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Tangle over tie-ins

As one homeowner battles the county over sewer connection costs, some question whether Ohio’s law should be changed

February 24, 2013

Every time the telephone rings at the home of Barbara Glaspell, a visible spell of anxiety overcomes her as she awaits the inevitable....

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Feb-26-13 8:49 AM

Ahem........ The Board of Health and the Trumbull County Health Department just took a major blow to the chin!!!!!! Maybe now they will start to objectively interpret and enforce the laws of the state and county. Maybe now they will see that they are not above all. Maybe now those belonging to these two entities who know they have done wrong will leave peacefully before they are prosecuted and forced out.

Doubt it.

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Feb-25-13 1:26 PM

Developers want "paid" for sewer lines to projects ... faster ... ever faster. Ohio's legislature passed laws that gets them(and private individuals), their money much faster than before, which seams fair on the surface . . . especially when an individual is "forced" to extend a sewer at a great cost.

We also have an "original", victim here. The landowner that had to pay for the sewer line. We also can't forget that others will eventually benefit from this sewer.

I hope no one here thinks the first victim should swallow the entire cost.

But the present law is inherently unfair to neighbors, who often, just plain and simple don't have the kinds of money needed to tie into a sewer they don't need or want.

The state legislature needs to work "hard", for the citizens and make this a more fair process. They must understand the needs of the "average", Ohioan ... citizens that literally live hand to mouth from paycheck to grocery store.

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Feb-25-13 12:07 PM

As for "guts" david1, are you really qualified to make that determination? It seems your intelligence is restricted to calling citizens "tards". I've not seen any coherent intelligent comments from you or even an original thought. Logging on to critique comments or reply "tard" to everyone disqualifies you from being taken seriously.

Without an ID I won't be convinced you're an adult, or mature enough with the intellect to hold down a job beyond the capacity of a grocery bagger. I would'nt trust you to get my fast food order right, or prepare it properly. That's the impression you've left in the minds of folks who read here regularly, enjoy your day!

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Feb-25-13 11:52 AM

Unfortunately Weedhopper because of people like you few citizens would show up to support an African American asking for a freebie or abatement. Even if the abatement is for a deserving elderly white female, I qualify that statement by turning your attention to the 4 idiots who disagreed with my mention of help for this woman.

We don't live in a society where human beings genuinely care for each other. I've got hundreds of great ideas like I'm sure many folks do but because of who I am, perhaps my rough start in life, my aggressive demeanor, average citizens would discount my wisdom & ability to lead.

Knowing thy self and the nature of humans is why I lead from behind. In real life I employ & direct the steps of others. It's worked for many years without fail, putting a pleasant & acceptable face on my ideas. Human beings are easily sold or fooled by sight. "Men in general judge more by appearances than from reality" Niccolo M 1469-1527...

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Feb-25-13 11:45 AM

warrenoh1965, as it is now those locations do not have sewer on the street. They are not allowed by law to run the sewer through side or back yards. However, Trumbull County does have plans on running sewer lines down Stillwagon Rd. in the future. Looked at houses there while they was running the waterlines. Once that sewer line is run, all will by law, have to hook into it. This isn't a local issue. As other have stated it is a state law that the county must enforce or be fined themselves, then all the complainers would be complaining that they didn't enforce the law and got fined. This woman's neighbor could have helped her and said she paid for half when it was being done, but I'm sure he wants his share of the money reimbursed as well. It's a know win situation for all involved. The reality is that when this woman or her children sell the house, the price of this or septic would have to be put in escrow upon sell anyway. The county should just let this go until the house is sold.

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Feb-25-13 11:36 AM

JSABALO, You are right, and it would be nice if the county could do that. The problem with that scenario is that a county does not have the right to waive a state law. I believe that Trumbull county is still operating under a consent decree with the state over earlier violations of enforcement. That is why I recommended that she contact the governors office and her elected representatives for help with the State law. This sewer line tie in issue is completely different than the septic tank system dispute in Trumbull County.

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Feb-25-13 11:08 AM

Evidently to tie in if your 300 ft doesnt apply to all areas. Howland springs rd and stillwagon are surrounded by city sewers. if this was the case everyone on these roads would be tied in????

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Feb-25-13 10:27 AM

This is rediculous! Why in the world should she pay? Some old rich idiot with money instaled a sewer line then fine, but don't make her pay for it!

