saying goodbye to their retiring clerk, one of these heroes coughed the word "bulls--t".

Yeah, takes a brave guy to run into a fire, but it takes an adult to not act like a child.

I also remember them surrounding Brown as he left after that vot

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Feb-27-13 5:19 PM

Too bad the Administration fails the citizens of Warren

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Feb-27-13 3:11 PM

Good thing the public unions kept their bargaining power so they can negotiate and demand these jobs are saved.

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Feb-27-13 2:16 PM

All of you 'guessing' on what the City spends you can find out. This is all public record. All you have to do is ask.

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Feb-27-13 2:02 PM

"We are going to scan the budget to see if there are funds to keep as many of these firefighters as possible."

How about putting the levy money the voters voted for the safety services back in safety services?

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Feb-27-13 1:51 PM

City shouldn't rely as much on federal grants and this is clearly why. Simple as this, as good paying jobs/people and buisness leaves city tax base shrinks. Citizens and city employees pay the price. It's really B.s. to the firemen that will get laid off.

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Feb-27-13 12:48 PM

mother of two: If your going that route then tell Obama and Moochelle to CUT out their numerous vacations and continuous campaign flights & BS, It costs the two jets that haul them around--320,000 dollars per hour for both planes-plus the entourage of people that travel on other government planes, If you cut out that expense, we could have a cop on every corner.

Let's start calling a spade a spade

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Feb-27-13 12:47 PM

In economically healthy regions local taxes pay for city services. This is not the role of the federal government. People need to take a good hard look at city leadership and start holding the right people accountable for the regions blight and unemployment rates. Sad that many of the firefighters vote for the ones that destroy the local economies.

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Feb-27-13 11:35 AM

WarrenProud if you think the economic crisis is over, then obviously you haven't tried to look for a job recently. I love how people cry about city services and when they have a fire/robbery, cry when they can't get there on time cause the services were cut. Why don't we start at the top heavy government? Cut the pay of the Senators, Congress, Governors, President (past and present). Cut their benefits and pensions. I bet we could pay off the national deficit and have money to spare!

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Feb-27-13 11:01 AM

It's reality,the dynamics of cost, hospitalization,Pensions are changing & the City must adjust.

The private-sector(union/or nonunion) is hit with increased fringe benefit deductible's.

The citizens of Warren are reportedly paying 15,000-17,000 dollars per year into the Firemens personal pension plan. If this is even remotely true,its a financial tragedy for Warren's finance's. It's really time for Warren to cut out the bull sh it and show its citizens the numbers or show the Tribune. Council has not had a public report of costs per employee. Elitist SB5 is or was a public worker, so his comments are not worth a grain of salt. Believe me. Warren has to man up and grab the bull by the horns. That's what they're paid for

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Feb-27-13 10:15 AM

Faceless government bureaucrats a.k.a. firemen.

You know your city is going down the tubes when it's citizens think that paying taxes for basic safety services becomes a "makers and takers" argument.

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Feb-27-13 9:52 AM

"Let my neighbor pay for me--That is the new creed of the Warren firemen."

Umm, yeah! That is the creed of ALL public sector workers -- we ALL get to pay.

If we want fire protection, we're not going to get it on a purely volunteer basis, just as you will not get teachers, or police officers, or snow-plow drivers to work as volunteers.

Ain't gonna happen.

These workers are educated, highly trained, skilled professionals.

They do not deserved to be nickeled and dimed by irresponsible grumblers who have no basis for their slash-and-burn philosophy of public finance, other than that they don't like paying taxes.

Well, guess what? No one likes paying taxes.

But, thankfully, most of us like worrying about fires and crime and whether our kids will be prepared for college less.

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Feb-27-13 9:29 AM

The City of Warren has never had an effective corrective-action project. There should be an on going accountability study.

To poster Dumocrat; I love your name, If SB5 had not been overturned, the Fireman would not be having this current problem. Your a real Dumocrat

Fireman are supposed to be an educated group, we know they have their own businesses but what a bunch of greedy union activist-- Self-serving cult.

It's shows that all culture's and groups can become contaminated by offering free stuff. Let my neighbor pay for me--That is the new creed of the Warren firemen.

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Feb-27-13 9:04 AM

This is great news. 1. Warren gets some of its dignity back by no longer having to kowtow to the federal government's bureaucrats. 2. This money can now be better used for the good of ALL Americans, or used for deficit reduction. 3. Less taxpayer money going into public sector union treasuries is always a good thing.

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Feb-27-13 8:59 AM

Just what was anticipated back when they were hired. Has everyone forgotten the discussion back then?

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Feb-27-13 8:44 AM

Is this because of the sequester

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Feb-27-13 8:44 AM

Bad news

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Feb-27-13 8:36 AM

Warren politicians have never ran a business, they nurse off the teat of federal gov't or in Warren they raise water rates.

When is Franklin going to re-negotiate the Fire contract, Firemen paying their own pension, just like the private sector.

Put everyone on 4 days or the equivalent of it, it's a no brainer to work this out.

Another way is to only use 50% of staff full time, the other 50% can be on call at home and paid 50 dollars for that day. Switch workers every other month.Group A, Group B

Look at the hospitalization Costs, this is costing the city a small fortune.

As police openings come due, they should be the first in line.

Tell the Fire Dept every one has to give a little, so let's solve it rather than whine.

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Feb-27-13 7:58 AM

Firefighters: don't be taken in by Councilman Brown's appearent concern for your plight. Keep in mind that this was the guy who was the lone voice of support on council for SB5.

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