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Cruze in Cleveland

Diesel model among cars featured at auto show

February 23, 2013

CLEVELAND — The new Chevrolet Cruze Turbo Diesel will be one of several GM small cars showcased at the Cleveland Auto Show next wee....

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Feb-24-13 8:11 PM

Nosympathy: It happens every time when posting with the incoherent Sammy-Half/Brain.

The Cruze Diesel is imported from Europe--Sammy half brain worked at Lordstown and doesn't want anyone to know it, and of course, the Trib editor omitted it in his article.

Please feel free to commeny. We enjoy hearing from intellectuals

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Feb-24-13 7:47 PM



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Feb-24-13 6:13 PM

Only you bunch of idiots could go from a article about the Cruze Diesel and end up arguing about a British Soccer Team. Your collective stupidity is simply amazing.

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Feb-24-13 5:58 AM

SAMMYHALF=BRAIN: Again your mostly incorrect: AON the original sponsor was paying 20 mil a year, GM upped it to paying 60 million a year, Who would have thought that??

If it was such a good deal, Why did GM fire Joel Ewanich their Global Marketing Chief one month after he made the deal.

Answers: In most of the world Chevrolet is rebadged as Daewoo's.

GM would have to increase their European,Asia sales 40% over the next 10 years just to break even on the money spent,

GM's car in Europe is the Opel

GM after realizing what a terrible mistake they made, tried to get out of the deal.

Without the taxpayer Billions-bailout they couldn't have made the deal.

Sammy, when you sober up, you may be able to figure it out.

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Feb-23-13 9:03 PM

sammy half/brain: GM also gave a British soccor team $20,000,000.00 of the bailout money for sponsorship,

That 20 million dollars of taxpayer money should have been given back to the Treasury,

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Feb-23-13 6:19 PM

nOTpc-Now do you understand why Samaree is referred to as (half-brained)

G Bush gave GM a bridge loan with a condition to change their business that came with a very low repayment plan.

The Obama bailout ripped up the contracts of bond holders and secured creditors & unfairly gave 26 billion taxpayer $$ to the UAW.

At Delphi 28,000 UAW workers were paid full pension while 41,000 other Delphi workers were Shet on,

100,000 blue collar workers lost their jobs when Team Auto eliminated GM & Chrysler dealerls

American workers were put on the chopping block by Obama's Team Auto.

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Feb-23-13 11:24 AM

This is why I seldom comment.I read them often,however.Everything for many of you is seen through the narrow scope of pro-Obama(GM tax payer bailout)or anti-Obama(GM taxpayer bailout)You progressed to your political talking points,without stopping at real world actions.You sell your soul each day that you buy anything Made in China,you sell your soul each time you use your I-phone,Samsung or any other high tech item that is made in Communist countries.I am NOT pro Obama,but I am happy when my neighbors and family have good jobs.You complain about GM and China,only because you want to see Obamas actions fail.If you really hated the China connection in this country,you would also rant about Wal&Mart.My goodness people,this article is about a new car.The usual suspects on here have to turn it into political babble.I think it's a nice car,that's all! relax!

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Feb-23-13 10:42 AM


GM in China paid for a movie proudly and boldly in favor of the Chinese Communist party. The US Treasury bailout money given to GM was used to promote their form of government.

GM's CEO stated the future of GM is in China...sell your soul if you want to, I'm not ever selling mine.

There are a lot a modern Judas's around.

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Feb-23-13 10:20 AM

horatio-Apparently you're not aware of the Gov't forced bankruptcy of GM and how dishonest, unfair and brutal to the American stakeholders involved.

Can you tell me how the Bond holders were treated and how owned the GM Bonds. Do you know what a bond is?

Can you tell me how UAW brass was treated in comparsion to Bond holders?

Tell me What happened to owners of GM common stock.

Do you know and can you explain the favorable tax treatment the IRS gave to Gov't Motors and how unfair it is to Ford,Honda and all the other US producing and tax paying car companies.

Answer the questions and your fogginess will begin to clear.

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Feb-23-13 10:09 AM

ARTIC,if you have about four tenths of a gallon of fuel,you will make it to the station.

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Feb-23-13 9:58 AM

One thing many people are not thinking about, not all gas stations sell diesel. You may buy one of these cars, then end up having to drive further to find a place to fill up, at more per gallon than gas. It amy not effect some in the city, but in the suburbs and country, it might. There is not a station to buy diesel fuel within 15 miles of where I live.

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Feb-23-13 9:45 AM

MRRIGHT,what is your point? Henry Ford,the founder of FORD,sold parts to Adolf Hitler during WWII.I am still supportive of both companies.They provide good Ohio jobs.I feel the same way about Honda.My brother works for them as a production Supervisor(line foreman)The parent company helped in the killing of Americans during WWII.Do you ever buy anything from Wal&Mart of Target or Dollar General or K-Mart or any other store?The items you purchased were made by the RED Communist Chinese.Please tell me why your statement is relevant to anything.They are paying their debt.You should wish for their continued success so they can pay in full,and provide our area with high-wage jobs.If your hate is for Obama,then hate HIM,not the company that is this areas economic heart beat.

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Feb-23-13 9:44 AM

Some people have more money than brains. That's the group they'll be targeting with the diesel Cruze. And guess what? It will sell!

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Feb-23-13 9:33 AM

Daniel, on the news last night it was reported that the diesel Cruze will get 42 MPG city and over 50 highway. That, plus the fact that diesel engines are supposed to last much longer than gasoline ones and require less maintenance, will more than make up for the extra 10K in price. Also, it was reported this the diesel is fully loaded, not a stripped down version, like you can in the gasoline engine version. Really, when you factor all in, not a bad deal.

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Feb-23-13 8:49 AM

Raymond Smith the trib writer failed to mention the Diesel is being imported from Europe, the rest of the car comes from Asia.

While the story emanated from Cleveland it should be noted that Ford's new Eco-Boost engine will be built in Cleveland, Oh. Yes the company that didn't take any government money is spending 200 million dollars in Cleveland plus adding hundreds of jobs.

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Feb-23-13 8:05 AM

Oh, about 33,000 people who want their cars to get 50 mpg on the highway!

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Feb-23-13 5:36 AM

So, who is going to spend about $10,000 more than the gas car that gets the same mpg but at 80 cents more per gal? BONE HEAD MOVE GM!

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