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Feb-25-13 10:00 AM

I feel for this woman, but laws will the people want waved next? I also don't understand how she didn't know that her neighbor was running a sewer line? Sewer lines are not something they do with a trencher. They require large excavators in order to dig down as deep as they are in the ground. I know when a neighbor ran sewer down our road the county MADE him approach all the neighbors and ask if they wanted to be a part of it. In doing so he could only charge the cost of running it based on our frontage. We ultimately were responsible for the tie in and laterals on our own. This was only a few years ago, I would assume the laws would be the same. So I believe her neighbor did tell her, but the situation remains the same, She just plane don't have the money. The county should mandate that the sewer be connected upon change of deed. Same as a septic tank. Let the woman be, she isn't hurting anything or anybody. Upon sell the county will get what it wants.

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Feb-25-13 9:02 AM

@js senior.....This is a bi-partisan issue. The members of this board are elected by the township trustees.(many of whom are republicans) If we are ever going to win the war against these theives then we need both political parties to be represented in each battle!

@retiredGMworker.......I think you are on to something. reallytired suckered me in with a couple of foolish questions at first, but I'm pretty sure he/she knows someone there or is someone there. He/she makes too many arguments that don't adhere to common sense but follow the strict TCHD manifesto.

Again......Thank you Mrs. Glaspell. I hope you know when you finally do get "that letter" you will have nearly the whole county in your corner while the septic mafia will have just a couple of old gumbas in their's. The clock is ticking on their little extortion racket!

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Feb-25-13 5:46 AM

Sounds to me like "really tired of it" works for the TCHD????

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Feb-24-13 9:10 PM

So much complaining about your Democrats ... Shame shame on you..... Can't blame a Republican for this one .... because there all your politicians that you voted in behind this mess...and it's been going on for years ... ALL DEMOCRACKS

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Feb-24-13 8:49 PM

Exactly guts....just BS comments

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Feb-24-13 7:23 PM

OK Nomorecrap, put it together, and let us know when you have your rally, Call a news agency of your choice, and tell everyone that we support this lady, and when and where you want the county residents to show up !

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Feb-24-13 7:19 PM

What part of "she is broke on a fixed income" are you suit wearing politicians having a problem with ?? I pray that your mothers have the hounds of*****nipping at their heels when they get old and retired. Give the lady a pass you Clowns !!

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Feb-24-13 6:10 PM

Ok ok just kidding

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Feb-24-13 6:09 PM

Follow the law ....tards

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Feb-24-13 6:00 PM

It is so great to see the TCHD finally being exposed for what they are. After trying for some time to have this department investigated on the local,state and,federal levels it seems that a sweet little old lady with the courage to stand up for herself has done more for this county than any elected official in the last 5 years.

Congratulations Mrs. Glaspell!! You should be proud of what you have done to help the voiceless victims of these wanna be mobsters!

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Feb-24-13 5:34 PM

This is wrong, no elderly person should be made to feel fear about her circumstances in her own home. Where are the caring decent public officials who'll just allow this hard working, God fearing woman to live out her days in peace?

The community at large needs to band together in defense of this woman. Organize a protest, civil disobedience, or approach the County Commissioners to extend a lifetime abatement for her. We can not consider ourselves a civilized society if we sit still while the County abuses our elderly.

Imagine yourself in this woman's shoes and how difficult it is to feel like you've done everything right only to have the Govt. you hoped to protect you suddenly turn on and want to imprison you for no reason, or very little of a reason. That is what it feels like to be an African American... No matter how decent you are, society wants to participate in your oppression & suffering!

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Feb-24-13 4:20 PM

I was thinking more of a Glock strapped to her hip. Just something to wear when the government sponsored bullies come knocking at her door.

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Feb-24-13 3:32 PM

Yep, neversummer, why don't you take her over a machine gun or rocket launcher or something.

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Feb-24-13 2:57 PM

Maybe this is why we have a Second Amendment.

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Feb-24-13 2:32 PM

Watch 21 News tonight for a follow up on this story.

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Feb-24-13 2:31 PM

PureCountry495 if you know this going on why haven't you called it in? As far as I'm cocerned you are just as guilty as he is. those tires ned to be dug up or the water in that area is going to be contaminated and if you have a well it could be leaching into your system. Don't complain if your sitting on your tail and not doing anything about it.

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Feb-24-13 2:30 PM

PureCountry495 if you know this going on why haven't you called it in? As far as I'm cocerned you are just as guilty as he is. those tires ned to be dug up or the water in that area is going to be contaminated and if you have a well it could be leaching into your system. Don't complain if your sitting on your tail and not doing anything about.

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